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5 Kids With Extreme Abnormalities


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) estimates that an average of 353,000 babies are born each day. Unfortunately, some of those babies will have unwanted birth defects, and other serious medical conditions that will cause them to look different from most children.

Today we will meet 5 kids with abnormalities you won’t believe actually exist. While most were born with a rare abnormality, there is one kid who gradually acquired his freakish appearance.

Types Of Anomalies In Children

  1. Eli Thompson

    Eli Thompson

    (screenshot of Eli Thompson from

    Eli Thompson was a two-year-old boy from Alabama. He was born with a very rare condition called congenital arhinia. There have been under 50 cases reported in the history of modern medicine. The facial anomaly results in the partial or complete absence of the nose at birth. The cause is unknown, and patients may be treated with surgical intervention.

    Thompson had no external nose, nasal cavity or sense of smell. When he was an infant, he struggled to breathe during feedings. In order to alleviate his suffering and give him an airway so he could breathe, he was given a tracheotomy at just 5 days old. Due to Thompson having an underdeveloped soft palate, and a brain that sat lower in his head, doctors were unable to construct nasal passages in his skull, which would have helped give him a functional nose.

    Sadly, on June 3, 2017, Thompson passed away at Springhill Medical Center in Mobile, Alabama. To help pay for his funeral, a GoFundMe page raised over $16,000.

    Thompson Meets Another Child Born With Congenital Arhinia

    Interestingly, when Thompson was 7 months old, he met another child who was born with arhinia. Tessa Evans of Ireland, has been receiving multiple surgical operations to slowly, but surely give her a realistic nose.

    Evans is the first person in the world to have a cosmetic nasal implant. Doctors hope that when she reaches her teens, she will have a definitive nose. To create a more realistic nose, she will have tattoos that will help make her look like she has nostrils and creases.

  2. Charlotte Garside

    Charlotte Garside

    (screenshot of Charlotte Garside from DailyMail)

    Charlotte Garside (born in August 2007) is young girl from Withernsea, England. While she has been called the world’s smallest girl, there has been no conformation from Guinness World Records. That is because at this time, the company does not recognize “the world’s smallest girl” as a category.

    At birth, Garside weighed under two pounds. At age 5, she weighed 9 pounds and was under 27 inches tall, she was the same size as a large baby. Garside was born with a rare form of Primordial Dwarfism. This type of dwarfism results in a smaller body size, which begins before birth, and includes all stages of life. The cause of PD is a mutant gene that is inherited from each parent.

    Garside’s mother says her daughter looks like a skinned rabbit. As of January of 2018, Charlotte Garside is now age 10. Currently there is no information on how tall she has grown, or how tall she is expected to grow.

    Who Is The Shortest Person Who Ever Lived?

    Chandra Bahadur Dangi (30 November 1939 – 3 September 2015) of Nepal, owns the Guinness World Records for being the shortest man ever documented and verified. He was an unbelievable 21.5 inches tall.

  3. An Qi

    An Qi

    (screenshot of An Qi from

    An Qi is a young boy from China. He was born with an unusual condition that caused thick hair to grow down the right side of his face. What makes his case even more sad is that the older he gets, the longer his hair grows. It’s no surprise that he is also bullied by other students in school.

    In addition to Qi’s unwanted condition, at the young age of 4, he had to deal with the loss of his father. Qi’s mother is mentally ill and also suffers from epilepsy. Due to the loss of his father, and his mother’s serious medical issues, he currently lives with his grandparents.

    Has Qi Been Treated For His Medical Condition?

    There is no information online on when or if Qi has ever gotten treatment for his condition. According to Daily Mail, he was offered free plastic surgery. Fortunately, to help him deal with his abnormality, he has been seen by a psychologist.

  4. Kang Mengru

    Kang Mengru is a young girl from China. When she was a toddler, her foster parents were shocked and desperate to know why her stomach kept growing larger and larger. It left the little girl in constant pain and unable to eat solid foods. While their fear was that it could be a tumor growing inside her stomach, her neighbors would call her “a monster.”

    Finally, when Mengru was 18-months-old, doctors were able to examine her. They diagnosed her with an extremely rare condition that only affects 1 in 500,000 births. It involves the growth of one larger twin that envelops its smaller underdeveloped twin. However, despite being an underdeveloped twin, it continues growing within its larger sibling, feeding off it like a parasite.

    The Successful Surgery That Changed Mengru’s Life Forever

    With little income coming in from both parents, they were left with little hope that their daughter would survive, much less live a normal life. That was until they received the raised funds from Red Cross to pay for the operation. After a 10-hour surgery, Mengru’s chances of having a normal life went from slim to highly likely. Today, she can eat solid foods and does not suffer from constant pain. With her womb and ovaries intact, she will one day be able to have children of her own.

  5. Giuliano Stroe

    Out of every other child in this post, Romanian gymnast and child bodybuilder, Giuliano Stroe (born June 18, 2004), is the only one who was not born with an abnormality. Instead, his unusual look came with years of hard bodybuilding, which all started at a very young age. Since the age of 2, he started working out for 2 hours a day.

    Not long after Stroe’s father posted him performing a gymnastics stunt on YouTube, he became an internet sensation. Over the years, he has broken many world records, which were recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Some of his records include 40 90-degree push-ups and the record for the fastest ever 33 feet hand-walk with a weight ball between his legs.

    As you can see from our featured image of Giuliano Stroe (screenshot from Pinterest), he is in unbelievable shape for his age. Although he is no longer a child, he has already broken many world records, and may contribute to the rise of younger bodybuilders. Watch him and his younger brother Claudio Stroe show off their incredible strength the the world.

With the exception of Giuliano Stroe, these kids with serious abnormalities have lived incredibly difficult lives. Not only have they been ridiculed by society, but they have also suffered from difficulties in performing daily activities that some of us take for granted. Hopefully with the help of medical intervention, they will one day be able to reach their full potential.

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