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Renee is a security manager who enjoys reading the latest shocking news around the world. She also loves writing in her spare time. Although Renee has an interest in many topics, her most fascinating topic to write about is the paranormal.

scary Halloween masks

Top Scariest Halloween Masks In The World

Welcome to a list with access to some of the weirdest and scariest Halloween masks you can find online! We found several talented artists with masks for sale. Each have shared images of their work, a personal biography, and a link to their online store and/or social media page.

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The Most Terrifying Masks For Sale

Masks By ANBRY

scary masks for sale

rat face

smashed facemask made from skinHell Priestess

killer clown mask

creepy clown mask

pig mask

Masks By Anbry

We sell 100% custom made horror masks! They are made from burlap, bone, skin, dog rawhides and a little blood here and there. Realism is our goal, with a huge pinch of originality. read more

skull mask

Skull Mask Commandos: A True Nightmare For ISIS Fighters

Iraqi special forces are wearing horrifying skull masks while they battle ISIS to retake Mosul. The elite group known as the Golden Division are trained by the US Army Rangers. Their success of obliterating hundreds of ISIS fighters has made them become local heroes and even celebrities.

Warning: Graphic content ahead. Some include scenes of murder and mutilation of a corpse.

These terrifying skull-faced Iraqi troops are killing ISIS.

— Maxim (@MaximMag) December 4, 2016 read more

largest penis

Biggest Penis Belongs To A Man Who Is Too Big To Have Sex

Young African man Sorence Owiti Opiyo has the biggest penis in the world. Due to a strange disease, his massive manhood is now larger than a baby. It is said to be 10 times larger than the average penis. Although one might envy Opiyo for having such a large sexual organ, his bizarre abnormality has left him unable to have sex. It has also left him unable to have children.

Warning: Graphic content. The following content may be disturbing to some viewers.

Opiyo’s Unknown Condition

A decade ago, Opiyo developed a crazy disease that currently has no name. The illness manifested itself through a swelling similar to a boil. The boil caused his reproductive organ to grow like a weed. Sadly, Opiyo says his condition is painful. It must also be painful mentally because he cannot live a normal life. Not only is he unable to have children and intercourse, he also can’t fit in any clothing. Opiyo was also forced to drop out of school due to being bullied. read more


Pictures Of Ghosts

Welcome to our post on spooky pictures of ghosts. We found a bunch of images from around the world. Warning: Some (or perhaps all) of the material contained in this post may not be suitable for some viewers. If you are terrified of ghosts, we recommend you do not see any of these photos.

Not all of the images in this post are of real ghosts (or claims of real ghosts).

What Is A Ghost?

The Ghost at Point of RocksA ghost is a disembodied soul (or spirit) of a deceased person. Many people believe that ghosts have the ability to haunt specific locations, and can even appear to the living in bodily form. read more

depiction of the devil

Pictures Of The Devil

Welcome to our post on pictures of the devil. You may be wondering why some of our recent posts have been about blood, death, creepy stuff, and just pure evil. The main reason is because Halloween is coming soon. Throughout the rest of September and October, we will be publishing a lot of content that may be very disturbing to some viewers. This particular page was created only for educational and entertainment purposes. As we previously mentioned in our post regarding evil demonic spirits, OdditiesBizarre does not participate in the practice of demon or devil worship. read more