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Our precious Earth is filled with so many amazing animals that have been around for millions of years.  There are so many incredible species that can often baffle the human mind.  Although some have fairly basic body structures and functions, others were born with severe abnormalities that set them far apart from the rest.


In this category, we will examine animals of various species undergoing a diversity of disabilities.  Some of our information may have various medical terms one may not fully understand, but rest assured, we will provide definitions and links to sources that will help you get a better understanding.  There will also be educational and entertaining videos.  We thoroughly cover our topics from the beginning of the post, to the very end.

Cy The Cyclops Kitten

Return Of “Cy” The Cyclops Kitten (Never-Before-Seen Photos Released)

On Wednesday, December 28, 2005, a kitten was born in Redmond, Oregon. What made this one different than any other was its appearance. It was born with a rare medical condition called cyclopia, leaving it with just one eye and no nose. Although it survived for only one day, it quickly became a famous kitten who was given the name “Cy,” short for Cyclopes.

alive cyclops

On January 6, 2006, this photo of Cy was released. After it was shared on various websites, many viewers believed the image was a hoax. With Cy’s eye wide-open, many thought it was photoshopped. read more

dog with two noses

Animals With Extra Body Parts

With tens of thousands of animals born each day, the inevitable outcome is that some will be born with incredibly rare abnormalities. Here we will learn about several strange-looking creatures who live their everyday lives with extra body parts. These freak animals suffer from a rare anomaly that makes them look like they belong in a freak show. For the majority of the animals in this article, their extra body part is an abnormality in which they were born with.

Freak Animals That Look Like A Species Of Their Own

A Mutant Kitten Was Born With 2 Heads, 2 Mouths And 3 Eyes read more

the ugliest dog in the world

The Ugliest Dog In The World

Have you ever wondered what the ugliest dog in the world looks like? Well, today we are going to share various pictures and a couple of videos of dogs that look so awful, they may even terrify you. For some of these dogs, it is a medical condition that causes their repulsive appearance.

For a fascinating and inspiring article on a woman who many consider to be the “ugliest person in the world,” visit our article called Lizzie Velasquez: Dubbed “The Ugliest Person In The World.

The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest read more

Deformed Animals

7 Deformed Animals

Although life itself is a beautiful thing, the development of one’s anatomy can often go wrong. This post will be about 7 deformed animals from various species. Whether they were born with their defects or acquired them later in life, we will discuss the challenges these animals face everyday of their lives. Like all of our bizarre posts, we will provide you with useful and detailed information. We will also include images and a video on the 10 most inspiring animals with deformities.

It is fascinating to see the perseverance in how the animals fight to not only function, but also to survive. Some of the them have already lived their challenging lives. However, their images still float around the Internet stunning viewer after viewer. Let’s discuss animals with deformities. read more

5 Extreme Animal Oddities

Just like humans can suffer from human oddities, so can animals. The animal kingdom has a variety of interesting species. Unfortunately, sometimes during their stages of natural development, something goes wrong. The animal can have a condition that sets them far apart from the rest. They may have defects and limited abilities, but some are still able to live average life spans.  Of course, animals can also become an oddity from the result of interbreeding between species.

Although it is believed that there are around 950,000 species of insects on our planet, until 2011, the number of species of animals was still unknown.  It was once estimated that there are about 3-30 million.  According to the Census of Marine Life scientists, the total number of species in the world is said to be around 8.7 million with a 1.3 million give or take.  This includes all animals, plants, fungi, protozoa and chromista.   Of the 8.7 million species, 7.77 million are animals. read more