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Uncover many mind-boggling weird facts about humans, animals, insects, outer space and the many other bizarre things that are in our world.  Although some are considered well-known to most people, there are also others that are new and have been recently discovered by reputable scientists.  We like to stay on top of the latest odd news stories from the most popular news sources to bring you the most up-to-date information.


We get all of our strange facts from the most reliable sources both online and offline.  If we happen to state something that is considered new, controversial, or somewhat obscure, we will then site the source to provide proof and better clarity.  Enjoy learning some of the most remarkable facts about our astonishing world.

Crazy Facts About The Human Brain

5 Crazy Facts About The Human Brain

Despite the distance to the edge of the observable universe being a massive 46 billion light years, there is no known structure more complex than the human brain. For many decades, scientists have studied this amazing organ with the goal of unlocking its many mysteries. Unfortunately, there are still more questions than answers. Luckily, the research continues.

most complex structure

This post will consist of 5 crazy facts on the Universe’s most complicated object. Some are hard to believe. To back up our facts, each will contain at least one link to the source. read more

odd facts about marijuana

5 Odd Facts About Marijuana

We spent hours researching the most reputable sources to bring you 5 odd facts about marijuana. Whether you use it or not, the information in this post will fascinate you. Some of the data may seem unbelievable, but it is all 100% accurate. Each fact will have at least one link to the source.

The inhalation of cannabis smoke goes back thousands of years. Back in 2003, a 2,500- to 2,800-year-old mummified shaman from China was found. Next to the shaman was a leather basket that was filled with cannabis leaf fragments and seeds. Today, it is used by millions around the world. read more

weird facts about people

10 Weird Facts About People

This is a fun and interesting post on 10 weird facts about people. In the first part, we will explore 5 odd facts about people in general. The next 5 will be about specific people. From identical twins of the opposite genders to a man who was killed by a robot, you are about to read some of the most extreme and stunning information. You will probably be questioning how some of them are even possible, but rest assured, they are all 100% true. Each has been gathered from reliable sources.

Anytime we create a post that is about facts, we guarantee that all of the information is accurate. We provide a link to the sources (all reputable) that makes the claims. Therefore, if you find them to be unbelievable and need to ensure they are all genuine facts, you can easily go directly to at least one of the sources. Now, we will share the information we gathered. Let’s begin with our first section on people in general. We will first talk about creepy little mites that live in our eyelashes. read more

Weird Facts About Dreams

5 Weird Facts About Dreams

Dreaming has fascinated the human mind for thousands of years. Let’s explore 5 weird facts about dreams based on years of scientific research. At the end of the post is a video of 25 more facts you will not believe. If you are one who is tired of dealing with those spooky nightmares, research may have provided an easy and fun way to help treat them (especially if you love to play video games).

In our previous post Weird Dreams And Their Meanings, we explored the different types of weird dreams and what they may mean (based on information gathered by experts). Today, we will share detailed information on 5 mind-boggling dream facts. Each is based on extensive research from a wide range of respectable websites. Let’s begin with our first fact: TV’s influence on dream color. read more

Orion Nebula - Hubble 2006 Mosaic

Bizarre Facts Of The Eerie Cosmos

Most of us are not aware of the potential threats that can come from deep space.  In this post, we will discuss bizarre facts and theories about the vast and eerie cosmos.  Although not all space activities are threatening, they are certainly fascinating and can also be very elusive.   Some of them may seem like something straight from a science fiction movie.

Over the years, the definition for the term “cosmos” has gotten an additional meaning. Previously, the term was defined as a complex and orderly system in complete harmony.  It was originally a Greek word meaning both “order” and “world”.  This is because the ancient Greeks had previously thought the world was in perfect harmony and order. read more