Sexbots are coming soon

Sexbots Become Reality In 2017/18

For the first time ever, sexbots will be equipped with their own personality. Thanks to an advanced artificial intelligence system designed by RealDoll (a sex doll manufacturer), the robot’s personality is customized by the user. RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen says the AI app was engineered so his users can develop an emotional attachment to their sex robots.

Would You Have Sex With A Sexbot?

Yes. I definitely would! I’m not sure. No way. Never!

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The Early Days

Back in June of 2015, we covered this fascinating topic and also covered the details on two companies who were competing to create a robot that can pleasure both women and men.

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Donald Trump doppelganger

The Top 5 Donald Trump Doppelgangers Shared On Twitter

They say there are 7 people in the world who look exactly like you. The world population is now over 7 billion. That means there is roughly one doppelganger per every one billion. Unless you use advanced technology to find your twin, you’ll probably never meet any of the 7. When it comes to President Donald Trump’s doppelgangers, you don’t need any special technology to find them. We already found them on social media. We created a list of the top 5 Donald Trump doppelgangers shared on Twitter. And one of his lookalikes is not a human.

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mud cracks on Mars

Mud Cracks on Mars: A Possible Sign of Ancient Alien Life?

If you asked a scientist what the basic building block of life is, the answer would be water. Therefore, when NASA’s Curiosity Rover recently found evidence suggesting that the Red Planet (Mars) was not always completely dry, thoughts of previous life forms come to mind.

Evidence of Ancient Lakes

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In 2012, the Curiosity Rover landed close to an area officially named Aeolis Mons: An area that is now referred to as Mount Sharp (named after Professor Robert P. Sharp, 1911-2004). Since landing in 2012, the rover has continued moving around the planet. In 2014, the rover reached the base of Mount Sharp, at which point scientists realized that the evidence the rover gathered may suggest that Martian lakes were full of life. While the Curiosity Rover had already found evidence suggesting that lakes existed on Mars’ older, lower-lying layers of rock, these more recent photos show evidence of desiccation cracks (ancient mud cracks).

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Websites That Kill Boredom

100 Weird Websites To Help Kill Your Boredom

You want something fun to help cure your boredom? This is a list of 100 weird websites designed for pure entertainment purposes. Some of the web pages are so bizarre, you may not believe they really exist. For your convenience, we made this long list easy to navigate.

Internet Live Stats (ILS) is a site that reveals Web activity around the world each second. As of early January 2017, there were well over 1 billion total websites on the Internet. What a huge place to find all of the web pages that our viewers would find strange. That’s why we spent many days of thorough research to find the most unusual stuff you will ever see.

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Zip the Pinhead

Zip the Pinhead

In 1842, William Henry Johnson (aka Zip the Pinhead) was born into a destitute African-American family. His parents were Mahalia and William Johnson, both of which were former slaves. William was one of six children. His unique physical characteristics would soon become very beneficial for the Johnson family.

Although the rest of William’s body grew as expected, his head seemed to remain the same. With a tapered cranium and heavy jaw, he caught the eye of agents from a circus in Somerville, New Jersey. His unique characteristics led to many believing he was microcephalic, frequently referred to as a ‘pinhead.’

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