Are We Living In The Matrix?

Are We Living In The Matrix?


Are we living in the Matrix? Some scientists believe our universe is fake. Although many would argue that the idea is far-fetched (to say the least), some believe it may actually be true. We may be living in a simulated universe. Not only philosophers, but even physicists are now starting to take this crazy idea more seriously. So did our universe begin with a simple keystroke, or the Big Bang?

The Insane Theory

the expansion of the Universe Who or what is behind the creation of the cosmos? This is a question virtually everyone has asked. Was it a god (or gods), the Big Bang, or possibly another theory (such as string theory)? Perhaps for centuries, some people have also believed that life may be a simulation. It may be one big game.

If you are hearing about this theory for the very first time, you probably find it to be absolutely ridiculous. However, this bizarre idea has some reputable physicists and other experts thinking it just might be true. Were the laws of physics developed by some superintelligent robot (or alien)? The fact that our universe seems to obey mathematical laws a lot like a computer program, could be a good hint that we are indeed living in a simulation. Some scientists think we can actually find out.

Cosmic Rays Could Reveal We Are In A Simulated Universe

In The Matrix franchise, everyday life is just a simulation that is generated by an all-powerful computer. Although this is pure science fiction, it just may be true after all. Some physicists say that by studying radiation from space, they can actually test (according to Discover Magazine) if we are in a virtual Matrix. They believe “cosmic rays” could reveal we truly are in a simulated universe.

Cosmic rays will always arrive at Earth with a specific maximum energy of 1020 electron volts. What is compelling to some scientists is that if there is a specific maximum energy for particles, then it is possible that energy levels are defined, specific and constrained by some sort of outside force. So if the energy levels of particles could be simulated, then why couldn’t the rest of the Universe?

Professor Nick Bostrom

Nick Bostrom is a philosopher and director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University. Bostrom wrote a detailed and fascinating article. Out of three different propositions, the article argues that at least one of the three are true. We will discuss all three in greater detail below.

#1 Almost all human-level civilizations will go extinct before they become technologically mature. In other words, they become extinct before they come up with the technology to create simulated universes. Today, we can see that in principal, it is possible, we just can’t build it yet.

#2  The second possibility is that all technologically mature civilizations have no interest in creating simulations. They basically have better things to do than create simulated universes.

#3 The third possibility is the simulation hypothesis. It is the hypothesis that we are literally living in a computer simulation that was built by an advanced civilization.

Bostrom Explains His 3 Scenarios In This Interview

If Our Universe Is A Simulation, Who Or What Created It?

If we really are living in a computer simulation, who or what created it? Below are a couple of theories.

#1 An Advanced Civilization In The Original Universe Created Universe Simulations

Martin Rees is a British cosmologist and astrophysicist. Rees says that although the theory that we are in a computer simulation sounds a bit flaky, it is still quite fascinating. The idea is that in the future, humans will be able to simulate entire universes fairly easy. With a vast amount of time, the number of these simulations is likely to be enormous. Thus, how can we really be sure we are not in one right now? Instead of the one true reality, we may be in just one of many simulations.

David Brin is an American scientist and award-winning author of science fiction. Brin believes it could be that it is the year 2050, and people are living in a computer simulation of what life was like in the early 21st century. He gives another strange possibility that it may be billions of years from now, and people are in a simulation of what primitive planets and people were once like.

#2 A Civilization From Another Universe Created A Simulation Of Our Own Universe

Another theory Martin Rees has mentioned is the possibility that a civilization from another universe could have created a simulation of our own universe. In the multiverse concept, there may be universes with laws that easily allow the development of something as complex as a simulated universe, than the laws in our own universe. It may be that we owe our own existence (or fake existence) to an advanced civilization from another universe (or a being within another universe).

Is Our Universe Just Part Of A Big Science Experiment?

science experiment Do you ever look up at the sky and wonder if the entire Universe is nothing more than a science experiment? Perhaps our universe is pure entertainment for some being or beings from another universe. If you look at the many stars and planets that are too hostile to support life, you wonder why such creations would serve no purpose at all. You may also look at natural disasters such as earthquakes. Could worthless matter in space and natural disasters just be flaws of an experiment?

We will probably never know the answer. Even if we finally figured out how it all started, we will still have plenty of unanswered questions. For instance, if we were to find out we are part of a science experiment, we would still want to know exactly who created the beings that created us.

The Red Pill, Or Blue Pill?

red and blue pill

Red and blue pill” by W.carter is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The terms red pill” and “blue pill are popular culture symbols. They were derived from The Matrix film. We will discuss the definition of each (as well as provide an example from the film) below.

The Red Pill- Represents the choice between embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality. Redpills are people who have chosen to face reality.

If the main character in The MatrixNeo,” were to take the red pill, he would be able to escape from the Matrix and jump into the real world. However, it may be a harsher and more difficult life.

The Blue Pill- Represents the blissful ignorance of illusion. Bluepills will remain living in ignorance of the truth. This would be by choice or because they have not had a choice.

If Neo chose to take the blue pill, he would stay in the fake reality of the Matrix.


Although some of the arguments are captivating, we probably are in the one true reality. Now that your have heard some fascinating information regarding the idea that we may actually be in the Matrix, it is time to get your take on it. Do you think we are really living in the Matrix? Please share your own thoughts on this rather crazy, yet possibly true theory of living in a simulated universe.