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About Jessica DeRubeis

Jessica DeRubeis received her Bachelor’s degree in Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology and a Master’s degree in Healthcare Delivery. Currently, she works at an ophthalmology practice and is pursuing licensure as an LCPC.

Eli Bowen

Eli Bowen & The Rare Congenital Disorder “Phocomelia”

Biologist Jessica DeRubeis briefly discusses the life of sideshow performer Eli Bowen. Then, she goes on to explain the extremely rare congenital disorder called phocomelia in great detail.

Who was Eli Bowen?

Eli Bowen, frequently known as “The Legless Wonder”, was an American acrobat who turned his medical disability into a lucrative living. One of eight siblings, Eli was born with a congenital abnormality in which the bones of his legs did not form correctly and his feet grew directly from his torso. This condition is known as phocomelia. read more