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Mo’Nique Gaines-Harris is an Epidemiologist with a Masters in Public Health and 18 years of clinical experience. Mo’Nique owns an epidemiology consulting firm, and is passionate about infectious disease and population health. See other projects completed by Mo’Nique at

Interesting Coronavirus Questions

4 Interesting Coronavirus Questions (An Epidemiologist Weighs In)

Epidemiologist MoNique Gaines-Harris responds to fascinating questions on COVID-19.

Note: This article does not cover questions on any variants recently discovered.

COVID-19 mask

Gauze masks were recommended to halt the spread of the Spanish Flu

Spanish Flu gauze mask

This is a photo from a newspaper article in The Washington Times (September 27, 1918). It shows a woman wearing a gauze mask, which was recommended by Red Cross to help control the spread of the 1918 flu pandemic.

1. Do you think there may be long term effects for asymptomatic coronavirus patients?

woman with mask on

There is still a great deal to learn about SARS-CoV-2, even more so concerning asymptomatic individuals. Current studies show radiologic and laboratory findings of some asymptomatic patients are similar to those of symptomatic patients. Specifically, abnormally low white blood cell and platelet counts have been found as well as ground-glass opacities (a white-flecked pattern seen on lung CT scans, indicative of increased density). read more