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In this category, we will be exploring a variety of weird stories from many places around the world. We will include stories about hair-raising ghost sightings, unsolved mysteries, strange phenomenon, bizarre crimes, and much more. From the distant past to the present, each tale is going to be filled with suspense, wonder and entertainment.


We will keep you informed of the newest and most popular strange stories from the news media. Just as we do with all of our categories, we ensure our research is based solely on information gathered from reputable and reliable sources. If we write about a story that is said to be true, but is later proven to be a hoax, we will update the post with the accurate information. Discover obscure and entertaining phenomena in our incredible world.

Turkeys Circling A Dead Cat: Experts Weigh In

On March 2, 2017, something really bizarre happened. Jonathan Davis is just an ordinary man from Massachusetts. While on his way to work, he saw something very unusual. Luckily, he was able record it and post it on his Twitter page. The shocking footage in his tweet quickly captivated the Internet. This crazy story has been shared on many popular news websites.

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Anatoly Moskvin

Anatoly Moskvin Is A Grave-Robber Who Collected Female Corpses

Anatoly Moskvin is a twisted grave-robber responsible for possessing 26 female mummified bodies. In 2011, the corpses of young girls between ages 3 and 15 were found at his home in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Many sources say Moskvin is believed to have exhumed 150 corpses.

Warning: Graphic content. The following may be too disturbing for some viewers.

The Many Bodies Found At Moskvin’s “House of Horrors”

one of many mummified corpses

One of Moskvin’s mummified corpses (screenshot

After Moskvin exhumed the corpses, he would begin the mummification process. According to Moskvin, over the course of ten years, he tried to make the mummified bodies look like dolls (which actually looked more like strange-looking mannequins). He took extreme measures to reach his goal, as he placed a music box inside their rib cages. The limbs were wrapped in strips of cloth, and the bodies were stuffed with rags and padding. The corpses were dressed in bright children’s clothing, with a wig covering their heads. If you take a look at our featured image, you can see the wax mask on the corpse. The wax mask is decorated with nail polish over her face. read more

La Pascualita

La Pascualita: Mummy or Dummy?

Amazingly, since 1930, La Pascualita (or Little Pascuala) has been standing at a store window in a wedding gown shop in Chihuahua, Mexico. People from all around the world have traveled many miles to visit the shop just to see her. Why would anyone actually care to see a lifeless mannequin? Well, according to legend, La Pascualita is not a dummy, but a well-preserved mummy. They believe she is the perfectly preserved corpse of the previous owner’s daughter.

The Bizarre Story Of A Mannequin Believed To Be An Embalmed Body

embalmed body

Screenshot of Pascualita’s realistic hand (Ripley’

It all started on March 25th, 1930. To attract visitors to the wedding gown shop, La Pascualita was installed in the store window. Her incredibly realistic face, hair and hands made her look more like a mummy than a dummy. People began to wonder why she looked so realistic. read more

liquid ass

Liquid Ass Stories That Will Crack You Up

If you are looking for the perfect prank product, you won’t regret buying a bottle of Liquid Ass. Today we are going to share three funny stories on this unbelievably disgusting fart spray. Also, if you are interested in actually purchasing this product online, we have included some links.

A Product Designed To Create The Worst Smell Imaginable

stinky fart spray

It all started with two guys who hated their jobs. Creators Allen Wittman and Andrew Masters decided it was time to start their own company. They followed their dreams and created the stinkiest fart prank spray in the world. It didn’t take long for them to come up with the name “Liquid Ass.” Indeed, their idea worked so well, they are now rich. Their odd invention quickly took off and became a huge success. Today, Wittman is the CEO, and Masters is the Turd Artist. read more


Aleshenka – A Tiny Creature Found in Russia May Actually Be an Extraterrestrial

Conspiracy theorists believe that the videos, autopsy reports and photos of a tiny corpse provide definitive proof that the creature found by an elderly peasant woman was not of this world; whereas, skeptics contend that autopsy reports proving this tiny corpse was non-human were nothing more than rumors and that, in fact, these mummified remains were those of a prematurely born and severely deformed human female fetus.

Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina

In the small Russian village of Kaolinovy where Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina lived, the fact that she suffered with some form of psychiatric disease was no secret. Due to her condition, Tamara’s perception of the world was somewhat peculiar: For example, she visited her local cemetery nearly every day to gather the flowers from the graves. She took them home and then used them to decorate her home. read more