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Uncover many mind-boggling weird facts about humans, animals, insects, outer space and the many other bizarre things that are in our world.  Although some are considered well-known to most people, there are also others that are new and have been recently discovered by reputable scientists.  We like to stay on top of the latest odd news stories from the most popular news sources to bring you the most up-to-date information.


We get all of our strange facts from the most reliable sources both online and offline.  If we happen to state something that is considered new, controversial, or somewhat obscure, we will then site the source to provide proof and better clarity.  Enjoy learning some of the most remarkable facts about our astonishing world.

20 Of The Weirdest Animal Facts

Over the history of life on Earth, millions of species of animals have successfully survived, while millions of others have become extinct. The animal kingdom is filled with a variety of fascinating species. Some animals have unusual disorders, while others have incredible capabilities and body structures. What we are about to share with you may surprise you.

In 2010, researchers had discovered evidence for perhaps the oldest animal in the fossil record. Interestingly, the significant find was actually an accident. The researchers had other intentions before they stumbled upon their amazing findings. After digging in Australia for clues regarding the climate of the past, researchers had found the fossil remains of sponge-like animals that had once lived around 650 million years ago. read more

10 Weird Facts About The Human Body


The human body is an extremely fascinating machine. It is made up of many complex systems all with their own specific functions. Unfortunately, some humans have conditions that don’t function properly. This is part of the reason scientists have made a huge leap forward with discoveries. They find people with abnormal conditions and not only help control or correct their condition, but also discover new answers to previous questions along the way.  Of course, advancement in scientific technologies has also played a significant role. read more