5 Of The Most Disgusting Habits


We all have our habits and hobbies we act out every single day of our lives.  Some are completely normal and acceptable in public, while others are not.  Whether we deliberately spit out loogies, belch or whatever else, we are all guilty of acting out one or more of these odd behaviors at some point in our lives. There are disgusting habits that should only be done behind closed doors.  Of course, there are people that just don’t care who is watching them.  In fact, some may even express their habit to make sure people can actually see it.

Although there are certain habits that may be disgusting and even potentially dangerous, there are some that can actually offer benefits to your health.  If you are one that happens to practice one of these gross behaviors, you may find that you are gaining health benefits you may not even be aware of.  Here are five of the most disgusting habits people engage in.

1. Nose-Picking

Nose-picking is the act of taking out nasal mucus with their finger. According to some surveys, nose-picking is a very common habit worldwide.  People are said to regularly pick their nose on a average of approximately 4 times a day.  Believe it or not, some scientists claim that eating your mucus (mucophagy) may actually provide a great health benefit.

Since the mucus contains antiseptic enzymes that can weaken or even kill the bacteria within it, reintroducing the microbes can cause the immune system to produce antibodies. So eating the bacteria is basically like taking a medicine. With that said, it is still considered an uncivilized habit in most cultures and societies. However, not for the monkeys in our world.

According to scientists, the disgusting trait is evolutionary and represents a behavioral adaptation.  It is said to have came about some time after the hominids had diverged from Old World monkeys around 20 million years ago.  So the next time you decide to pick, collect and place on a plate for ingestion, remember there is a good chance you are actually boosting immunity.

2. Urinating In Showers And Pools


Another common odd behavior many (if not all) people act out is urinating in showers and pools. This is another habit that may carry another health benefit.  Urine contains a antimicrobial ingredient called urea. This particular ingredient is actually found in household cleaning products.

Although urine may not have enough urea to cure athletes foot, it still contains an active ingredient that is seen in many antifungal agents. It will actually aid with the ointment by softening the skin and assisting in eliminating the dead and flaky skin. Urinating in the shower will also help you save money by not having to flush the toilet.


Of course, it is not recommended you pee in any swimming pool.  In fact, the rule for most public pools is to not urinate in them.  However, if you urinate in a swimming pool because you can no longer hold it, this is not a bad thing.  The line to the the restroom may be way too long for you to keep waiting.  Wait too long and you risk the chance of acquiring a urinary tract infection or even interstitial cystitis (chronic inflammation of the bladder).  Men who hold their bladder regularly risk potential prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland).

So if you really have to go to the restroom, don’t hold it.  However, if you can hold it, you already know you shouldn’t deliberately urinate in the pool.  Of course, some people simply don’t care no matter what the rules say, but the owner of the pool probably does.  If they find out you intentionally urinated, they will likely kick you out and tell you not to come back.

3. Eating Your Cat’s Hair

A 43-year-old woman from Detroit, MI by the name of Lisa is addicted to eating her cat’s hair.  She is labeled as a self-professed cat hair eater. She first started eating cat hair as a way of feeling closer to her pets For 15 straight years, she has been consuming 3 quarter-sized hairballs on a daily basis. That averages out to more than 3,200 hairballs over the 15 year period.

Lisa gathers her cat fur from various places in her apartment.  She will eat fur from the floor, the back of her sofa and straight from the cat. She uses her tongue to groom her cat then prepares to eat it.  One thing she likes to point out is that she does not lick between her cat’s paws or butt.  Lisa’s addiction is so bizarre because she actually compares the hair to the taste of cotton candy.  She also says she needs to consume her cat’s hair at least every 2 hours.

Eating cat hair may seem like a delicacy to Lisa, it can actually cause serious health problems.  Her doctors advise her that if she continues this disgusting habit, she is likely going to cause obstruction of her stomach.  This would require the need for a surgical procedure.  Another potential health risk Lisa can acquire is bowel perforation. Regardless of all of the serious health risks involved, Lisa says she will continue eating cat hair every single day.  Surprisingly, after all these years, she has yet to acquire any of the potential health risks.

4. Eating Like A Slob

"WAM pied girl" by wamtube is licensed under CC BY 2.0

WAM pied girl” by wamtube is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Of course, when you are very hungry and are about to eat a tasty meal, you often can’t help being a little messy.  Nevertheless, some people will eat their food like a complete slob.  By the end of the meal, they may have their face, head and even their clothing full of food.  You may observe them eating like it is their very first time. At home, this is not such a big deal.

Although they may vomit if they eat too fast, it is not going to annoy others if they do not see it.  However, go to a restaurant and eat like a disgusting slob and you are likely going to not only spoil the meal of others, but also make some people angry.  Even though they really don’t have to look at it, if it is obvious, they may have no choice. How can you enjoy a meal looking at a slob eat their food like they are in a Pie Eating Contest?  Some of the customers may even have to be inconvenienced and move to another table completely away from you.

5. Deliberate Fart Blasts


The definition of a fart is to expel a flatus (gas from the stomach or intestines) through the anus (or break wind).  The average person farts about 14 times a day.  Good thing the average trips to the bathroom for releasing solid waste is nothing close to 14 times a day. The average range for releasing solid waste is from three times a day to three times a week.

What Does The Average Fart Consist Of?

Here is a list of what an average fart is made of:

  • 59% Nitrogen
  • 21% Hydrogen
  • 9% Carbon Dioxide
  • 7% Methane
  • 4% Oxygen
  • 1% Hydrogen Sulfide Gas and Mercaptans

A Few Funny And Interesting Fart Facts

1. Most Farts Take Place At Night While Sleeping

"Sovandeman" by Colorstefan is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Sovandeman” by Colorstefan is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

So if you think your partner hasn’t heard you fart out-loud, chances are, they heard you fart while you were in a deep sleep.

2. Farts Are Flammable


They are extremely flammable. This is from the methane and hydrogen contained in the farts.  If you were to get a lighter (don’t try this at home) and place it close to your bottom as you let it out, you will see a big burst of flame.

3. You Fart Even After You’re Dead

Shortly after you pass away, you will continue to fart and even burp. At least for up to a few hours or so. The muscles do not shut down immediately after death takes place. This is due to your muscles contracting and expanding before rigor mortis (the stiffening of the body after death) sets in.  Although you are technically dead, gases will still continue to escape both ends of your digestive tract for up to 3 hours.

People That Deliberately Fart In Public

We are all guilty of farting in public at some point in our lives. Sometimes you just can’t help it. While most of us try to make it less noticeable, others prefer to deliberately let it out for attention, a good laugh and even to annoy someone.  Some will even make fart pranks to their friends or loved ones. You may have heard of fart stories where someone will fart in a cup and immediately close the lid. They will then give or even mail a sample of their fart that is still trapped in the cup. Take off the lid and enjoy the disgusting smell of a lingered fart.

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