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Zombie Videos For Zombie Lovers

This is a collection of gruesome zombie videos from a variety of websites. The majority of the following links were found on YouTube. Warning: Content may be too gory for some viewers.

 Crazy Footage Of The Living Dead

zombie silhouette

Night of the Living Dead Trailer

Night of the Living Dead trailer

The above link takes you to the trailer for Night of the Living Dead. This American independent horror film premiered on October 1, 1968, on a budget of just $114,000. These were the days when bloodthirsty zombies in the entertainment business were eating human flesh, not brains. The concept of zombies devouring human brains came straight from the cult classic below.

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Julia Pastrana

Julia Pastrana: The Ape Woman

While records related to the birth of Julia Pastrana are somewhat blurred, it is likely that she was born on the Sierra Madre’s Western slopes of Mexico. It is believed that she was born in the year 1834. At that time, her physical characteristics of thick lips, wide ears and excessive hair growth caused great confusion: Some individuals theorized that she was the offspring of a human and an ape, a bear or a baboon, which led to her nicknames, ‘The Bear Woman,’ ‘The Baboon Lady’ and ‘The Ape Woman.’

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dragon lady

Dragon Lady: A Transformation From Human To Reptile

A former banker from Maricopa County, Arizona, has taken extreme measures to transform from human to the “Dragon Lady.” He was born Richard Hernandez, but now is transgender. She goes by the name of Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa — or Tiamat for short, which is the name of a character in a dragon video game. Tiamat likes to describe herself as a mythical beast.

A List Of Medusa’s Alterations And Dragon Features

dragon by Vittore Carpaccio

Dragon Features

Stained green sclera (the white part of the eye), which Tiamat calls her “Medusa green eyes of death.”

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death videos

Death Videos You Won’t Want To Watch Twice

Here is our collection of death videos from a variety of sites around the Web. The deceased lost their lives by either murder, suicide, or an accident. The 3 subcategories contain screenshots and of course, links that take you to some of the most horrific and scariest video clips online.

Warning: This post contains material that may be too disturbing for some viewers. The owners of the web pages in the following list require their viewers to be at least 18 years old.


Terror Attack In Nice, France: BestGore.com/murder/truck-plow-crowd-nice-france

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lady with four legs

Myrtle Corbin: A Freak With Four Legs

Myrtle Corbin (May 12, 1868 – May 6, 1928) was born with a severe congenital deformity that left her with four legs and the duplication of her sexual organs. Despite her very unusual deformity, she certainly lived her life to the fullest. At the young age of just 13, Corbin started her successful career in sideshows. She later went on to get married and have her own children.

For a similar story, read our post called Francesco Lentini: The Man With Three Legs.

Corbin’s Incredibly Rare Conditon

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