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10 Deformed People

In this post, we will provide fascinating information about 10 deformed people. Although some acquire human deformities at birth, trauma or disease, others will make it a fashion. We will talk about 6 people with no control over their abnormalities and 4 who have deliberately developed their own deformation process. In a previous post, we talked about how animals can have various malformations. Of course, all of the animals had acquired their unique differences involuntarily.

Although people will often get laughed at for their noticeable differences, fortunately, it doesn’t prevent all of them from giving up on their lives. Some will simply ignore the stares and laughs from other people. They may look different from others, but it doesn’t make them less human.

We are first going to cover human deformities present at birth, and acquired from disease or trauma.

Human Deformities: Birth, Trauma And Disease

Deformity Of The Face: Eye Proptosis

Eye proptosis is defined as a condition where the eye is in forward displacement and entrapment (caused by direct pressure on a single nerve) from behind the eyelids. It is common in dogs. A dog  can acquire proptosis from head trauma and too much pressure applied to the front of the neck

Although proptosis is more common in dogs, occasionally humans can also acquire it. However, unlike dogs, humans can acquire the condition from natural causes at birth. It has also been seen in association with Graves’ disease. It can also be a sign of a disorder called Erdheim-Chester disease.

Of course, proptosis is a condition nobody would ever want to have. However, people have attempted to break a Guinness World Record for “eye-popping”. A woman by the name of Kim Goodman is the current world record holder. She extended her globes 12mm out of her sockets.

The seventeen-year-old woman in the black and white photograph above clearly has the condition of proptosis, along with other deformities of the face. Her rare condition is of congenital origin.

Congenital Deformity Of The Nose

The above 1899 photograph is of a six-year-old girl. She had a congenital deformity of the nose. It is clearly a peculiar malformation. Although the nose looks highly challenging to repair, with the advanced techniques we have today, a rhinoplasty surgery can potentially correct the deformity.

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Multiple Deformities: A Child Born From Parents That Were First Cousins

Deformed Baby

A child born from parents who are first cousins.

This baby had a very rare disorder called Roberts syndrome. It is caused by the mutation of the ESCO2 gene located on human chromosome 8. It affects both males and females. About half of the individuals will suffer with mild to severe retardation. The disorder is characterized by a disruption of cell division, which eventually leads to malformations of the limbs and the face. Unfortunately, the mortality rate for this extremely rare condition is very high with severely affected patients.

The child in the image has a double cleft lip and palate, protrusion of the intermaxillary portion of the upper jaw and extremely poor development of the bones of all four limbs. Born to the parents of first cousins, the child had belonged to a family where intermarrying would often took place.

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Sirenomelia: The Mermaid Syndrome

Human Deformities

Sirenomelia” by Stanislav Kozlovskiy is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Sirenomelia (also known as Mermaid Syndrome) is rare congenital deformity. It is a very rare medical condition and is also exceedingly peculiar. The exact cause is still unknown. The majority of the cases occur randomly for no obvious reasons. Because the legs are fused together, it gives an appearance of a mermaid’s tail. We mentioned this extremely rare deformity in a previous post on human abnormalities. The above image shows a close-up view of a child who had Sirenomelia.

Sirenomelia is so rare that has only seen in approximately one out of every 100,000 live births. For identical twins, the condition is 100 times more likely to occur than singleton or fraternal twins. Unfortunately, due to the severe complications associated with abnormal kidney and urinary bladder development, the child will die within just one or two days of their birth. Over half of the cases of sirenomelia will result in stillbirths. However, amazingly there were three patients that had survived with sirenomelia past their birth. Their incredible survival was due to the fact that they did not have the usual kidney and bladder complications generally caused by the deformity.

Hand Deformity Due To X-Ray Burns

This is a deformity of the hand and was not congenital. It was accident that was caused by x-ray burns. X-rays were first discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (1845-1923). In its early days of use, people would often get radiation burns. This is because the x-rays were not shielded.

Swan Neck Deformity

A Swan neck deformity is actually not a condition of the neck that connects the head to the body. It is a deformed position of the finger. The joint that is located closest to the fingertip is permanently bent toward the palm. The joint that is situated closest to the palm is actually bent away from it.

The Swan neck deformity is a common cause of injury as well as inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. It can also be hereditary and has been seen in Ehlers–Danlos syndrome (EDS).

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Deformation For The Purpose Of Fashion

Neck Rings For Beauty

Neck rings are a form of stiff jewellery. In many cultures, they are often used as an ornament and are worn by both females and males. Elongated necks are often looked at as a form of beauty.

Why Do Neck Rings Make A Neck Look Long?

Although it appears that one can get an elongated neck from neck rings, this is untrue. The neck rings will push the collarbone and ribs down and due to the weight of the rings, the collarbone is forced to twist. Also, the upper ribs will eventually be at an angle that is 45 degrees lower than normal. This is what will create the illusion that the neck is elongated. Although the vertebrae do not elongate, as the intervertebral discs absorb liquid, the space between them may increase.

Stretched Labret Piercings

A labret piercing (often referred to as a lip piercing) is when a small object (such as a designed barbell or stone) is inserted directly into a perforation that is usually located in the middle of the lower lip. In some cultures, it is considered an ornament. As you can see from the image above, the Ethiopian woman has a large labret piercing. Does she look extremely uncomfortable to you?

Stretched Nostril Piercings

Stretched Nostril Piercings

Apatani Lady” by Sumantbarooah is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

This is an image of an Apatani woman from India. It is apparent that she stretched out her nostrils with piercings. It is not uncommon to see people from various tribes with stretched piercings and lots of jewelery. Even in the United States, stretched piercings are becoming a very popular trend.

Stretching The Ears And Its Consequences

If you are going to make any cosmetic change to your body, it is crucial that you know it is what you will want to have even decades later. If you are not careful, you may later face consequences.

Doctors have warned young people that if they choose to stretch their ears past approximately a half an inch, the ears are unable to shrink back to normal on their own. If you happen to stretch your ear too far and you no longer like it, your only option to correct it would be an operation.

Implants And Pointy Elf Ears

Elf Ears

Woman with implants, piercings and elf ears.

The above image shows a woman who deliberately made a few transformations to her facial features. She had a surgical procedure (known as ear pointing surgery) so she can have elf ears.

The ear shaping surgery is said to be extremely painful and once it is all completed, there is no turning back. Although it is irreversible, there are many people that prefer the elf-like look. The woman above also has a couple of subdermal implants that are located at the top of her forehead.

Subdermal Implants

Subdermal Implant

Implant” by Nicor is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Subdermal implants are becoming an extremely popular trend. These type of implants are body modifications that some people combine with other types of body modifications (such as piercings and tattoos) to create a desired alter of their anatomy. Body jewelry is placed underneath the skin to create a raised design of virtually any shape. It looks like this trend is going to continue to grow.

Final Words

You probably know or have at least met one person who suffers with a severe deformity. You may see how differently they are treated from others in their daily lives. Hopefully, you treat them just like anyone else. They didn’t ask to have their deformities. People who do not possess any kind of abnormal condition are no better than any of the 10 deformed people we mentioned in this post.

Some people deliberately create their own human deformities. They will often take big steps to create their desired look. They will even make a complete transformation with the help of surgical procedures. Of course, some will find their transformations to be too extreme and controversial. However, it makes them feel complete and also gives them opportunities to work at freak shows. If you know of anyone with malformations (even for fashion purposes), please share in comments.

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