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The Amazing Horror Sculptures Of Steven Vlad Navarro


If you’re looking for the coolest and weirdest horror sculptures online, you will want to check out the work of artist Steven Vlad Navarro. His products would make a unique gift for a friend or loved one. Find out how you can buy a bizarre cell phone case, It coffee mug and more!

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It Movie Phone Case

It movie phone case

This is a spooky cell phone case of the clown from the supernatural horror film It.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Here are 2 images of another horror cell phone case with incredibly amazing detail.

horror iPhone case

Custom It Mug

It clown

It clown mug

Are you looking for a new coffee mug?  Here is a custom It mug. The teeth look very realistic!

Weird Mug

A detailed image of the back.

glow in the dark mug

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… The teeth also glow in the dark!

Bizarre PopSockets

Halloween popsocket

Purchase these weird PopSockets to hold your phone easier, or use as a stand!

creepy mouth

weird popsockets

Teeth Lighter
teeth lighter

This is by far the strangest lighter I’ve ever seen!

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Steven Vlad Navarro

For prices, availability and customization options , you can reach Steven on his Facebook page, Instagram: 1truecreation and Etsy.