Would you ever make love to a sexbot? If not, you are definitely in the majority, at least today. According to a poll that was conducted by the Huffington Post and YouGov, 9 percent admitted they would bonk a sex robot. The survey was based on a sample of 1,000 Americans, of course, with the aim of even representation across age, sex, race and income. Today, we are going to talk about the small, but up and coming industry of sex robots. Although their development may seem like a very crazy idea today, in the coming decades, it is actually expected to grow into a huge business.

If you look into the evolution of robots over the last few decades, you may have noticed that scientists have made some significant progress in making them more human-like than ever before. Robots are on their way to becoming an important part of our world. It seems like they are all over the news these days. To extend the life of humans, scientists are currently working on creating technology that would enable one’s personality to be transferred to an advanced non-biological carrier. A robot surrogate (or avatar) may one day allow humans to actually become immortal.

Plus, if you take a trip to Japan, you get the opportunity to experience the world’s first robot hotel (expected to open on July 17, 2015). It will be run almost entirely by nothing but robots. Of course, that is not it. Robots may be on their way towards becoming a significant part of the sex lives of millions of men and women around the world. They may even become spouses of human beings.

Warning: The following content, video and images may be inappropriate and offensive to some readers.

TrueCompanion Vs. MacMil Cybernetics

Below we will discuss two known companies competing to create a sexbot capable of satisfying virtually anyone (males and females). All of the information is obtained from research and directly from the company websites. All of the below claims are made by the company (not by us).


TrueCompanionToday, there are very few companies working on creating robots that are capable of having sex with humans. claims to be the world’s first sex robot company. Douglas Hines is the founder. Due to loss of his close friend from the tragedies of 9/11, Hines was inspired in developing robotic android systems. The loss of his friend made him realize just how fragile life is.

However, instead of simply grieving his loss, Hines chose to take the negative experience and commit himself to creating an advanced android robot. A robot would not only look like a human being, but also have the capability of learning new information and communicating with others. Hines has been applying his knowledge in artificial intelligence, electrical engineering and robotics.

The Sexbot Called “Roxxxy”

RoxxxyThe current most popular sexbot is called “Roxxxy“. TrueCompanion has been designing her for many years­­­. The company claims to have spent between $500,000 and $1 million to develop Roxxxy. On January 9, 2010, the robot made its public debut (shown in below video) at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in Las Vegas. Now we will talk about the many things Roxxy can do.

What Can Roxxxy Do?

Features: Roxxxy is more than just a sex robot. Besides her always being turned on and ready to play, she can also talk, listen to you, and even feel your touch. Roxxxy can carry on a conversation and is even capable of knowing not only your name, but also your likes and dislikes. The company also claims she can also be your loving friend and even has the ability to express her love to you.

To make her even more realistic, Roxxxy is capable of having an orgasm. She is flexible and has lifelike skin. There is a pump installed in the robot that powers an internal liquid cooling system. She also has touch sensors that actually give her the ability to sense when she is being moved.

Height & Weight: Roxxxy stands at an average height of 5-foot-7 and weighs 120 pounds.

Price: If you are interested in buying Roxxxy, she doesn’t come at a cheap price. She is priced at $7,000 to $9,000. There is also a separate subscription fee, plus costs for shipping and handling.

Options To Customize Roxxxy

If you are a customer of TrueCompanion, you have the option to customize her personality to make it fit your own (as much as possible). Roxxxy has five different preloaded personalities you can choose from. There is “Wild Wendy“, “Mature Martha“, “Frigid Farah“, “S&M Susan” and “Young“.

If none of the above 5 personalities do not suit your needs (or if you become bored), you can simply build a profile of your own. To update her vocabulary, you can use a laptop (which would connect to the back by cables) and the internet. What is not only creepy, but gross, is the company actually allows you to trade personalities by swapping your sexbots with other people online.

You have an option to customize Roxxxy according to your personal preferences. TrueCompanion claims they can also customize her hair color, eye color, skin color, and ever her breast size.

Does TrueCompanion Have A Male Sexbot?

Sexbots can even be males. TrueCompanion launched their new product called “Rocky“. He is their male version of a sexbot. Like Roxxxy, he is said to also have the ability to talk and, of course play. He is well equipped and even has two inputs, which would allow him to please virtually anyone.

The Skeptics On Roxxxy

According to TrueCompanion owner Douglas Hines, the Roxxxy doll had collected approximately 4,000 pre-orders not long after she was revealed back in 2010. However, according to Wikipedia, there have been no actual customers who have ever surfaced with a Roxxxy doll. Interestingly, the public remains skeptical that any commercial Roxxxy robots have ever even been produced.

MacMil Cybernetics

MacMil CyberneticsJust like TrueCompanion, MacMil Cybernetics has also been spending years designing sex robots. They have been spent countless hours testing their products to provide the best user experience for their customers. They claim their life-size sexbots are lifelike and are designed to do the job.

Susie Software

Susie SoftwareSusie Software is the name given to the female sexbot created by MacMil Cybernetics. They are currently working on a new model with an improved appearance and movement. It is also said to have new operation functions. Like TrueCompanion, MacMil Cybernetics also makes male robots.

What Can Susie Software Do?

Features: Susie Software is manually positionable. She has great flexibility that slightly exceeds that of a human. Touch sensor activation and/or a radio remote control is used to control motions. Susie Software was designed with the type of movements that are needed to perform sexual acts.

Susie has a specially formulated synthetic platinum based silicone skin. Like TrueCompanion, customers have the option to customize her. The skin is removable, allowing you to change the way she looks. Customers can buy another skin that has a different color (including features).

Height & Weight: We were unable to find her height. She weighs approximately 40 to 45 lbs. According to the company owner, he doesn’t want to make her weight any lighter. The reason is because although she is light and easy to move around, with less weight, realism begins to lessen.

Price: MacMil Cybernetics does not sell their products for cheap. Their sex robots range from $6,000 to $11,299 (plus shipping and handling). The price depends on 4 possible upgrade options.

The Male: Harry Harddrive

Sex robots having sex

Harry Harddrive and Susie Software.

The male sexbot version for MacMil Cybernetics is Harry Harddrive. Like Susie Software, Harry is said to also have the ability to talk and, of course, play around. The company is currently looking for an actress to demonstrate Harry Harddrive. So far, it looks like there are no volunteers yet.

The company website of MacMil Cybernetics shows video of exactly how both Harry and Susie work.

Is Having Sex With A Robot Considered Cheating?

a sex robot

RealDoll example” by Robotman1974 is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The RealDoll (above) is a life-size sex doll. Although she is just a doll, if you caught your partner having sex with her, would you consider it cheating? Perhaps with a sexbot (which is of course, more realistic), the answer for many more would be yes. Of course, it depends on the individual.

The Future Of Humanoid Sexbots

The Future Of SexbotsDavid Levy is an intelligence researcher at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. Levy forecasts that by the time we reach 2050, humans will not only be falling in love with sexbots, but also marrying them. According to a UK survey, 1 in 5 people (2,000 were surveyed) said they would have sex with a robot. Perhaps part of the reason may be because they cannot acquire any sexually transmitted diseases from robot sex. It’s safe, and of course, there are no strings attached.

What About Bots That Are More Advanced And Realistic?

It is quite possible that robots may not only take the place of a spouse, but they could potentially also take the place of prostitutes. However, it probably wouldn’t look like the type of sexbots from TrueCompanion and MacMil Cybernetics. The reason is because they would probably look a lot more like a real human being than a doll. As technology advances, there will be more upgrades.

The rise of sexbots has made others want to make them even better. RealDoll and Hanson Robotics are partnering to develop a robot that looks incredibly close to a real human. The venture is called Realbotix. The ultimate goal is to endow the RealDoll line of sex figurines with some animation that would transform them from simple mannequins to full on androids. These robots will have the capability of following commands and verbally responding to the user. They will have animatronic heads and will be capable of blinking, sticking out their tongues and even opening their mouths suggestively. These advanced robots will also be using a mobile app and a virtual reality headset.

Realbotix founder Matt McMullen (also CEO of RealDoll) is still years away from creating this very advanced robot that is capable of humanlike movement and conversation. Of course we may be many years away from creating a type of robot that can have various feelings like human beings.

How Much Are These Advanced Dolls Going To Cost?

If you thought TrueCompanion and MacMil Cybernetics charged a lot for their robots, just wait until you hear the price Realbotix will be charging. According to a post on, the Realbotix head alone is expected to cost around $10,000 and will be commercially available in 2 years. McMullen will soon be developing the full body, which is said to likely cost from around $30,000 to $60,000.


Now that you know a little bit about sex robots, are you one of the very few who would actually be interested in having sex with one? If you are, you may be a very small number today, but in the next few decades, these sophisticated toys may be just as accepted as the most popular adult toys today. They may even be more popular than the most common toys (such as vibrators and sex dolls) we see today in the adult entertainment industry. Whether you think the toy is a great idea, or very stupid, it looks like the future of sex for millions of people will likely involve a sexbot.