Blanche Dumas

Blanche Dumas: A French Prostitute With 3 Legs, 4 Breasts & 2 Vaginas


Blanche Dumas (born in 1860) was a courtesan with three legs, four breasts, two vulvas and two vaginas. In addition to her unusual sexual anatomy, Dumas also had an extremely strong libido.

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Dumas was born on the island of Martinique (an insular region of France). Her father was French, and her mother was one-quarter black. At the age of 25, Dumas was visited and also documented by Bechlinger of Para, Brazil. She was then added to the pages of Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine (an encyclopedic collection of very rare and extraordinary cases in medicine).

The Anatomy Of Blanche Dumas

Dumas had a modified duplication of the lower body. Below is a list of her bizarre anomalies.

1. A pelvis that was wider than normal.

2. Two legs that were underdeveloped.

3. A third leg was attached to her coccygeus (a muscle of the pelvic floor). This leg did not have a mobile joint. However, it still had a bend in it where the knee would have been.

4. Two functional vaginas (including two vulvas that were well-developed). It is believed that both vaginas had equally developed sensitivity.

5. A duplicate bowel and bladder.

Did Dumas Really Have Four Breasts?

Some sources claim that in addition to her normal well-developed breasts, Dumas also had a pair of smaller rudimentary breasts.

Others say her so-called rudimentary breasts were actually a stump of another limb, which occurred naturally, or was the site of a surgical amputation.

In order to make the claim that they were a real pair of additional breasts, promoters may have maximized its appeal by embellishing the stump with fake nipples.

The Most Bizarre Sexual Relationship The World Has Ever Seen

French prostitute sketch

Sketch by Courtney Williams

Since the beginning of time, man has formed relationships with others. After all, it is only human nature to desire the affections of another. That adage ‘there is someone for everyone’ comes to mind when considering the relationship between Blanche Dumas and Juan Baptista dos Santos. These two remarkable people lived during the 19th Century. Although there are no confirmed reports of them ever meeting, there is rumor of a brief affair.

Dumas moved to Paris to become a courtesan. Interestingly, during her lifetime, there was a man named Juan Baptista dos Santos who also had dual genitalia. When she heard he was coming to Paris for a European tour, Dumas was eager to have sex with him.

Blanche Dumas was born with two functional vaginas. Baptista dos Santos was born with two functional penises. It has been said that both had a ravenous sexual appetite. As such, there is no doubt that these two would make the perfect couple — in the bedroom at least.

Juan Baptista dos Santos: A Man With Two Penises

Juan Baptista dos Santos

Juan Baptista dos Santos (born c. 1843) was born in Faro, Portugal. He was known for having two distinct genitalia, and extra fused limbs. Physicians first examined Santos when he was just six months old. When he was a young child, he was considered handsome. Other than his bizarre abnormalities, he was fit and well proportioned.

The clinical term for Baptista dos Santos’ rare genetic medical condition is diphallia. The first incidence of diphallia was documented by a Swiss doctor in 1609. Dr. Johannes Jacob Wecker encountered a cadaver with diphallia. Since this condition was discovered in 1609, there have only been 100 documented cases of penile duplication.

Physical Characteristics

In the majority of cases, the penises are the same size and are positioned side by side; however, on occasion, one of the penises is smaller. This smaller penis usually sits atop the larger one. Men with this condition are usually sterile, either due to difficulties having intercourse or because of some other type of defect.

1. Santos had two penises (functional for both sexual activity and urination). He urinated simultaneously from both of his penises.

2. Although Santos appeared to have a third leg, instead, it was two limbs that were fused together as one. Interestingly, the fused limbs had a small anus.

In order to prevent his leg from hanging and swinging all over the place, Santos would often wear a customized swing.

3. The extra fused limb had a patella (kneecap). Santos had a limb joint that was freely movable. However, it did not have motor control nor power of motion. Surgeons had advised Santos that the best solution to the problem would be a surgical procedure.

Santos’ Strong Sexual Appetite

Although Santos declined surgery, he was given a detailed examination at the age of 22. According to the report of his examination, just like Dumas, Santos was also said to have a pronounced libido. What is even more fascinating about his unique case is that he not only possessed two penises, but he also used them both during sexual intercourse. So after finishing with one penis, he would go on and continue having sex using the other.

Santos In Sideshows And Circuses

With such an incredibly rare condition, it is no surprise that many were interested in hiring Santos to be a performer in various sideshows and circuses in France. What is surprising is that Santos turned down a contract that would pay him 200,000 Francs (200,621.08 in US dollars) to perform in a French circus. Although he turned down the contract that would pay him excellent money, he did occasionally exhibit himself for rare “special” exhibitions.

Other Congenital Defects Are Linked To Penile Duplication

Having two penises in and of itself is not dangerous; however, there are other conditions associated with diphallia that could lead to medical problems. For example, with penile duplication, other congenital defects may be present.

Many of these defects relate to the urinary tract and the digestive system. In addition, babies with this defect are at an increased risk of having spina bifida.

An individual with penile duplication may urinate from one or both penises. In the case of Baptista dos Santos, it is said that he was able to urinate from both, simultaneously.

Treating Penile Duplication

The only treatment for this condition is surgical intervention, which usually involves excising the extra penis and urethra. Men who choose to keep their extra appendage are not putting themselves in any danger. They can live a long, healthy life, even if they decide to keep their extra appendage.

Here is a link to a report of a very rare case of complete penile duplication and congenital presence of two anuses. The Egyptian neonate was 21 days old.

Two Bizarre Medical Cases You Won’t Believe Are Real

Though Blanche Dumas and Juan Baptista are long gone, there are people today who live with extremely rare medical conditions. The following medical stories may seem unbelievable.

YouTube Star Has Two Vaginas, Two Wombs & Two Cervixes

YouTube star Cassandra Bankson regularly provides beauty tips for her nearly 1 million subscribers. After experiencing ongoing kidney pain, she sought medical attention.

Doctors discovered she had two vaginas, two wombs and two cervixes. Bankson’s condition is known as uterus didelphys.

Sorence Owiti Opiyo: The Man With The Largest Penis On Earth

African man penis


For an article about a young African man who has a penis that is bigger than a baby, read our post called The Biggest Penis Belongs To A Man Who’s Too Big To Have Sex.

Blanche Dumas’ Death

The date and cause of death is unknown.

There is not a lot of information you can find on Blanche Dumas. But one thing is certain: all sources agree that this woman did indeed possess two functional vaginas.

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