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Liquid Ass Stories That Will Crack You Up


If you are looking for the perfect prank product, you won’t regret buying a bottle of Liquid Ass. Today we are going to share three funny stories on this unbelievably disgusting fart spray. Also, if you are interested in actually purchasing this product online, we have included some links.

A Product Designed To Create The Worst Smell Imaginable

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It all started with two guys who hated their jobs. Creators Allen Wittman and Andrew Masters decided it was time to start their own company. They followed their dreams and created the stinkiest fart prank spray in the world. It didn’t take long for them to come up with the name “Liquid Ass.” Indeed, their idea worked so well, they are now rich. Their odd invention quickly took off and became a huge success. Today, Wittman is the CEO, and Masters is the Turd Artist.

The company currently works in a facility they named the Ass Factory. They describe their product as a fart spray that smells like foul butt-crack with hints of fresh poop and dead animal.

What Ingredients Are In This Fart Spray?

Understandably, many are curious to know the ingredients in this product. This question appears in the FAQ’S page on the site. However, the only information they can provide is that it is not made from real ass. Apparently they are not allowed to share the actual ingredients.

The owner also says it has been rumored that the fart spray actually clears up clogged sinuses.

A List Of Funny And Disgusting “Liquid Ass” Stories 

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For more information, visit the link located at the top of each story.

Story#1: Father Sprays At Son’s School And Faces Charges Festerman Liquid Ass School

This is the story of Michigan father Jason Festerman. He may be facing some jail time for spraying Liquid Ass at his son’s school.

It started with Festerman’s son bringing the bottle to his school, and spraying it around to be funny. Unfortunately, the joke didn’t last very long. The boy was caught and suspended for one day.

Mr. Festerman came to the school to pick up his son. However, he didn’t want to leave the campus without spraying some Liquid Ass himself. Apparently, he sprayed it in the lobby, which resulted in school staff contacting the police.

Festerman’s Charges And Ridiculous Defense

Festerman was charged with disorderly conduct. His defense is that he wasn’t intentionally spraying it, but only checking the canister to see if there was anything in it. Festerman also says that in the past, him and his family have used the fart spray at other places like Kmart and Dollar General.

Story#2: A Georgia Man Sprays A Woman At A Bar, Sends Patrons Running To The Exit Man Squirts Liquid Ass Fart Spray Woman Bar

The next story is about 20-year-old Blake Leland Zengo from Georgia. Although patrons at the Whiskey Bent bar in Athens came to have a good time, little did they know their fun would be ruined by a little bottle of fart spray.

According to police, Zengo sprayed Liquid Ass. The smell was so stinky, it had people running out of the building to escape it. Allegedly, Zengo pulled out the bottle, and sprayed it in a woman’s face. Of course, he denied the allegation. What is hilarious is that this man was so intoxicated, he forgot the bottle was still in his pants pocket.

Zeno’s Charges

Surprisingly, the woman chose not to pursue charges against the fart spray suspect. However, Zengo was still charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication and underage consumption of alcohol.

Story #3: The Adventures Of Two People Who Went “Fart Spray” Crazy Nailed Em All With Liquid Ass

The third story comes from It was written by an anonymous person who was seeking revenge on the managers at his place of employment. Thanks to a coworker that had some Liquid Ass, the revenge couldn’t be any sweeter. The two were looking to find the right opportunity to spray down the row of cubicles that were located at the managers department.

Reactions From The Victims

Below are some of the comments they heard after spraying like a crazy.

“It smells like something crawled up in somebody’s ass and died.”

“Hey, it smells better in the bathroom than it does out here.”

“What the hell is that smell?”

Due to the reactions from the victims, the culprits needed to leave the building. They had to let out their laughter outside to prevent the risk of getting caught. Another trick they used was to spray around the microwaves. It convinced some that the microwave was the source of the odor.

Although others had different theories (such as a dead animal) to where the smell was coming from, they would have never thought it was fart spray. Or at least, this particular spray. Liquid Ass is untraceable.

More Spraying

The spraying continued. The two decided that they should spray every 2 to 3 weeks, preferably when it was raining. The purpose of rain was a red herring for the many victims who seek the direct source of the nasty smell. Their strategy was to spray when everyone was at lunch.

Revenge On A Coworker

To get revenge on a bitchy coworker who is supposedly loved by all of the men because of her big boobs, they found a large fan they wanted to spray. Thanks to the fan that was pointed directly at her, she was forced to endure the worst smell of her life.

More Funny Stories On Reddit 

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What? A Bottled Flatulence That Is Useful For The Military?

combat helmet

Although this stinky fart spray was originally created strictly for pranksters, it now has a secondary market. Today, it is purchased in bulk for military training purposes. It is being used by the military to help get new troops familiar with the awful smells that come with death and disembowelment. The spray will likely be purchased for this purpose for many years to come.

Online Providers Of Liquid Ass

For you next mischievous act, check out these links. We found a few online stores that sell their version of a fart spray. Warning: We guarantee the first store sells sprays that will create a stench so nasty, your victim may become nauseous. The first store is Liquid Ass’s company website. Of course, this is the place that has the most options. In addition to the various options for their main product, they also sell other items such as fake human poop and fake dog poop.

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Watch A Hilarious Prank On Some Models 

The Discovery Of The Smelliest Spray On The Planet

If you want to pull off the funniest prank of your life, there is one affordable product that will help you get the job done. Although there may be other competitors that sell prank fart sprays, when it comes to the product known to unleash the stinkiest smell, Liquid Ass takes the cake.

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