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8 Scary Websites


Are you looking to find some of the most scary websites on the Internet? Great. Look no further. We did a very thorough search to bring you nothing but the most frightening pages around. Warning: The following material may be too creepy and disturbing to some viewers. If you decide to read the entire post and end up having some bad dreams because of it, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Before you proceed, we recommend that you do not read this post right before you go to bed.

8 Of The Spookiest Pages On The World Wide Web


Scary.comThe first site on our list is more scary for kids than adults. It is a Halloween haunted house filled with witches, monsters, zombies, bats, skeletons and other creepy characters. If you click on some of the objects and creatures, they will perform an action (such as move their head, or make a funny noise). If you spend some time here, you may find it interesting and funny. Some sections include various definitions, history, and entertaining acts (such as Medusa singing about herself).


Exit MundiAt Exit Mundi, you get a collection of fascinating (and of course, terrifying) end of the world articles (including some fictional scenarios). Their sections include terrorist attacks, nuclear war, space events, diseases, and other catastrophic events that could possibly lead to the end of the world.

If you go into each section, you will find some information that may frighten you. That is, if you believe the scenarios are likely to happen. Now this is a reminder of just how vulnerable we all are.

#3 World Births And Deaths

world deathsNow this is a very scary place to visit. It displays births and deaths worldwide as they happen. You will see a world map that is updated every second. To the left of your screen are stats on births.

However, what you will likely find creepy are the deaths that are on the right of your screen. You even see the country of the death and the current world population. Watch people around the world die off, one by one. This is a strong reminder that your time on this planet is very limited.

#4 Death Row Information

executed offendersRead the last words of those who knew exactly when they were going to die. That is, executed offenders who were on death row. Not all offenders on this page (the Texas Department of Criminal Justice) chose to say any final words. Some of these statements are extremely sad and disturbing. For those who are interested in coming back to this page in the future, it is continually updated.


Your Ghost StoriesYour Ghost Stories is your source to find many claims of real encounters with ghosts. If you have had a real ghost encounter, the site allows you to submit your own paranormal experience. There are also articles about ghosts, famous hauntings, images and video of real ghosts, and much more.


Snagfilms HorrorIf you want to watch some spine-chilling horror movies without spending a penny, you will want to check out SnagFilms horror category. See free classic horror, zombie movies, documentaries about the paranormal, and much more. If you are a big fan of spooky movies, you will love this website.


Surviving The OutbreakThe Outbreak is an interactive horror movie. Throughout the film, viewers are allowed to make crucial decisions that will determine their fate. If they make the right choices, they get to survive to the next scene. You can probably guess what will happen to them if they make the wrong choices.


death articlesThe website is called Death Addict. If seeing real blood and guts is too much for you to handle, don’t visit this place. This link takes you to a collection of horrifying articles on real cases of murder, suicide and horrific accidents. Some of the stories show disturbing videos and pictures.

Bonus Site

Do you like online scary games? If so, you are in luck. We found an awesome website called They provide a huge collection of the scariest games online. Some of their game titles include The House 2, The Grudge, Five Nights At Freddy’s 2, and Dungeon Nightmares.

Final Words

To bring you directly to these spooky places, we provided a link for each on our list. You may have visited some (or all eight) of them. If you did, what is the scariest place you visited? We hope it didn’t cause you too much fear. We also hope you didn’t read this post right before bedtime.

If you know of any more hair-raising places we didn’t share on our list, please leave the name in the comment section below. Thank you for reading about 8 of the most scary websites online.