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People Who Look Like Me: 5 Places To Help You Find Your Doppelganger


They say there are up to 7 people (although some sources on the Internet say 6) in the world who look exactly like you. If this is actually true, with a global population of over seven billion, you can say that roughly 1 in every 1 billion people look identical to you. So in your lifetime, your chances of actually running into your lookalike are slim to none.

Despite physical differences, humans are 99.9% identical in their genetic makeup. It is that tiny .1% that gives us all a unique appearance. This is definitely a good thing. Could you imagine a world where everyone looked the same?

How Can I Find My Look-Alike?

tips for finding your twin
Thanks to today’s technology, it isn’t so far-fetched. We researched 5 sites designed to do just that. Each have their own database, with millions of people from around the world. With a simple search and a little patience, you might just find your lookalike today.

When I heard that there were websites with the technology capable of helping one find their lookalike, I wanted to try the best one out there. I didn’t want to spend many hours trying to find my twin, with the chance of wasting my time and finding no one who looks like me.

That is why I decided to put them to the test. I tried out all 5 of the following sites on this list myself. After I share my experience for each, I also state whether there was a fee, the accuracy of the results I received, and if the site was easy to use.


I Look Like You

If you’re looking for a 100% free service that can help you find your doppelganger, you will want to pay a visit to All you have to do is upload a picture of your face, and let their system do the work. After waiting a few moments or so, you should get a list of matches.

You may not find anyone who is a 100% match. You may only find people who are a 20% match. Results may even show people who are of the opposite sex.

However, if you’re not interested in spending money to find your lookalike, then this website is not a bad start. As the site grows, so will your chances in finding your doppelgänger.

Here is an example of their search results. Like my results, there were no matches over 24%.

results from I Look Like You

Here is a screenshot from their Top Look-Alikes page. It shows examples of good search results.

humans with similar features

Cost: Free

Accuracy: Despite not getting the results I was hoping for, the 3 examples from the website prove this tool has worked well for others.

Easy to use: After you upload your photo, you will have to sign up before you get results.



When I first tried Twinlets, I thought it was a joke. Though they claim to have a global faces database with 150 million faces, you won’t believe the results you get here.

image of Kirin Johnson

I uploaded my photo, and all I got was this result. A woman who looks nothing like me.

goofy picture

I thought I would give it one more try. Of course, the results were terrible.

funny-looking image of Asian woman Cost: Free

Accuracy: Very poor

Easy to use: Just upload your image, and get your crappy result.

#3 My Twins Finder

My Twins Finder

This app helps you find your twin by reverse searching your image.

Cost: Free

Accuracy: In order to get the best results, the photo of your face must be clear and recognizable.

Easy to use: You have the option to upload your image from the gallery, or take a new one. The app will then search and show you the results.

#4 Celebs Like Me

Celebs Like Me

If you’ve always wanted to know what celebrity you look like, you will want to check out the Celebs Like Me app. Simply click on “Use Your Own Photo” to upload an image of yourself. You will quickly receive several results with a percentage match. I uploaded 3 separate images to see what kind of results I would get. Here is what happened.

The first image was only a 39% match. However, the results were surprising. I certainly see the resemblance. Do You?

screenshot results for Celebs Like Me

The second image was a 49% match. Oddly, the results weren’t as accurate as the first image.

twin finder

The third image was a 50% match. To the right of my picture is actress Stella Maeve. We don’t look a lot alike, but I can definitely say we have share similar facial structures.

lookalike percentage

Cost: Free

Accuracy: For only being able to reach a 50% match, the results were good. I’m curious to see what an 80% match with a celebrity would look like.

If only I could see more than just a few results.

Easy to use: This website was the easiest of all to use. After you upload your image, the results come almost instantly.


Twin StrangersHow It Works

With Twin Strangers, you are required to pay $3.95 for the chance to find your own doppelgänger. The fee puts you in their system for 6 months to discover, and to also be discovered. After you pay your fee, you can select your facial features and see others who have selected the same. With unlimited access to the site, chances are, within 6 months you will likely find at least one doppelgänger.

When I tried Twin Strangers, I had hopes that my search results would bring me a close match. Unfortunately, they did not. I only received one result with a 77% match. Do you see any similarities?results from Twin Strangers

After getting my free result, I was asked to pay $3.99 for 577 more results, as well as the opportunity to upload 10 more photos of myself.

Although I did not find my twin here either, I can only imagine what results I would get if I paid for their profile scan.

Cost: The site is free to use. However, if you want to find more accurate results, you can upgrade and request a profile scan. The fee for a new scan is between $3 and $18.

Accuracy: This site by far was the most accurate of them all. With one try, I was able to get a 77% match. Although my result didn’t exactly like me, we do share some similar features.

Easy to use: If you choose to use their free service, it is quite simple to use. Just upload your photo, sign up, and you will then get a search result with an image of your match.

How The Twin Strangers Site Became Successful

On March 30, 2015, friends Niamh Geaney, Harry English, and Terrece Manzanga wanted to hunt down their twin strangers. In order to make that happen, they decided to start a 28-day campaign using the public to aid in their search. Using various sources such as Twitter, Instagram, their Facebook page, and (their website), they posted the following question next to their photo: “Do you look like me?”

Quickly, the photo of Geaney got spread all over the Web. Luckily for Geaney, she received a lot of attention from the media, which made her website quickly become popular. It also helped her eventually find a few of her doppelgängers. Today, Geaney’s website has over 500,000 members, and it probably won’t take that long for that number to grow to millions.

Learn more about Niamh Geaney’s story in a interview with BBC News.

Doppelgänger #1

Above is a YouTube video about Niamh Geaney meeting her first doppelganger named Karen. Don’t they look like identical twins? It is not surprising that shortly after this video was published, it went viral.

Doppelgänger #2

After Geaney found her first twin stranger, she was eager to find her other six. Not long after finding Karen, she was contacted by a woman named Luisa from Italy. Amazingly, the two are virtually indistinguishable from one another. Geaney chose to fly from Dublin, Ireland, to Italy to meet her.

What makes this story even more strange is that not only do these two women look alike, but they also have a similar personality, as well as similar movements and even facial expressions. Talk about an extremely odd story.

Doppelgänger #3

Geaney certainly has had a very successful search. She recently found her third doppelgänger named Irene. The two also met in person. Of course, Irene’s sister was in disbelief when she realized just how much they looked alike. She even described the idea as “uncanny.” Her sister could not believe that a woman who was not even related to her, could look more like Irene than she does.

Before you know it, Geaney will find her 4th doppelgänger. She is probably the only person in the world who has met a total of 3 doppelgänger.

Here is another story about two women who used Twin Strangers to find their doppelgänger. Within just 5 minutes of registering with the website, Ambra and Jennifer found each other.

After the website owners found out about the pair, they decided to contact them to see if they were interested in meeting in person. Of course, since all-expenses were paid for by the site owners, they agreed to meet. Their fascinating story has been shared on many popular news sites.

Users Who Were Unsuccessful Using Twin Strangers

Although the Twin Strangers site has worked for some people, not everyone has seen great results. To read examples of real users who were not impressed, visit this article from titled “We tried Twin Strangers, the website that finds your doppelgänger.”

Man Finds His Twin Sitting In His Seat On A Flight

Neil Thomas Douglas is a U.K. photographer who actually met up with his doppelganger while he was on a flight to Galway, Ireland. When it was time for Douglas to find his seat, he found a man who was sitting in it. After kindly asking him to move, he was shocked when he realized the man looked exactly like him. Both of these men must have thought they were looking into a mirror.

After taking a selfie and having few good laughs, the two men went their separate ways. However, this wasn’t it. Things got even more bizarre. Coincidentally, they both checked into the same hotel. Plus, later on, they bumped into each other again at a bar called The Quays. After having a few drinks at the bar, they finally went their separate ways. They probably decided to keep in touch. After all, not only do they look a lot alike, but they also seemed to get along with each other.

Interestingly, this story isn’t over yet. A friend of Neil Thomas Douglas had posted a picture of the two men on Twitter. It didn’t take very long for the tweet to go viral. The tweet caught the attention of three other men who have came forward to claim they also look like Douglas and his lookalike.

New Study Suggests You Probably Share DNA With Your Doppelganger

new doppelganger study

Scientists in Spain recruited 32 people with look-alikes to take a DNA test, and to fill out a questionnaire about their lives. They also put their images through three different facial recognition programs.

Out of the 32 pairs of look-alikes, 16 pairs had similar scores to identical twins identified using the same software. These 16 pairs also had many more genes in common than the other 16 pairs. The study found that they share several genetic variants, which are related in a way that they have the shape of facial features such as the nose, eyes, lips, mouth and even bone structure.

It is important to mention that this is only a small study. It was also focused on pairs that were mostly of European origin. Until there is a study that involves many more participants from more places around the world, it remains unclear whether the results would be similar to this study.

Results of this new study were published on Cell Reports on August 23, 2022.

For a fascinating story about a woman who had many surgical procedures to look like Angelina Jolie, check out Trina McMillin’s post titled: The Truth About Sahar Tabar (A Angelina Jolie Wannabe).

Celebrities And Their Historical Doppelgangers

American abolitionist leader John Brown (May 9, 1800 – December 2, 1859) looks like Charlie Sheen. See a list of 18 celebrities and their doppelgangers on Business Insider.

Final Words

twin search

Now that you have some useful tools to help you find your twin, you can begin your exciting search. Even if you never find all 7 of your lookalikes, finding one would be very interesting.

If you were to meet even just one in person, you will likely want to know if their parents resemble your parents. You may also want to know if you and your doppelganger not only have a physical resemblance, but also similarities in behavior. Good luck in finding people who look like you.