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8 Weird Things Couples Do


There are many weird things couples do. Today we are going to share 8 examples you will likely find a bit humorous, and also repulsive. Some of them may seem so strange, they will make you go hmmm. However, you may have done one or more of these bizarre things yourself and never thought twice about it. Sometimes being in a relationship can make one do some very crazy things.

 #1 Spy On Each Other

spyIt is quite common. Couples lack trust in their relationship. Sometimes, instead of just working on gaining trust, they choose to spy on each other. They may suspect deception without even a shred of evidence to prove they are being deceptive. Therefore, in order to find out the truth, they are visiting and purchasing a spy kit. However, sometimes a spy kit is not enough.

Besides investigating their text messages and whereabouts, they also decide to see what their spouses are up to on their social media accounts. So what do they do next? You probably heard of people who make fake Facebook profiles just to spy on their partner. On, there was a story about a woman who created a fake Facebook account for her husband’s ex-girlfriend. She created the account to not only spy on him, but also to put him to the test. In order to see if he is being faithful, she would flirt and send dirty messages to disguise herself as his ex-girlfriend. So far, the husband has passed the test. He probably knows it was his jealous wife.

#2 Have Separate Bank Accounts

bills and coinsIt may be quite common for married couples to have joint bank accounts, but you may be very surprised with the results of survey by TD Bank. The survey revealed that a whopping forty-two percent of couples who have joint bank accounts, also maintain individual accounts. Over 1,000 Americans (either married or living with a significant other) participated in the survey. What is even more unusual is when a married couple does not even share one bank account with each other.

#3 Share Clothing

clothingDo you share your clothing with your partner? If you do, it may be for the purpose of role-playing, because you have no clean clothes available, or just for the heck of it. Regardless of the reason, when you see a woman dressed in men’s clothing, or a man dressed in women’s clothing, they just might turn a few heads.

#4 Have Staring Contests

staring contestHave you ever had a starring contest with a friend or family member? If so, you may be one who finds it quite challenging to win a match. It is only a matter of time before one competitor laughs, looks away, and then ends up losing the game. Have you played this silly game with your partner?

#5 Have Burp And Fart Contests

burp contest Although you have probably had at least one burp and/or fart contest in your life, have you ever had one with your significant other? Of course, many people are too embarrassed to let it out in front of their partner. However, for some, there is absolutely no shame. You may even know a few couples who will tell you their gross stories.

Couple Having A Fart Contest

#6 Hold Hands While Pooping

toilet bowlWe found this example from Reddit users were asked to reveal the most bizarre things they do with their significant other that they would not dare tell their friends. One couple said they will sometimes hold hands while pooping. While one is pooping in the toilet, the other sits on the tub. We don’t know why they prefer to hold hands in their most private moments.

The couple also clarified that they do not ever poop in the tub. So it is not like they are pooping simultaneously while one is on the toilet, and the other is on the tub. However, what happens if there is only one bathroom, the other partner has to go, and the toilet is already being used?  If they were to face the situation, sure they would easily figure it all out. They could just take turns.

#7 Grab Butts In Public

grab butt in public

Bobbi Starr at AVN” by Rick Hall is licensed under CC BY 2.0

You have probably seen it happen before. You are patiently waiting in line at the grocery store, and suddenly the couple in front of you does something weird. You see a hand (or hands) slowly move towards the butt that is right in front of you. Although you pretend you didn’t even see it, you see more grabbing that eventually makes you very uncomfortable. After a few moments or so, you may be tempted to tell them to just get a room! Does this sound like a situation you’ve been in?

#8 Text Each Other Even Though You Are In The Same Vicinity

 Are you guilty of texting your partner even though you are right next to each other (or in the same vicinity) ? Although it is an unusual thing to do, there are situations where it makes sense. For example, it would make perfect sense to text each other if you were in a conference with a room full of people. In order to prevent an annoying disruption, you would text instead of talk out loud.

Couples may also choose to text each other (while they are in the same vicinity) because they are talking about someone who is in the same room. They don’t want them to know what they are saying about them. Of course, there are also couples who will text each other just to be silly.

Final Words

Whether you are in a relationship (of any kind) or not, have you ever done any of the eight things we mentioned in this post? You have probably seen or heard of couples who have engaged in at least one of the eight. Sometimes falling in love will make couples do some things that are even more crazy that anything on our list. With that said, what are some more weird things couples do?

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