Turkeys Circling A Dead Cat: Experts Weigh In

On March 2, 2017, something really bizarre happened. Jonathan Davis is just an ordinary man from Massachusetts. While on his way to work, he saw something very unusual. Luckily, he was able record it and post it on his Twitter page. The shocking footage in his tweet quickly captivated the Internet. This crazy story has been shared on many popular news websites.

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Frank The Robotic Man

Frank: The World’s First Bionic Man

I may be disclosing my age here, but does anyone remember the series The Six-Million Dollar Man? If not, here is a refresher for you (or a bit of information to fill you in on what you missed): NASA Astronaut Steve Austin (who was wonderfully portrayed by Lee Majors), was severely injured during a crash. He was ‘rebuilt’ in an operation costing a whopping $6 million (hence the name of the series). All in all, Austin received bionic legs, a left eye and a right arm.

These bionic implants substantially increased his ability to perform certain tasks: his limbs were as powerful as a bulldozer, his eye had infrared capabilities and a 20:1 zoom lens, he could also run up to 60 mph. He uses all of these enhanced abilities working as a Secret Agent for the Office of Scientific Intelligence. Well, Mr. Austin, there is a new Bionic Man in town, and he is a robot named Frank (short for Frankenstein). Yes, I am referring to this robot as a ‘he, him’ because, well, he does have a masculine name after all.

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People Who Got Rich Selling Weird Stuff

5 Weird Ways People Have Become Ridiculously Rich Selling Weird Stuff

Making money hasn’t gotten to be so much fun like it has in the 21st century. People have gone out of their way to make products that have been questioned for sanity, but yet are making insane amount of money.

I went through the internet some days ago to check the most insane ways people have tried to become rich. I found some weird products people created that were making them millions.

Some of them simply discovered a new weird way to do stuff and money started following from there. Some of these ideas surprisingly turned the owners into millionaires and in extreme cases billionaires.

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5 Freaks You Won’t Believe Are Human

You are about to meet 5 people you won’t believe are human. Their extreme abnormalities turn the heads of anyone who gets near them. Due to their significant differences, they have earned fame. In addition to their bizarre appearance, they also struggle with physical disabilities. Interestingly, some have a condition that is unique and puzzling to scientists.

1. Sorence Owiti Opiyo: A Man With A Penis That’s Larger Than A Infant

Sorence Owiti Opiyo Kenya man Sorence Owiti Opiyo has a penis that is 10 times bigger than average. The tip is extremely deformed. At the young age of ten, Opiyo developed a bizarre disease that has no name. At first it started out as what appeared to be a boil that wouldn’t stop growing. Then, surgery was performed to reduce the swelling. Unfortunately, it was only a temporary fix.

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Sexbots are coming soon

Sexbots Become Reality In 2017/18

For the first time ever, sexbots will be equipped with their own personality. Thanks to an advanced artificial intelligence system designed by RealDoll (a sex doll manufacturer), the robot’s personality is customized by the user. RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen says the AI app was engineered so his users can develop an emotional attachment to their sex robots.

The image in our poll is not of a real woman. It is a realistic-looking doll manufactured by RealDoll.

Would You Have Sex With A Sexbot?

Yes. I definitely would! I’m not sure. No way. Never!

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