Weird People At Walmart

Weird People At Walmart


If you like to watch funny videos, you will surely love our collection of weird people at Walmart. These people will do crazy things while they shop. If you have ever shopped at this American multinational retail corporation, chances are, you have seen some extremely bizarre characters.

Founded in 1962, Walmart is currently the world’s largest company by revenue (according to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2014). In this post, we will share a bunch of hilarious videos that show Walmart shoppers freely showing off their unusual clothing (or lack of clothing), and performing some very odd, risky and stupid acts that you usually don’t ever see at any other retail stores.

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10 Hilarious & Stupid Videos

Crazy Lady Tries To Destroy Walmart Property

Here is a very angry customer who clearly takes her frustration out on Walmart property. She also assaults a man who was fortunately able to restrain her. We are unsure exactly why she was so mad. Unfortunately, other than what you see in the title, there was no description for the video.

Farting All Over The Store

Watch a brave fart prankster roam through the store and make heads turn. There are many scenes that will make you laugh so hard, you may cry. You may be quite surprised to see that quite a few people are confused about what they just heard (even though the noise clearly sounds like farts).

More Fart Pranks

Next, we have a young woman who goes out to Walmart to do a fun fart prank of her own. After looking at her, you may think she would be the last to go around farting (or throwing fake farts) in public, not only loudly and freely, but also with absolutely no shame. Yes, pretty women do it too.

The Nude And Nasty

This is a video filled with bizarre people who went to Walmart nude (or half nude), with ridiculous clothing, a neck beard and more. If you are even able to deal with the pain from the extremely unpleasant sight, there are also people with disgusting bathroom stains and some big back boobs.

Now If This Is Not Weird, We Don’t Know What Is

This weirdo films himself at the store. Thanks to some camera tricks, he looks like some sort of creepy alien creature. With thousands of views, this guy has likely given many people nightmares.

Warning: A Ghetto Argument

If you have children, you may not want them to hear this one. There is a lot of profanity in this short video. It is about an argument between two women. The two want to knock each other out.

Two Old Ladies Go At It

Watch two older ladies get into a fight. The camera guy can’t get enough of this ridiculous battle.

Irritated Old Man Sings Irritating Song

This man is so frustrated from waiting in line, he decides to sing his own annoying song.

Man Dresses Up As A Woman

This is a video about a man who appears to enjoy making a fool of himself. He dresses up like a woman using Walmart products. Showing absolutely no fear, he dances and acts like a lunatic.

Some Funny Stories

Hear a top 15 funny stories list. These are some insane things that have happened at Walmart.

Final Words

Thank you for checking our collection of ridiculous and entertaining videos. Are you a Walmart shopper? If so, you may have some funny experiences of your own you want to share. As long as the company continues to thrive, there will continue to be many more weird people at Walmart.

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