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100 Weird Websites To Cure Your Boredom


So you want to find something fun to help cure your boredom? This is a list with 100 weird websites designed for pure entertainment purposes. Some of the web pages are so bizarre, you may not believe they really exist. For your convenience, we made this long list easy to navigate.

In September of 2014, the number of websites online passed a billion. The count was estimated and announced by Internet Live Stats, and tweeted by Tim Berners-Lee — the inventor of the World Wide Web. As of September of 2020, the number of websites reached over 1.8 billion.

Some of the following sites may not work properly on all devices. If you have any issues, try a desktop.


Do to the large number of websites, this list has been divided into ten separate categories. Each contains a minimum of 2 links that take you directly to the site shared.

Click any of the links below to jump to each category.

Totally Useless

Online Dating

Crazy URLs



Cool And Interactive

Creepy Places

Too Scary To Visit Twice

Unusual Web Stores

Enjoy 25 More Bizarre Places To Kill Some Time

Totally Useless

all day doing nothing


Nothing but a pair of legs that you can adjust.


At the Fried Chicken Simulator, you can easily make an empty bucket of fried chicken legs multiply. Each click adds another piece of chicken. Of course, there’s nothing else to it.


Watch some random and stupid GIFs of goats. If you click anywhere on your screen, you will get a different GIF. Or, you can simply sit back and after one is complete, another one will pop up. With the click of a button towards the top right corner of your screen, you also have the opportunity to copy and paste a embedded random goat code to your social media pages.


See an adorable kitten sitting in a doughnut as it creates a bunch of rainbows on your screen. Each time you click on the doughnut, the frosting will change.


A pointless site with funny cat GIFs. Click the “Show me another cat” button to get another GIF.


If you visit Ducks Are The Best,  you can use your cursor to make ducks quickly multiply.


Toilet paper you can roll down to nothing. Then, click anywhere and you will get a new roll.


Another web page designed to make something multiply. This one is an error message in Internet Explorer. It doesn’t take much time for your screen to be covered with it.


Another web page that offers nothing to its viewers. Well, nothing besides a silly hippo song.


Does Football Matter? According to this place, it doesn’t.

Online Dating

Vampire Passions

11.  Vampire

A dating site just for vampires and vampire lovers. Includes vampire chat, vampire message boards and email. Members get to connect with others who enjoy the same blood type you do.


Write to inmates across the United States. You have the option to view a large list of male or female inmates. Each have an image and a personal ad. Under their photo is a mailing address for those interested in writing directly to them.


Dating for those into paranormal phenomena. They say it doesn’t matter whether it’s astrology, vampires, contacting the dead, zombies or aliens. The company was featured in Cosmopolitan.


Here you can find sexy midget singles in your area.


They call it “Mustache Dating.” Stache Passions is for singles with a passion for mustaches.


A free dating website strictly for chocolate lovers.


If you smoke weed and are looking to hook up with a stoner, then this is the service for you.


A dating service that says they have millions of aesthetically average members.


This is probably one of the most popular dating sites with the word “ugly” in the domain name. The catch is that if you are good-looking, other members will vote you out of the site.


They claim to be the leading dating network for nothing but beautiful men and women.

For a list with more wacky dating sites, click here.

Crazy URLs

bizarre picture 21.

One of the craziest URLs online. Each page has a “Enter” link that leads to more bizarre stuff.


Hit the Instant No Button and hear Darth Vader say “Nooooooooooooooo.”


Enter and become a squirrel. He will do nothing besides shoot with a laser gun.


Your screen is filled with the slang term: WTF.


Funny pictures of Fonzie from the TV show “Happy Days.”


Universe People

The official site of the crazy UFO religion from the Czech Republic. Universe People is a new (1990s) wacky religion. Learn more at their interesting website, and the above YouTube video.


Have a live one-on-one conversation with God.


A place for Christian married couples to “safely” shop for sex toys and other intimacy products. In this store, there is no nudity, pornography or degrading images.

At the bottom of the homepage they have a message that says: “We care MORE about honoring Jesus & your marriage than your $$$.”


The Temple of the True Inner Light is a very unusual organization. They believe psychedelics are the true Flesh of God. Some of the psychedelics they list include Marijuana, LSD, Peyote and psilocybin mushrooms.


The official website of a new bizarre religion called Happy Science. The 60-year-old founder (Ryuho Okawa) claims to be the incarnation of the supreme spiritual being called El Cantare.


bouncing Trump


Add as many Donald Trump heads as you want. You can also choose the size for each.


Drop multiple Donald Trump dumplings into a steamer (click on the “one more” button). Every time the Trumpling lands, you get a Donald Trump quote. If you want to start all over again, hit the “Get Em Outta Here” button and the Trumplings will disappear.

If you click on the button titled “endorse,” Sarah Palin’s head will join Trump in the steamer.  Just like the Trumplings, you will get a Palin quote each time she lands.


Bernie Sanders is all over the place. That is, his head, or heads.


A hilarious national conversation with silly texts between Hillary Clinton and other politicians.


Find out where all the dead politicians are buried.

Cool And Interactive

Way To Go


Enjoy the experience of virtual reality with the fun 2015 interactive film Way to Go. While you walk through the woods, you will see some cool animation and 360-degree VR.


Another fun and interactive film. Explore strange worlds with interesting creatures and objects.


Talk about insane objects. Go on an adventure with what appears to be some sort of a weird-looking robot.


From the same creator of Metaphors Of Infinity. A similar style with a human-like robot.


Paint some nails using a variety of different designs.


See a collection of confusing random GIFs (click anywhere anytime to see more) while you hear some music.


A world with salmon and the song Waterfalls by TLC. Use your cursor to move the fish in various directions.


Create your own mix using a band of beatboxers. Then you can save it and earn a shot at the Top 50.


Finally! A virtual bubble wrap machine that lets you pop bubbles as long as you want.


Draw a custom stick figure on a mission to survive an unpredictable environment. If you want to live, follow their instructions. Have fun drawing!


Create easy colorful art at Jackson Pollock. Great for fans of abstract art.


Barry Martin’s Hopalong Orbits Visualizer is like a planetarium in the comfort of your own home. The big difference is that you are in control, not the projector.


An extremely odd interactive music clip. It doesn’t get much eerier than this.

Before you visit the next two sites, check out these amazing images on You won’t believe your eyes.


Check out the amazing graphics on They describe their site as the “infinitely zooming image.”


See more awesome graphics and another crazy-looking world on Zoomquilt Part 2.

Creepy Places

Warning: The next two categories contain sites with disturbing content.


Here is a shop where you can find a huge selection of serial killer memorabilia. They claim to be the leading and most popular true crime collectibles company in the world. The site was featured on National Geographic’s Taboo TV series. They were also interviewed and profiled by popular news networks CNN, NBC and FOX News.

All signed items come with a certificate of authenticity.


Family Tree Now is a free service that knows everything about you and your family. They get data from public records. What’s frightening is that it is easy for anyone to obtain information such as your age, date of birth and even the last several addresses where you received mail.

Entering Family Tree Now

What makes this particular service even more scary is that there is no fee or registration required to use it. If someone wanted to look you up, all they would need is your first name, last name, city and state. The good thing is that your information can also be taken off the website. With a few simple steps and a 48 hour wait, your data can be completely removed.


So you’re interested in a home but first want to know if someone died in it? This is a web-based service that will tell you if anyone has died at any valid address in the United States.


Upload an image of anyone and create an evil face.


A list of famous people that died. Includes dead musicians, actors, politicians, scientists and even criminals.


Links to images of dead celebrities.


Thanks to live webcams, you can see footage of places and people from all over the world.


Pictures and videos of spotted ghosts from everyday people.


Write a message using an amputated finger. Then send your gory message to a friend.


Get access to lots of disturbing horror fiction that has been passed around the Web.

Too Scary To Visit Twice

Comic Naver
61. Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

A spooky animated comic strip/horror story about a ghost on a mission to find her lost baby. At the top of the page is a Warning Message (please read before you proceed) for pregnant women, the elderly, and also for those who suffer from any type of serious medical condition.


A huge collection with some of the most disturbing and controversial content around. Users upload their own videos.


A reality news website with articles, images and videos showing real life gore. Some of the categories include Execution, War In Iraq, Torture, Murder, Road Accidents and much more.


A website similar to Best Gore. They have many shocking uncensored videos which contain real footage of murders, brutal acts of terrorism, horrific accidents and other scary stuff.


Uncensored news with lots of graphic videos and images. Here you will get the latest on deadly terrorist organizations (such as ISIS) and other breaking news around the world.


More uncensored videos that show real fights, accidents, robberies, shootings and more.


Probably the sickest and saddest site on this list. Dead Baby belongs on the deep web.


Images of real suicide victims. Click on any face and you will get a birthdate, date of death and a “Our Remembrance” section from friends and family of the victim.


Answer some questions and find out when you will die. They use a lifespan calculator that uses published global life expectancy statistics.


Another place with questions that determine your death date. They claim the results are accurate.­­­­

Unusual Web Stores

my face on a figure


A web store where you can actually create an action figure of yourself (includes a variety of styles). There is also an option to purchase 3D printed custom figure heads.


A shopping search engine. Hit the “Please” button to see a random odd product on Amazon.     


A web magazine with many links to some of the strangest items on the Internet. Some products include odd gadgets, unique gifts, geeky stuff, kids stuff and ridiculous.


A store that sells real extracted human tooth specimens.


Liquid Ass is said to be the smelliest prank product in the world. In addition to fart sprays, they also sell other products such as fake dog poop and fake human poop with corn and hair.

Enjoy 25 More Bizarre Places To Kill Some Time

He-Man Sings


A video with He-Man singing the song by 4 Non Blondes (released in June of 1993) called “What’s Up.”

On May 5, 2018, we updated the link for #76. If you search for to the web page called “,” you will see that it no longer exists. Since it is now dead, the above link will take you to a YouTube video of it.

77. PeopleOfWalmart/Featured-Creature

You’ve probably heard of People Of Walmart. This link takes you to their hilarious category called “Featured Creature.” These pictures will make you laugh your butt off!


If you liked the website called (which is no longer active), you will love Boob Critic is a place for women to share amateur pictures of their natural breasts. A few of their categories include Top 10 Boobs, Random Boobs and Big Natural Boobs.

For women who are interested in sending an amateur pic of their boobs, you can go to their “Submit Boobs” page and upload it. For men who visit this place, there is a large collection of images you can view. Using a system of one to five stars, you could rate any image you want.


Rate real images of nasty poop. You can also upload pictures of your own poop.


One of the most disgusting websites you will ever visit. ShockChan is a shock site with a collection of shock videos and pictures.


Famous and crazy viral videos. They recommend that you are high while you browse their site.


A room with a TV, furniture, a lighter, some beer and a pipe. Listen to music from the DVD menu. Some of the 12 movies include Harry Potter 3, Terminator 2 and Punch Drunk Love.


A user-generated web page with penis slang terms.


Black People Love Us is based on a fictional white couple that is loved by black people.


Big 3D eyeballs that will multiply. Now this is what they call a “trippy web page.”


Use a global faces database with 150 million faces to help you find your doppelganger.


An odd, but fun way to learn hundreds of words in 21 different languages. Includes 5 games.


If there was a top 10 for the strangest page on this list, SuperBad would be in it. The random graphics are out of this world!


Click on any of the black and red rectangles and make them shrink.


Pick between 3 types of gum. Then, type whatever you want. What you get is the words you typed in gum.

The next ten sites include 10 strange apps (for kids and adults) you will want to check out.

91. iSwap Faces — Link:

Create your own images with swapped faces of you, your friends and family. Absolutely hilarious.

92. Morfo 3D Face Booth — Link:

Make a 3D character of your friends, family, celebrities, yourself, your pet or any object you choose.

93. Photo Warp — Link:

Have a blast creating the funniest and craziest photos you can imagine. The app allows you to not only create funny caricatures, but also GIFs.

94. FatBooth — Link:

Similar to the app called “Fatify.” See what you or your friends would look like with fat faces.

95. Ugly Booth — Link:

Get before and after views of your face transforming into an “ugly” version of your face. After views show you with funny-looking features and lots of acne.

96. AgingBooth — Link:

If you really want to know what you will look like as an old man or woman, try AgingBooth.

97.  Real Ghost Detector — Link:

An app that claims to give the user a way to actually measure electromagnetic field radiation levels. You can also get the advanced version called Real Ghost Detector PRO (for free).

98. Scare Your Friends – Joke! — Link:

An app for people who want to scare the crap out of their friends. Choose a frightening picture and spooky sound. Then, set up a specific time to scare your friend.

99. Scary Prank Halloween — Link:

A Halloween app that is designed to look like a game, but is actually a scary prank.

100. Monster Photo Booth — Link:

Turn yourself into a terrifying monster. You can choose from various noses, ears, wounds and even spiders. You also have the option to alter the facial features and objects.

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Every day, just as many sites are launched around the Web, there are also many that are taken down. When a weird one is here and gone, good thing there will always be plenty of webmasters with the drive to create more of the strangest stuff the world has ever seen.

Since sites come and go, we will periodically check this page to make sure there are no dead links. The last thing we want to do is send you to a URL that doesn’t exist. We will remove any inactive website, and replace it with another one that is just as good — or even better.

If 100 weird websites wasn’t enough for you, there are plenty more on this Reddit page.