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10 Weird Facts About People


This is a fun and interesting post on 10 weird facts about people. In the first part, we will explore 5 odd facts about people in general. The next 5 will be about specific people. From identical twins of the opposite genders to a man who was killed by a robot, you are about to read some of the most extreme and stunning information. You will probably be questioning how some of them are even possible, but rest assured, they are all 100% true. Each has been gathered from reliable sources.

Anytime we create a post that is about facts, we guarantee that all of the information is accurate. We provide a link to the sources (all reputable) that makes the claims. Therefore, if you find them to be unbelievable and need to ensure they are all genuine facts, you can easily go directly to at least one of the sources. Now, we will share the information we gathered. Let’s begin with our first section on people in general. We will first talk about creepy little mites that live in our eyelashes.

People In General

 #1 Tiny Mites Live In Your Eyelashes

We All Have Tiny Mites That Live In Our EyelashesThere are two species of mites that live on humans, or at least most. Though they are both called eyelash mites, their names are Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis. As you are reading this post, there are more than likely a plethora of them crawling around your pores. Just the thought seems disgusting right? Well, at least they can’t poop. But they do fill up with feces and eventually explode on your face. Until their last day, they will continue to live and even have sex on your face.

These gross little mites can also cause some unwanted issues such as scaling and itchy eyelids, and irritated eyelashes. They can eventually cause the eyelashes to start falling out. To help with the irritation, doctors recommend using a half water/half baby shampoo mix. They suggest scrubbing it on the eyelashes, waiting a couple of minutes and then wash it off with water (at least twice a day).

#2 Doctors Still Can’t Transplant An Eyeball

Doctors Still Can't Transplant An EyeballAdvancement in technology has definitely played a big role in helping save the lives of many people. Today, doctors can transplant the heart, lung, liver, kidneys and more, but they still cannot transplant an eyeball. So why can’t they (even with today’s technology)? The reason is because the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain is way too sensitive to reconstruct successfully.

#3 Identical Twins Can Be Opposite Genders

boy and girl identical twinsYou may find this fact hard to believe. Did you know that identical twins can be opposite genders? Usually, identical twins are the same gender (approximately 99% of the time). Each will form a single zygote with either male (XY) or female (XX) sex chromosomes. But rarely, a genetic mutation will occur in male twins. One of the twins will lose a Y chromosome resulting in developing as a female. This is unfortunate because the male twin is now a female that will suffer with Turner Syndrome. The syndrome is characterized by short stature and the lack of ovarian development.

#4 Your Body Prefers Your Internal Clock Over Your Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

Have you ever wondered why you can wake up just minutes before your alarm even goes off? Well, there is a good scientific explanation for this. There is a protein called PER. It is what regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Everyday, the protein level will rise and also fall, with it peaking in the evening and falling at night. During the fall of PER levels, your heart rate will start to slow down and your blood pressure begins to drop. The fall will slowly cause your body to start feeling sleepy.

For those who have a steady sleep routine, the body will eventually start to increase PER levels in time for you to wake up before your alarm wakes you up. The levels increase (body temperature and blood pressure also rise) approximately an hour before it is time to wake up. This helps you wake up before your alarm goes off. The PER levels are increased to help prepare the body for the stress of waking. This is why your body prefers your internal clock over your alarm clock. The interruption of an alarm clock is stressful and defeats the entire purpose of waking up gradually.

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#5 Sweat In Itself Is Practically Odorless

Though sweat plays the important role of cooling the body down when it gets too hot, many of us feel it or see it, and then link it to bad odor. But the fact is that sweat in itself is practically odorless.

What causes the unpleasant smell is the sweat coming into contact with the bacteria located on your skin. The bad odor is caused as bacteria processes substances that are released with sweat.

Specific People

#6 Man Uses A Form Of Hibernation To Survive 2 Months Inside A Snow-Covered Car

Due to a snowdrift, a Swedish man spent two long months inside his car. Believe it or not, he survived. Snowmobilers discovered him lying on his back seat wrapped in a sleeping bag. After running out of his beer and energy drinks, he had no choice but to survive with only snow and ice.

According to police, the man faced temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit. So how did this man survive such a deadly situation? Doctors think he may have gone into a dormant state that is similar to a bear’s hibernation. The man also survived from the insulation of his warm clothing and sleeping bag. What also helped provide insulation was the fact that the car was covered with snow.

#7 A Man Defeated A Grizzly Bear With His Bare Hands & Teeth

C. Dale Peterson killed a bear with his bare hands.C. Dale Petersen of Jackson Hole, Wyoming faced a scary life and death situation, to say the least. In order to survive, he had to kill a grizzly bear with his bare hands. Seems virtually impossible to achieve without a gun or other deadly weapon right? Well, this bear was no match for Petersen.

A group of backpackers previously aggravated the bear. This left Petersen in a vulnerable position. Once he faced the bear, he shoved his right hand down the bear’s throat. Petersen then used his teeth to bite the bear’s jugular vein. The lack of blood flow to the brain caused the bear to pass out. Petersen brilliantly used the bear’s vulnerability as an opportunity to beat it to death with a stick.

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#8 A Man Was Killed By A Robot


There are so many strange ways to die, but this man sure takes the cake. Robert Williams was A factory worker at a Ford Motor Company. On January 25, 1979, he was killed by a one-ton factory robot. He was hit in the head by the robot’s arm. Williams is the very first known person to be sent to the grave by a robot. Though he was the first, he is not the only to die in such a weird way.

A Japanese engineer by the name of Kenji Urada was the second person to be killed by a robot. He was working on a robot that was broken. It is too bad he forgot to turn if all the way off. This crucial mistake resulted in him being pushed into a grinding machine from its hydraulic arm.

#9 A Child Was Given The Name  “Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116”

The extremely long 43-character name “Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116” was given to a Swedish child that was born in 1991. The parents were said to have given their child this lengthy name as a protest against the naming law in Sweden. Due to the fact that they did not register the boy’s name by the time he had reached the age of five, they were fined $740 USD.

The child’s parents (as a protest) finally gave the boy a name (or whatever you want to call it) 5 years after his birth, but the court rejected it and confirmed the fine. Then, they chose to change the spelling of the name to just A. Again, the courts declined to accept it, citing a prohibition on one-letter naming. This was obviously very selfish and childish decision making by two adults.

#10 The Song “Stolen Dance” Took 3 Years To Write

The German duo Milky Chance released the popular song called “Stolen Dance” in 2013. It is so popular, it reached #1 in several countries such as France, Austria and Hungary (to name a few). The band said it took them a whopping 3 years to write the song. Really? Three years to write a song? Well, the single became a viral hit shortly after it was uploaded on YouTube in April of 2013.

Final Words

So, after reading our list of ten odd people facts, you probably have at least one that you found to be unbelievable (just by reading the title alone). Which one (or more) was it? Was it the extremely long name that was given to the Swedish child, or maybe the resilient man who was amazingly able to use a form of hibernation to survive two months with virtually no food? Human beings are definitely a very complex and fascinating species. They will never stop surprising you, and there is always more to learn about them. Feel free to share some more true and weird facts about people.