Your Video Show And Tell

Welcome to our Video Show And Tell page.  So you love to collect oddities and want to show them off to other oddity lovers? OdditiesBizarre has a new and exciting feature.

We created this page to allow our browsers to share their own videos with other collectors.  Of course, you can simply just upload a video to YouTube and share it, but why not share it directly with others that are in your niche and would truly appreciate your amazing collection?


When you are ready to share your video, simply email us ( or use form).  Provide us with a link to the video along with the code and we will review it.   As long as it complies with our guidelines, we will add the video along with a brief description.  We only accept videos uploaded to YouTube at this time.

Basic Guidelines

All videos must be clean and SPAM-Free.  If you have a website and want to mention it, that is fine, but please keep it non-promotional.  So just follow the guidelines and have fun sharing!

Above is the perfect example of a collector showing off their oddities collection. Each person that shares a video will get their own page. Our viewers will be allowed to leave comments or questions.