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Joseph Caltabiano is a blogger, oddities lover and a former surgical technologist. He left the field of surgical technology to pursue a career in blogging and internet marketing. As clearly shown in his posts, Joseph is very passionate about unusual topics. His two most favorite topics are medical and weird science.

Cy The Cyclops Kitten

Return Of “Cy” The Cyclops Kitten (Never-Before-Seen Photos Released)

On Wednesday, December 28, 2005, a kitten was born in Redmond, Oregon. What made this one different than any other was its appearance. It was born with a rare medical condition called cyclopia, leaving it with just one eye and no nose. Although it survived for only one day, it quickly became a famous kitten who was given the name “Cy,” short for Cyclopes.

alive cyclops

On January 6, 2006, this photo of Cy was released. After it was shared on various websites, many viewers believed the image was a hoax. With Cy’s eye wide-open, many thought it was photoshopped. read more

bizarre skin diseases

10 Weird Skin Diseases You Need To See To Believe

We are about to share 10 weird skin diseases in humans. But before we go any further, we must warn you that some of the pictures of these disorders are immensely gruesome. So if you have a weak stomach, this is not the post for you.

This post was updated by Trina McMillin (author profile).

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It serves vital functions that are crucial to the survival of the human race. Unfortunately, humans can acquire diseases that can cause physical and mental suffering, and even death. In previous posts we covered skin diseases such as Darier’s disease, and monkeypox. Here are ten more you won’t believe actually exist. read more

bizarre gift ideas

10 Websites To Help You Find The Most Bizarre Gifts Online

So you are looking to find some bizarre gifts online? Great. Don’t go anywhere. We found a bunch of websites that provide the strangest stuff you can find. We guarantee that all of the following sites listed in this article are not only safe to surf, but also safe to make a purchase. We would never send our viewers to a web store that cannot be trusted.

What Online Stores Sell Weird Things?

You can surf the Web for hours and see what’s out there. Or, you can have access to a large selection of bizarre products without the hassle. These 10 shopping sites will help you find the right gift for anyone who loves the strange things you can only find online. read more

Sideshow Freaks From The Past (1500’s – 1900’s)

So you want to see some bizarre human freaks of nature? Well, you have come to the right place. We have a large list of sideshow freaks who lived a long time ago. Their medical conditions may seem unbelievable. Get ready to see some pictures and footage of human freaks that lived from the times of the 1500’s, to all the way up to the 1900’s.

1800's freak magazine

For centuries, human freaks have sparked the interest of people from around the world. This is an image of an 1890 magazine titled: The Illustrated American. read more

Girls Fighting Naked Videos

Girls Fighting Naked Videos (Links To The Craziest Cat Fights Online)

Check out several videos of girls fighting naked. The following footage was found on various sites around the Web. When you visit the links above the images, you will see some badass women who are truly determined to destroy each other regardless if they lose their clothing.

Warning: Graphic content ahead. Footage on the following websites contains profanity, violence and of course, nudity.  


Naked Girl Catfight At Hotel Lobby (

This is a viral video found on Daily Star. It shows some angry girls at a hotel lobby ripping each other’s clothes off. There is no information on what they were actually fighting about. Whatever it was, it certainly made they very angry. They battle it out until a security guard finally stops it. read more