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Here we will share some of the most eerie facts about the cosmos.  It is crucial for scientists to always keep an eye on the weather in space.  They are already aware of the many potential dangers that can strike our Earth at any time.  Proper preparation for a disaster can possibly save all life on the planet from extinction.


Perhaps our biggest threat is an asteroid strike.  We are already coming up with ways to avert one from making its way to Earth.  However, asteroids are just one of the many other possible space weather threats.  Our post goes in to great detail regarding threats, scenarios, mysteries as well as the strange and frightening facts about the massive cosmos.

Orion Nebula - Hubble 2006 Mosaic

Bizarre Facts Of The Eerie Cosmos

Most of us are not aware of the potential threats that can come from deep space.  In this post, we will discuss bizarre facts and theories about the vast and eerie cosmos.  Although not all space activities are threatening, they are certainly fascinating and can also be very elusive.   Some of them may seem like something straight from a science fiction movie.

Over the years, the definition for the term “cosmos” has gotten an additional meaning. Previously, the term was defined as a complex and orderly system in complete harmony.  It was originally a Greek word meaning both “order” and “world”.  This is because the ancient Greeks had previously thought the world was in perfect harmony and order. read more