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The human population is expected to reach around 8 billion people by 2024.  Of course, with such a high number, this means there are going to be many more weird people amongst us.  Whether they are just a little weird, or extremely out of the ordinary, we will cover topics you will find not only odd, but also quite hilarious.


After you read a post or two, you may ask yourself if these people are actually wild animals instead of humans.  Or you may even wonder if they are creatures from an entirely different planet.  In fact, some of these people may even believe they are aliens living with earthlings.  You just never know what you’re gonna get here.


Some people in our posts will engage in activities that may seem dangerous, repulsive and unethical to many.  Although people actually act out their strange activities, we recommend you don’t try any of their stunts or odd behaviors.  Enjoy seeing the weirdest acts and behaviors from the oddest people around the world.

3 boobs

The Girl With 3 Boobs: Jasmine Tridevil (Where Is She Now?)

This is a story about the girl with three boobs. She goes by the name “Jasmine Tridevil.” This crazy massage therapist claimed to have gotten an operation to implant a third breast. To get the job done, Tridevil says she hired a surgeon who charged her a whopping $20,000.

The Three-Breasted Woman From The Movie Total Recall

Total Recall 3-Breasted Mutant

Jasmine Tridevil (real name is Alisha Hessler) is from Tampa, Florida. Although she had a career as a massage therapist, what she really wanted was fame. Tridevil had big dreams to look like the three-breasted woman in the 1990 science fiction film Total Recall. Well, actually she wanted to become a reality TV star on MTV. After making the claim that she paid a surgeon $20,000 just to add an extra breast to her body, Tridevil’s story became an overnight Internet sensation. read more

Sideshow Freaks From The Past (1500’s – 1900’s)

So you want to see some bizarre human freaks of nature? Well, you have come to the right place. We have a large list of sideshow freaks who lived a long time ago. Their medical conditions may seem unbelievable. Get ready to see some pictures and footage of human freaks that lived from the times of the 1500’s, to all the way up to the 1900’s.

1800's freak magazine

For centuries, human freaks have sparked the interest of people from around the world. This is an image of an 1890 magazine titled: The Illustrated American. read more

Sahar Tabar

The Truth About Sahar Tabar (A Angelina Jolie Wannabe)

Sahar Tabar is a 22-year-old social media star who has spent years undergoing surgical procedures to resemble Angelina Jolie. She has reportedly undergone more than 50 plastic surgery procedures and lost nearly 100 pounds (in just a few months) to attain the skeletal appearance she desires. It is said that she lost this weight to more closely resemble Jolie’s physical appearance in the 2010 movie, “Salt.” There are concerns for her health because losing this substantial amount of weight in such a short period of time can be deadly. read more

Human Ken Doll

The Human Ken Dolls – Justin Jedlica and Rodrigo Alves

Valeria Lukyanova could pass for a living Barbie doll: When you think about Barbie, Ken follows closely behind. Barbie and Ken may be the very first love story (between dolls, that is). Although there are several men who have gone under the knife to resemble this iconic doll, the most recognized human Ken doll is probably Justin Jedlica.

The Nickname ‘Human Ken Doll’ – Compliments of 20/20

During an interview for OWN’s series, “Where Are They Now?” Jedlica opens up about how he came to be known as Ken. While Jedlica states that he never actually set out to look like Barbie’s Ken, in a 2012 interview, “20/20” referred to him as the ‘Human Ken Doll.’ Jedlica makes it clear that he is not complaining about his nickname because the Ken doll phenomenon has been very positive for him. Jedlica says that his resemblance to Ken has given him a new purpose and a new career. He states that he will be called the Human Ken Doll forever. read more

real-life Barbie

Meet Real-Life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova

For the majority of little girls, Barbie represents the beauty and perfection they hope to attain as they reach adulthood. The First Edition Barbie appeared on the market in 1959: Barbie was available as a blonde or as a brunette and was touted as a ‘Teen-Age Fashion Model.’ This First Edition doll sold for $3. With the perfect figure, flawless complexion, snub-shaped nose, high cheek bones, full lips, large almond-shaped eyes and long, flowing hair, it’s no wonder that little girls want to look just like her. In fact, there are numerous women around the world who are going under the knife in an attempt to attain perfection: Their idea of perfection? Barbie. read more