A Guide To The Strangest Places On Earth

A Guide To The Strangest Places On Earth


If you are looking for the most bizarre places from around the world, you are in luck. We created a list on the ten oddest locations found in various countries. For those who are interested in actually visiting them, you will likely find this easy-to-use guide quite handy.

Looking For A Weird Place To Visit?

There’s no need to spend hours searching for a vacation like no other. We have plenty of interesting options right here. Enjoy seeing the things that make our world an interesting place!

Grand Canyon Cavern

How about a relaxing night at a unique underground cave suite? Yes. An actual cave that is 220 feet below ground! The Grand Canyon Caverns, Cavern Motel Room is located in Northern Arizona. According to their website, they are the largest, deepest, darkest, oldest (they say the caverns and walls are over 65 million years old) and the quietest motel room on the planet.

Despite there being plenty of motel rooms that are located above ground, there is only one room below ground. Up to 6 people can stay in a room that is 200 feet by 400 feet, with a 70 foot ceiling. However, to get there, you will first have to take an elevator down 22 stories underground. When you stay a night here, you are provided with many amenities (below):

  • One bathroom and two double beds
  • A living room with a queen fold out sofa.
  • A library of old books and magazines dating back to 1917.
  • Dictionaries and other books from the late 1800’s.
  • A record player and of course, records.
  • Table and chairs.

Country: United States

Price: $850.00 USD per night for 2, plus an additional $100.00 for every person after 2.

Website: http://gccaverns.com/rooms-packages/the-grand-canyon-caverns-cavern-motel-room/

The Hidden Beach

entrance to the Hidden Beach

Screenshot of entrance to the Hidden Beach (Christian Frausto Bernal: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cfrausto/9372086731).

If you want to find a nice beach that is completely hidden, visit the Hidden Beach (also known as Playa del Amor). It is located in the Marietas Islands, off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The place is so secluded, it cannot even be seen from the sea. If you want to go there, you first must take an hour long boat ride through a long underwater tunnel linking the beach to the Pacific Ocean.

How Did The Beach Arise?

Various sources say the cause of the Hidden Beach was likely not from volcanic activity. It is believed that the hole occured due to deliberate bombings from military testing by Mexican authorities in the early 1900s. Due to being a vacant area, the Marieta Islands were the perfect place to test various types of military equipment. Since 2005, the islands have become a recreational national park, which was given the name Parque Nacional Islas Marietas.

Country: Mexico

Price: Although exact fees are unknown, you can hire a tour company for day excursions to the the Hidden Beach.

Website: (no official website found)

Find more information on the Marietas Islands, visit Trip Advisor.

Find more information including reviews on The Hidden Beach at Roadtrippers.

The Rainbow Mountains

rainbow mountains

The Rainbow Mountains (or Vinicunca) is near Cusco in Peru (near the Ausangate, which is a mountain of the Vilcanota mountain range in the Andes of Peru). Due to its colorful and unique-looking sediments, this surreal site has become a popular tourist attraction, with guided tours launching in January of 2016. Since pre-Inca times, local Peruvians have seen the Rainbow mountain as holy. They believe it is the deity of Cusco (a city in southeastern Peru).

Getting To The Mountain

If you want to visit the Rainbow mountain itself, you can only get there by foot or horse. While most tours require a journey with a minimum of a 6-day hike to see the mountain (the tour is called the Ausangate Trek), luckily there are also options for a one-day hike.

Country: Peru

Price: Fees for guided tours vary depending on the agency you decide to go with. For example, a one-day hike from Action Peru Treks costs $200 USD.

Website: (no official website found)

Find more information with useful tips to help you set up a breathtaking trip to the Rainbow Mountain, visit Wikitravel.

The Icehotel

If you are looking for another type of bizarre hotel, you may want to check out the Icehotel in the village of Jukkasjärvi, in northern Sweden. It was founded in 1989. The Icehotel is the first hotel in the world made of snow and ice blocks, which are from the Torne River. Every year from December to April, it needs to be rebuilt. Each suite has its own theme, which is hand carved by spectacular artists from around the world.

If you want enjoy your stay at the Icehotel, you will want to bring some warm/comfortable clothing. The temperature inside the hotel is between 19.4 to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, you are provided with a sleeping bag that is equipped for extreme temperatures.

While you are enjoying your stay, you can also check out one of their guided tours through the hotel. See amazing handcrafted sculptures by various artists. For couples looking for an unusual place to get married, the hotel also has an ice chapel.

Country: Sweden

Price: The average rate per two adults, for 1 night is $80.21 USD.

Website: http://www.icehotel.com (more information on how it works).

Catacombs of Paris

Catacombs of Paris

The Catacombs of Paris is a large network of underground tunnels and caves. In them are the remains of more than six million people from several different graveyards. In the late 1700s, overcrowded cemeteries and cave-ins compelled city officials to create the ossuaries.

Since 1874, Catacombs of Paris has been open to the public, allowing up to 200 tourists at a time. Although the tunnels stretch hundreds of miles, the section for tourists consist of 1.5 kilometers.

Country: France

Price: $13.20 USD

Website: http://www.catacombes.paris.fr/en/homepage-catacombs-official-website

Find more useful information on Lonely Planet.

Socotra Island

dragon tree

“Socotra dragon tree” by Boris Khvostichenko is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The Socotra Island (also spelled Soqotra) is an island and a small archipelago of four islands located in the Arabian Sea. It is an offshore territory of Yemen. Many sources describe the island as the most alien-looking place on the planet. With a third of its plant life found nowhere else on Earth (nearly 700 endemic species), it’s no surprise that the island looks like an entirely different world.

One of the most bizarre-looking plants at the island is the dragon’s blood trees (Dracaena cinnabari). As you can see from the above image, the tree is shaped like a flying saucer or umbrella. The island also consists of Adenium socotranum, which are trees that resemble elephant legs. You will also find Socotra starling, Socotra sunbird, and Socotra grosbeak, which are only found in Yemen. Bats are the only known mammals native to Socotra.

In addition to weird plant life and creatures found nowhere else, you can also find a large collection of caves. Deep inside the caves, researchers in 2001 had discovered writings in many different languages from sailors who stayed on the island between 1 and 6 AD.

Country: Yemen

Price: Tour fees vary (depending on agency chosen).

Website: (no official website found)

Despite no official site found, you can get information on tours at Socotra Eco-Tours. Also find information on how to get there on Socotra.info.

Find more information with tips on how to set up a trip to the island, visit Wikitravel.org/Socotra.

View many more amazing pictures of Socotra Island at Atlas Obscura.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

Lenin's Mausoleum

Lenin’s Mausoleum (also called Lenin’s Tomb) is in Moscow, Russia. Since 1924, the mausoleum has been the resting place of former Russian communist revolutionary and politician Vladimir Lenin (April 22, 1870-January 21, 1924). Between 1924 and 1972, Lenin’s embalmed body has been seen by over 10 million people. Despite difficulties keeping his body preserved, thanks to donations and government funding, embalmers are able to continue preservation work. While it has been nearly a century since the death of Vladimir Lenin, with a body so well-preserved, he appears to have been dead for only a few days.

If you are interested in visiting Lenin’s Mausoleum, it is open to the public from Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 to 1:00 (except holidays). To show respect, photography, videotaping, your hands in your pocket, hats (unless you are a woman) and even talking is not allowed.

Country: Russia

Price: No charge.

Website: http://lenin.ru

Kingdom of the Little People

It has been condemned as a modern day “freak show” by several different organizations. Founded in September of 2009, The Kingdom of the Little People is an extremely bizarre theme park located near Kunming, Yunnan. The park features entertainers who suffer from dwarfism, which is a medical condition resulting in unusually or abnormally low stature or small size.

The performances have included singing, dancing (which occasionally includes hip-hop) and acting out scenes from various fairy tales. Their make-believe homes are tiny mushroom shaped houses. To be eligible for employment at the theme park, one must be shorter than 4′ ft 3″ inches tall. Many of the acts include a “Dwarf King,” who is just 3′ 3″ inches tall.

With over 100 employees at Kingdom of the Little People, the owner plans on eventually growing the number to 1,000. That is, 1,000 dwarf employees. Organizations such as Little People of America, have criticized the park for treating the condition of dwarfism as a humorous condition. Supporters argue that the park is actually beneficial to their employees. This is because they say that if they did not work at the park, they would be unemployed.

Country: China

Price: $10 USD

Website: (no official website found)

Find more information here.

Aokigahara: The Japanese Suicide Forest

Aokigahara, or Sea of Trees is a forest located in Japan. Oddly, it is a quiet forest with hardly any wildlife. It consists of several ice-filled caves such as Ice Cave and Wind Cave. Although the forest is a popular destination for tourists, due to being extremely dense, tourists and hikers have been known to get lost and have difficulties finding their way back. Hence, in recent years, they have been using plastic tape to mark their paths.

Understandably, Aokigahara is also known as the Suicide Forest. It has been reported that approximately 105 documented suicides occur each year. The suicide rate is said to increase in March, which is the end of the fiscal year in Japan. In 2011, the most common means of suicide were from either drug overdose or hanging.

In addition to the many reported suicides over the years, it is no surprise that the Suicide Forest is also known for being a home to yūrei. According to Japanese folklore, yūrei are ghosts of those who have died from a violent or unnatural death. Interestingly, there have been many reports of white spirits wandering the forest. According to Japanese spiritualists, the soil and trees are tainted by the corpses of the dead. The spirits are said to now haunt the forest and encourage individuals who are suicidal to follow through and commit suicide.

Country: Japan

Price: There is no charge for the Suicide Forest. For directions on how to get there, visit this link: http://www.aokigaharaforest.com/Aokigahara-getting-there.html

Website: http://www.aokigaharaforest.com

Lake Hillier: The Pink Lake

Lake Hillier is a pink lake located on Middle Island in Western Australia. It is around 2,000 ft in length, and about 820 ft in width. The lake surrounded by a rim of sand and a dense woodland of paperbark and eucalyptus trees. A narrow strip of sand dunes covered by vegetation separates it from the blue Southern Ocean.

Why Is The Lake Pink?

The pink color of Lake Hillier is permanent. Even if you were to place the water in a container, it would remain pink. Although it is no fully understood exactly why the lake is pink, scientists believe the pink comes from the presence of an organism called Dunaliella salinaa. The organism is also said to cause the red color in ponds found in South San Francisco Bay, California. If you want to view the pink lake, the only way is from the air.

Country: Australia

Price: Find information on how to take a tour of Lake Hillier at Luxury Outback Tours.

Website: (no official website)

Despite there being no official website for Lake Hillier, you can find more information on Australia.com.

Now that you have seen our list with information on how you can see ten of the weirdest and most unique places in the world, you have new and interesting options for your next exciting journey or family vacation. We hope you get the opportunity to actually enjoy the experience of seeing the most surreal sites around. These 10 places would be a great addition to a bucket list.