Bizarre Art Styles From Around The World


Artists from around the world share their amazing and bizarre art with OdditiesBizarre.

They have provided us with several pictures of their products, as well as links for more information. There are also links for the artists who have their own store website.

Jennifer Fury’s Art Prints

The CryptKeeper

The CryptKeeper With A Secret Eyeball.

Fury is a lifelong fan of the horror anthology television series Tales from the Crypt. She says the secret eyeball located in the Crypt Keeper’s forehead only comes out on special occasions.

creepy cheeseburger

weird heart art

face in space

Jennifer Fury

My name is Jennifer Fury and I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have been creating art regularly, in various forms, for more than 6 years. I gravitate towards a darker subject matter with many nature elements.

Etsy page
Instagram page

Dark Artist Jericho “Jec” Dave

gore art

ancient vampire sketch

creepy monster art

skeleton artwork

beautiful dark art

Jericho Chanco Dave

Jericho “Jec” Dave is a dark artist from Metro Manila, Philippines. He loved drawing monsters as a child and that evolved to the haunting pieces he makes today. His works are mainly inspired by horror movies and heavy metal music.

Instagram page
Teespring page

Jericho has been collecting all of his fingernail and toenail clippings since 2009.

nail clippings in a jar

Tim Wiegmann‎ (Shrunken Head wallets)

shrunken head wallet unusual wallet

shrunken head wallet with hair

Here is an image of a shrunken head wallet with hair. According to Tim, it was more or an art object than an actual usable wallet. To make it more practical and pocketable, he manufactured some shrunken head wallets without the hair.

Tim Wiegmann

My name is Tim Wiegmann. I was born in December 1968, and live in Bad Salzuflen, Germany. I’ve always been a creative guy with an interest in sculpting, carving, metal casting, and now also leather crafting. As a kid of the 80s I grew up with thrash metal and punk rock bands.

funny face wallets

This type of music and the horror movies of this era were probably the biggest influences for my work. As many other people with a similar background I developed an interest for tiki over the years which is reflected by my current work. I’m not a full time artist, but I hope that this may happen one day.

Contact Tim

Facebook page (Yokto_Wallets)

For information on purchasing shrunken heads online, visit this article:

Rachel Weaver (Nightmares & Gummy Bears)

Gummy Worms art

eyeball suckers

green eyes and ham

snail art

teeth candy

Rachel Weaver

Rachel Weaver resides in the windy city of Geraldton, Western Australia. She is a graphic designer Monday – Thursday, but an artist always. Her work is driven by an eternal love of horror, fused with 80’s nostalgia and life growing up in the Mid West region of Western Australia. She is happiest binge watching horror movies, sketching out strange ideas and eating gummy bears. Fueled by caffeine and a relentless overactive imagination, her work thrills some and disturbs others…

bloody eyeball

The combination of horror elements fused with victuals in the artworks of Rachel Weaver gives new meaning to the term “sickly sweet”. Candy, maggots, rotten teeth, blood spatter and fried eyes topped with sprinkles. Her work has been described as “delightfully horrid” and “weirdly cool”.

How to contact Rachel Weaver

Facebook: Rachel Weaver Nightmares + Gummy Bears
Instagram: nightmaresandgummybear

Mariska Willems (Matishtar Unusual Designs)

eyeball vase

weird decor

eyeball art

antler artwork

skull shield

Mariska Willems

I’m an oddity collector and creator from the Netherlands. I love to give old skulls I find at flea markets a second life as art by sculpting on them. Thrifted bottles, clocks, dolls, etc. get weird and creepy makeovers as well.

But most popular are the realistic eyeballs I make from wooden beads. I sell them displayed in gift boxes, and people love to buy these for their partner to tell them they only have eyes for them… literally!

I only have eyes for you

My odd creations can be found on Facebook, Instagram @matishtar and in my Etsy shop.

Chris’s Creepy Misfits

scary dolls for sale

funny-looking doll

Find a huge selection of the strangest and scariest dolls you’ve ever seen!

ugliest doll in the world

deformed doll

scary collections

skull doll

wtf doll

How To Reach Chris’s Creepy Misfits

This is a US based company. For more details, contact Mary Musser.

Facebook: Chris’s Creepy Misfits (

Sculptor Jesse Berlin (Berlin Sculpture)

human body sculpture

monster sculpture

the patient

The Suffocating Woman

The Caprine Aristocrat

Jesse Berlin

Find bizarre and evocative figurative sculptures produced by Tucson artist Jesse Berlin.

Jesse has been an avid sculptor from early childhood. He has exhibited in numerous prestigious galleries across the country and has received awards for his work. His pieces were featured in the Arizona Biennial (Tucson Museum of Art) and a two-page spread in Direct Art Magazine.

For more information on Jesse’s products, you can contact him on his Facebook page (Berlin Sculpture), or visit Dark Art Movement.

UK Artist Ryan Coyle (Ik’sentrik)

weird Star Wars fan art

Ed Gein's kids

horror doll

Wilfred, The Covid Kid

zombie Munny

Ryan Coyle is a UK artist who owns a Somerset based art production company called Ik’sentrik. He has been featured on BBC, and has over 25 years experience across a range of industries including film, television, advertising, retail, museum, and exhibition.

You can reach Ryan on his Facebook page or store website.

Ryan Coyle shows his work with BBC

We hope you’ve enjoyed the wonderful work of bizarre artists from around the world!