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We will keep you informed of the newest and most popular strange stories from the news media. Just as we do with all of our categories, we ensure our research is based solely on information gathered from reputable and reliable sources. If we write about a story that is said to be true, but is later proven to be a hoax, we will update the post with the accurate information. Discover obscure and entertaining phenomena in our incredible world.


Aleshenka – A Tiny Creature Found in Russia May Actually Be an Extraterrestrial

Conspiracy theorists believe that the videos, autopsy reports and photos of a tiny corpse provide definitive proof that the creature found by an elderly peasant woman was not of this world; whereas, skeptics contend that autopsy reports proving this tiny corpse was non-human were nothing more than rumors and that, in fact, these mummified remains were those of a prematurely born and severely deformed human female fetus.

Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina

In the small Russian village of Kaolinovy where Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina lived, the fact that she suffered with some form of psychiatric disease was no secret. Due to her condition, Tamara’s perception of the world was somewhat peculiar: For example, she visited her local cemetery nearly every day to gather the flowers from the graves. She took them home and then used them to decorate her home. read more

Norman Bates

Ed Gein: The Real-Life Psycho

Warning: Please Be Advised That This Article Contains Graphic Content

The Making of Eddie Gein – The Real Life Psycho and Inspiration for the Character Norman Bates

Ed GeinA Childhood Full of Brimstone and Fire

Edward Theodore Gein was born to George and Augusta Gein on August 27, 1906 in La Crosse, Wis. With a brother who was 7 years his senior, Eddie was the baby of the family. Augusta was a domineering and extremely religious woman. She was convinced that her views were absolute and true. She raised her boys with a strict moral code, continuously warning them of the dangers of immoral and loose women: Her hope was to discourage her boys from giving in to their sexual desires due to their fear of being cast into the depths of hell. read more

Rosalia Lombardo

Rosalia Lombardo: The “Sleeping Beauty” Of Capuchin Catacombs

Many call Italian child Rosalia Lombardo (December 13, 1918 – December 6, 1920) “Sleeping Beauty.” Unfortunately, due to pneumonia, Lombardo lived a very short life. Her death left her father (Mario Lombardo) devastated and eager to preserve her body. To preserve her corpse, he reached out to famous Sicilian embalmer Alfredo Salafia (November 7, 1869 – January 31, 1933).

There is not much known about the life of Rosalia. However, what is known, is that amazingly, thanks to the work of Alfredo Salafia, Lombardo is now one of the best preserved mummies in the world. read more

Charlotte Corday

Charlotte Corday: The Angel of Assassination

On July 27, 1768, in the region of Normandy that is now referred to as Orne, Charlotte Corday was born. Corday was a 5th generation matrilinear descendant of Pierre Corneille, who is typically considered the first great seventeenth-century French dramatist. Charlotte Corday was born into this aristocratic family as Marie-Anne Charlotte de Corday d’Armont: Keeping wealth and power in the family was important, as such, her parents were cousins.

While still a young girl, Charlotte Corday’s mother and older sister passed away. Her father’s inability to cope with the death of his wife and daughter, led to his sending Corday, and her little sister, to live in a convent in Caen. read more

Krystian Bala

Krystian Bala & The Murder Of Dariusz Janiszewski

Author Krystian Bala’s 2003 novel ‘Amok’ is more than a thriller, it’s a nightmare.

The perfect murder, no witnesses, no suspects and the case is closed. Krystian Bala is a Polish author. He penned the novel, ‘Amok.’ Bala debuted the novel in 2003 and despite its intriguing warning “For Adults Only,” it did not sell well. However, the novel does eventually become a best-seller in Poland. Although ‘Amok’ is chock-full of pornographic Oedipus complexes, bestiality and random sexual violence, the detailed narrative of a young woman’s murder raises the eyebrows of police because of the similarities between the actual murder of Dariusz Janiszewski and the book’s victim, Mary. read more