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Benedette Cuffari is currently a research assistant at the Notre Dame of Maryland University. Benedette recently completed her master’s degree in toxicology, during which she investigated the dermatotoxicity of mechlorethamine and bendamustine; two nitrogen mustard alkylating agents that are used in anticancer therapy. In addition to her research experience, Benedette is also very passionate about both community service and medicine.

semi-identical twins

Semi-Identical Twins (Only 2 Cases Ever Discovered)

In the United States, it is estimated that for every 1,000 children born, 33.3 of them will be twins; 22.8 of which will be fraternal and 4 of which will be identical. Throughout history, it has been widely held that twins could only be born as either identical or fraternal; however, this notion changed in 2007 when the birth of two semi-identical twins were discovered in the U.S.

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Identical vs. Fraternal Twins

Identical vs. Fraternal Twins

The way in which twins become identical or fraternal depends entirely upon what happens during fertilization of the mother’s egg. Identical, or monozygotic twins, arise from a single fertilized egg that has been split into two. Identical twins will therefore have identical genetic material, which accounts for why these twins are often indistinguishable from each other. read more