lady with four legs

Myrtle Corbin: A Freak With Four Legs

Myrtle Corbin (May 12, 1868 – May 6, 1928) was born with a severe congenital deformity that left her with four legs and the duplication of her sexual organs. Despite her very unusual deformity, she certainly lived her life to the fullest. At the young age of just 13, Corbin started her successful career in sideshows. She later went on to get married and have her own children.

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Corbin’s Incredibly Rare Conditon

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"ADAM-in-Blab-LA-ZOMBIE" by Arno roca' s eyes is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Cannibalism Cases From Around The World

This is a gruesome article on cases of cannibalism from various parts of the world. Some of the information contained here may shock you. After reading these cases, you may be in disbelief. Today you will meet some people who shouldn’t even be called “human beings.” Instead, they should be called “zombies” who will devour the flesh and internal organs of the dead.

Warning: The following material may be too disturbing for some viewers.

What Is Cannibalism?

Saturn Devouring His Son has the definition of cannibalism as the eating of human flesh by another human being. When a person practices cannibalism (regardless of the reason), they are called a cannibal.

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Nikki Catsouras

Nikki Catsouras – Porsche Girl

Nikki Catsouras (March 4, 1988 – October 31, 2006) was a beautiful young woman who lost her life in a horrific car accident. Extremely disturbing photographs of her mutilated body quickly leaked and spread on many websites where she was dubbed “Porsche Girl.” Unfortunately for her family, Catsouras’ death photos are some of the most famous car crash photos of all time.

Warning: Some of the material contained in this post may be too disturbing for some viewers.

Before The Accident

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Sam Alexander

Sam Alexander – The Man with Two Faces

While some individuals are born with unique characteristics and others use body modification procedures to create themselves a unique persona, the man with two faces, Sam Alexander, was born an average man whose unique characteristics were the result of a personal disaster.

Sam Alexander – An Ordinary Man Becomes, Extraordinary

Alexander had aspirations of becoming an actor, so in his 20’s he began to pursue a career in show business. He was promoted to Chicago’s Shubert Theatre and his career path began to take shape. While the details are somewhat vague, Sam ultimately sustained injuries due to an explosion. It is said the explosion occurred due to his own carelessness. Instinctively, Sam saved his eyes by covering the upper portion of his face with his arm; however, his lower face bore the brunt of the blast. Unfortunately, Sam’s horror story continued: The burns around his lips and lower face became infected. The infection was so severe that doctors had no choice but to remove the majority of his lower face. The removal of his lips and skin left him with a gruesome appearance, which included a horrifying teeth-gnashing grimace.

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liquid ass

Liquid Ass Stories That Will Crack You Up

If you are looking for the perfect prank product, you won’t regret buying a bottle of Liquid Ass. Today we are going to share three funny stories on this unbelievably disgusting fart spray. Also, if you are interested in actually purchasing this product online, we have included some links.

A Product Designed To Create The Worst Smell Imaginable

stinky fart spray

It all started with two guys who hated their jobs. Creators Allen Wittman and Andrew Masters decided it was time to start their own company. They followed their dreams and created the stinkiest fart prank spray in the world. It didn’t take long for them to come up with the name “Liquid Ass.” Indeed, their idea worked so well, they are now rich. Their odd invention quickly took off and became a huge success. Today, Wittman is the CEO, and Masters is the Turd Artist.

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