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Most of us look at insects and non-insects as not only weird, but also unappealing.  Although most may already look odd, there are others that have capabilities and functions that are so odd you may think they are nothing but a hoax.  However, they are all real and have been living and thriving on our planet for many years.


We created this category to teach and talk about the weirdest insects and non-insects roaming around the globe.  Of course, most of us see them as nothing but a nuisance.  Just like they do today with humans, many of these little guys were flying and walking around while simultaneously annoying the giant dinosaurs tens of millions of years ago.  Insects as well as non-insects are certainly odd, relentless and very successful species.


Edible Insects List

Have you ever thought about adding edible insects to your diet? Well, it is not a bad idea. Since prehistoric times, humans have eaten insects as food. This includes eggs, larvae, pupae and even adults of various species of insects. We are going to share a list of insects you can eat. If you are impressed with the abilities of insects, just wait till you see what kind of nutrition they provide.

Although insects look weird and don’t look at all tasty for consumption, many provide great diet benefits. For example, just 100 grams of crickets contain only 121 calories, 12.9 grams of protein, 75.8 milligrams of iron and 5 grams of carbohydrates. For those seeking low carbohydrates and
a great source of protein, try a silk worm pupae or a bowl of termites. After reading this post, you may be interested in adding healthy and tasty bugs to your future meals (if you don’t already). read more

Cool Insects

5 Cool Insects

Ready to see 5 cool insects from around the world? Most of us are not big fans of the enormous population of insects. We think of these little weird guys as nothing but repulsive pests. We will even go out of our way to purchase bug repellents to keep them far away from us. Nevertheless, there are ambitious scientists who love learning about some of their most incredible functions.

It is time to share some of the coolest tiny animals that roam our globe. Though some have skills that will impress you, others just look amazing. You may think of all insects as hideous, but after seeing these 5, you may find one or two to be beautiful (of course, for an insect). We are also going to share a sound sample from an insect that is recognized for its unique sounds. Let’s get started. read more

5 Unbelievably Weird Insects

An insect is scientifically described as a member of the class Insecta. So how many different species of insects are there?  There is currently no precise number of known species.  However, scientists have  verified that there are over 1,000,000 different species of insects. Interestingly, there are some experts that believe the number is likely much higher.  They believe there could be around 30 million more insect species we still have yet to discover.

Insects make up about 80% of all species in the world. So what are the numbers for their entire population? According to ESA member Dr. E.O. Wilson from Harvard University, there are approximately 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 quintillion) insects living on our planet.  This number makes the human population of over 7 billion look extremely small. read more