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Abu Azrael: A Real-Life Rambo


If there ever was a real-life Rambo, it is Abu Azrael. This man has earned the name “Angel of Death” for a darn good reason. Azrael (who’s real name is Ayyub Faleh al-Rubaie) is a commander of the Imam Ali brigade (an Iraqi Shi’a militia group) group, who is currently fighting terrorists in Iraq. In just a little over a year, he has become famous for killing over 1,500 Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists.

Who Is This Man?

The personal life of Azrael is in question. Various sources say he was born in 1970 and is a father of five. He is believed to be a former university lecturer and also a one-time Taekwondo champion. However, there other sources that say he is actually a highly-trained special forces veteran.

Of course, whether he is a Taekwondo champion or not, he is obviously a dangerous and very skilled fighter who is not fighting for a championship, but for his life, as well as many others. Azrael is so intimidating, reports say that just the mention of his name terrifies ISIS militants.

A Big Hero In The Battle Against ISIS

You may have seen the film series called Rambo, which began with First Blood released in October of 1982. If so, you probably remember how much of a badass Sylvester Stallone’s character was. He was just one guy who could destroy virtually any enemy that would get in his way. He would even make it look easy. Of course, John Rambo was just a fictional character in a Hollywood movie.

Abu Azrael is no fictional character. This man is ruthless and has a goal to destroy ISIS even if he has to do it all by himself. Plus, he also doesn’t care how angry he makes his enemies. Azrael has been seen on the Internet abusing the corpses of ISIS fighters. He has also been seen showing off his weapons with a big smile. Azrael even has a popular motto and catchphrase “illa tahin,” which translates to “nothing but flour.” In other words, he would do whatever it may take to completely pulverize ISIL militants into dust. He is definitely giving the militants a taste of their own medicine.

Similarities Between Azrael & John Rambo

real-life RamboAbove is graffiti of the fictional character John Rambo. Back in the 1980s (and even today), you would find this guy all over the place. He was on t-shirts, posters and many other things.

Abu Azrael has quite a few things in common with Mr. John Rambo. First, he certainly has plenty of fame to brag about. His slogan “illa tahin” has been seen on t-shirts, shaved into a child’s head, and is even the subject of a cartoon. This man is a also a badass with a muscular physique. Even more, he has killed hundreds of his enemies and is still standing strong. He may not have close to twenty million Facebook fans like the popular film series Rambo, but as of March 2015, he has over 300,000 and counting. Abu Azrael has become a popular public figure, and of course, a big hero.

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