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Pictures Of The Devil


Welcome to our post on pictures of the devil. You may be wondering why some of our recent posts have been about blood, death, creepy stuff, and just pure evil. The main reason is because Halloween is coming soon. Throughout the rest of September and October, we will be publishing a lot of content that may be very disturbing to some viewers. This particular page was created only for educational and entertainment purposes. As we previously mentioned in our post regarding evil demonic spirits, OdditiesBizarre does not participate in the practice of demon or devil worship.

Who Is The Devil?

fallen Lucifer

eternal torture

Animated fire by nevit” by Nevit is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The devil (in mainstream Christianity, he is usually named Satan) is found in many religions, myths, and cultures around the world. Many believe this entity is very wicked, and has some supernatural powers. In Christianity, Satan is a fallen angel that tempts humans to commit sins. In addition to having the power to afflict humans with spiritual corruption, he can also cause bodily disease.

In Christianity, Satan is the chief evil spirit (leader of the demons) and is the archenemy of God and humankind. The name “Lucifer” refers to the devil as he was before his fall. Lucifer has become a by-word for the Devil/Satan in not only the Christian church, but also in popular literature.

Paradise Lost

A 17th century drawing of Satan (by English poet Gustave Doré) from the epic poem called “Paradise Lost.”

According to Christianity, before his fall, Lucifer was an archangel who lived in heaven. He later became a rebellious archangel. This made God become beyond angry. As a consequence of his risky (to say the least) decision to rebel against God, he was later condemned to the Lake of Fire. The Lake of Fire (according to ancient Christian and Egyptian religion) is a place of destruction for the wicked in the afterlife. The place has been mentioned in four verses of the Book of Revelation.

Napoleon as Child of the Devil

Napoleon as Child of the Devil (19th century).

Although mainstream Christianity and Islam believe the devil exists, interestingly, there is no overt concept of him in mainstream Judaism. Of course, he is not always described as being a scary and terrible creature. Despite being an evil character in some major religions, he is also depicted as a comical figure, and a trickster. In many other religions, there are figures that are quite similar to the devil. The figure is often depicted as not only a sneaky trickster, but also as a tempter figure.

What Does The Devil Look Like?

dark devil artYou have probably seen many versions of the devil depicted in not only religion and folklore, but also in books and even Hollywood movies. Our featured image for this post shows a 16th-century painting of the devil. This is the typical depiction of him in Christian art. He has the fur and ears of a goat (with horns of a goat and ram), and the nose and canines of a pig. The depiction in Christian art is quite different than most devils you see in places such as Hollywood films. You often see him as a red being with horns and an evil smile. He is usually carrying his pitchfork wherever he goes.

Illustration Of The Devil In The Codex Gigas (or Devil´s Bible)

Illustration of the Devil in the Codex Gigas (or Devil´s Bible)Lucifer Waiting For The Final Judgment

Lucifer waiting for The Last JudgementThe work of Italian painter Coppo di Marcovaldo (13th century)
art of Italian painter Coppo di MarcovaldoHarrowing of Hell by Italian painter Andrea Da Firenze (14th century)

Harrowing of Hell

Archangel Michael vs Satan by artist Theodore Poulakis (17th century)

Archangel Michael vs SatanDevil’s Trill Sonata (1824)

Devil's Trill SonataThe Temptation of Christ Painting (1854)

The Temptation of Christ painting Lucifer, King of Hell (1860s)

Lucifer, King of HellMayor Hall and Lucifer (1870)

Mayor Hall and Lucifer (1870)An 1887 Illustration of Lucifer

1887 illustration of Lucifer Garden of Eden (1897)

the Devil in the Garden of Eden

Satan is disguised as a snake to tempt Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.

The Prince Of Darkness

The Prince Of Darkness

The Prince of Darkeness” by Wellcome is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Satan As The Antichrist

Satan as the Antichrist The work of Vicente Carduchoart by Vicente CarduchoThe Devil Kicking Back

hell showFunny Devil

Pictures Of The Devil

Devil” by MachoCarioca is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Devil Costumes

women in devil costumes

Maxim Halloween Bash” by Eva Rinaldi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

devil mask

creepy devil costume

El diablo” by Ayaita is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Dog Devil Costume

dog devil

El diablo” by istolethetv is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Cute Little Dog In Devil Pajamas

devil pajamas

Lozaconferencia” by Chuchitoleon is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Devil Sculpture At Steampunk HQ

devil sculpture at Steampunk HQDevil Puppet

Sculpture of Satan (by French sculptor Jean-Jacques Feuchère)

French sculptor Jean-Jacques FeuchèreDevil Graffiti

devil graffiti graffiti of a creepy red devil Graffiti in La Bañeza Graffiti in BeasainGraffiti in Miranda de Ebrodevil George Bush

red devil in in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Graffiti & Murals” by Zarateman is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

devil GIF


Thank you for viewing our large image collection of this very wicked and sneaky creature. Since you made it this far without hitting the back button, the content in this post probably didn’t offend you too much. Mostly due to religious views, this type of subject is likely to upset a lot of people.   However, if it didn’t offend you, we are glad you came to view our post on pictures of the devil.