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10 Websites To Help You Find The Most Bizarre Gifts Online


So you are looking to find some bizarre gifts online? Great. Don’t go anywhere. We found a bunch of websites that provide the strangest stuff you can find. We guarantee that all of the following sites listed in this article are not only safe to surf, but also safe to make a purchase. We would never send our viewers to a web store that cannot be trusted.

What Online Stores Sell Weird Things?

You can surf the Web for hours and see what’s out there. Or, you can have access to a large selection of bizarre products without the hassle. These 10 shopping sites will help you find the right gift for anyone who loves the strange things you can only find online.

#1 Human & Animal Bones: Skulls Unlimited

smiling skull

Skulls Unlimited International, Inc. is the world’s top supplier of osteological specimens. Their inventory includes a large selection of real human and animal bones. If you have the budget, you can purchase a human skull or a complete skeleton. You can also find affordable oddities that would make excellent stocking stuffers. The site also provides replicas from various species.

According to Wikipedia, Skulls Unlimited processes approximately 25,000 skull specimens per year.

#2 Shrunken Heads:  eBay

A genuine shrunken head is a severed human head that was used for trophy, ritual, or trade purposes. The Jivaroan tribes are the only tribe documented to have shrunken human heads.

Fake Shrunken Heads

If you are looking for a fake shrunken head, you are in luck. There are plenty of them out there for low prices. You can find many options on

Real Shrunken Heads

If you are looking to find an authentic shrunken head, unfortunately, your options are limited. There are not many websites that provide the real deal. However, if you visit our article on shrunken heads, you will get links to the sites that provide them. You will also learn some information on how to tell if a shrunken head is real, and tips to help you purchase a real head legally. Just remember that if you want a real one, it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars.

 #3 Ancient Fossils: Stones Bones 

ancient fossils

If you are looking for a wide range of ancient fossils, Stones Bones has them. They have been selling online since 1995. According to the About Us section, the owners of this store have been collections and providing fossils to museums, schools and private collectors since 1989.

Some of their categories include Fossil Fish For Sale, Fossil Insects, Plant Fossils, Other Sea Life, Mammal Fossils and Dinosaur Teeth. The site also provides books, meteorites and other items for sale.

#4 Taxidermy Dioramas: Etsy

dioramas with mice

If you want to purchase a unique gift for your friend or loved one, you will want to check out the mice taxidermy section on Find taxidermy mice and other animals from thousands of independent designers. These artists have created dioramas that are funny, bizarre and twisted.

For a list of reputable taxidermy websites, please visit our article on taxidermy suppliers.

If you are looking to create an insect diorama, check out our list for retailers who provide dried insects.

#5 Poop Provider: I Poop You

I Poop You

Yes. This is a real website. By far, this is the most disgusting online store on this list.

I Poop You is a professional poop delivery service. Here you can purchase poop that came straight out of a cow, horse, pig, chicken or goat. Every order has a leak-proof container to help keep the poop as smelly as possible. Talk about dropping off an unpleasant surprise to your desired recipient’s door.

#6 Weird Art: Etsy

crazy artAbove is a link to Etsy’s Weird Art category. Here you will find a variety of unusual and crazy art from many dealers. Products include a weird and scary Gothic doll, decorated genuine skulls, strange glass art, odd wood art, Shark Bait on Canvas (shown in above image), and plenty more.

#7 Weird Paintings: Fine Art America

weird paintingsSo you want to find some bizarre art from a reputable website? No problem at all. At Fine Art America, you have many options for weird paintings. Plus, with some, you can also buy the same image, but in the form of a pillow, phone case, tote bag, greeting card, or even a shower curtain.

#8 Unique Gifts: Drool’

Omnibot, the auto balancing Japanese robot

Find plenty of unique gifts for men, women, and children at Drool’d. Some of their products include Omnibot (the auto balancing Japanese robot), a handy compact tool kit that fits in your wallet, a Star Wars Death Star waffle maker, dinosaur earrings, seat covers that keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, an inflatable floating tiki swim up bar, and much more.

#9 Unusual Pillows: Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich Pillow

Though it looks absolutely ridiculous, it is actually quite useful. With the Ostrich Pillow, you can take a comfortable nap virtually anywhere you want. Just bury your head in it, and go to sleep.

The site also has other strange-looking products to help you get more sleep. This screenshot shows a man wearing a surrounding eye pillow. The product was designed for a perfect fit.

#10 Custom Dolls, Action Figures & Masks: That’s My Face

That's My FaceAs a child, did you ever think about what you would look like as an action figure or Barbie doll? Of course, before the Internet existed, that’s all you can do is imagine it. Luckily, those days are over. Today, you can actually purchase an action figure, a Barbie doll, or even a custom Lego of yourself (and of course, a friend or loved one) at That’s My Face.

You also have the option to create a cool 3D portrait, a mask, or an ornamental head. You can even build a 3D origami of your face.

For a list with more online stores that sell weird stuff, visit our post titled “Oddities For Sale: A Collector’s Guide To The Oddest Products Online.”


We hope you found this article useful, as it was designed to help you find the most weird gift ideas the Internet has to offer. Luckily, for the oddities lover, there are always going to be some very strange and unique stuff that people are looking to sell.

Therefore, in the future, if we see something that is worth sharing, we will definitely add it to this source. Good luck in your hunt for some bizarre gifts.