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Blanche Dumas: Two Vaginas & A High Sex Drive

The story of Blanche Dumas is incredibly unique. In fact, it is so strange, you may think it is pure fiction. Dumas was equipped with four breasts, three legs, and two vaginas that were functional. Talk about a jaw-dropping sexual oddity. Luckily for her lovers, she had an extremely strong libido.

Dumas’ Life

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According to various sources on the Web, Dumas was born on the island of Martinique (an insular region of France) in 1860. Her father was French, and her mother was one-quarter black. At the age of 25, Dumas was visited and also documented by Bechlinger of Para, Brazil. She was then added to the pages of Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine (an encyclopedic collection of very rare and extraordinary cases in medicine).

Dumas’ Medical Condition

The medical encyclopedia Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine claimed that Dumas had a modified duplication of the lower body. Below is a list of her bizarre anomalies.

1. A pelvis that was wider than normal.

2. Two legs that were underdeveloped.

3. A third leg was attached to her coccygeus (a muscle of the pelvic floor). This leg did not have a mobile joint. However, it still had a bend in it where the knee would have been.

4. Two functional vaginas (including two vulvas that were well-developed). It is believed that both vaginas had equally developed sensitivity.

5. A duplicate bladder and bowel.

Did Dumas Really Have 4 Breasts?

According to some online sources, Dumas not only had a pair of well-developed breasts, but also a pair of rudimentary breasts (which were close together) that were located above her hypogastrium (pubic region). The rudimentary breasts were said to have nipples.

However, other sources say Dumas’ so-called rudimentary breasts were actually just a stump of another leg. In order to make the claim that they were a real pair of additional breasts, promoters would maximize its appeal by embellishing the stump with fake nipples.

Dumas Becomes A Courtesan

courtesanIf you read various stories on Dumas around the Web, you will notice that all of them say she had a very strong sexual appetite. She also entertained her lovers with both of her vaginas. Since she had two vaginas and supposedly four breasts, it is not hard to believe that there were plenty of men who were after her.

With four breasts, two vaginas, and an unusually high libido, Dumas chose to move to Paris to become a courtesan. Interestingly, during her lifetime, there was a man named Juan Baptista dos Santos who also had dual genitalia and a high sex drive. Of course, when she heard he was coming to Paris for a European tour, Dumas was eager to have sex with him. Although there is no evidence to support that the two actually met and had sexual intercourse, rumors say they did have a short-term affair.

If Dumas and Santos really did have an affair, it would be perhaps one of the most bizarre sexual relationships of all time.

Juan Baptista dos Santos: A Man With Two Penises

Juan Baptista dos Santos

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Born in Portugal around 1843, Juan Baptista dos Santos was a horseback rider who was known for having two distinct genitalia, as well an extra fused limbs. Physicians first examined Santos when he was just six months old. When he was a young child, he was considered handsome. Other than his bizarre abnormalities, he was fit and well proportioned.

Santos’ Medical Condition

1. Santos had two penises (functional for both sexual activity and urination). He urinated simultaneously from both of his penises.

2. Although Santos appeared to have a third leg, instead, it was two limbs that were fused together as one. Interestingly, the fused limbs had a small anus.

In order to prevent his leg from hanging and swinging all over the place, Santos would often wear a customized swing.

3. The extra fused limb had a patella (kneecap). Santos had a limb joint that was freely movable. However, it did not have motor control nor power of motion. Surgeons had advised Santos that the best solution to the problem would be a surgical procedure.

Santos’ Strong Sexual Appetite

Although Santos declined surgery, he was given a detailed examination at the age of 22. According to the report of his examination, just like Dumas, Santos was also said to have a pronounced libido. What is even more fascinating about his unique case is that he not only possessed two penises, but he also used them both during sexual intercourse. So after finishing with one penis, he would go on and continue having sex using the other.

Perhaps for some women, Santos’ condition wasn’t an issue. Instead, it may have been more like a bonus.

Santos In Sideshows And Circuses

With such an incredibly rare condition, it is no surprise that many were interested in hiring Santos to be a performer in various sideshows and circuses in France. What is surprising is that Santos turned down a contract that would pay him 200,000 Francs (200,621.08 in US dollars) to perform in a French circus. Although he turned down the contract that would pay him excellent money, he did occasionally exhibit himself for rare “special” exhibitions.

A Rare Case Of A Woman With Two Vaginas

duplication of uterus corpus

Ultrasound Scan” by Nevit Dilmen is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Kelly Miller lives in Hagerstown, Maryland. Until she reached 11-years-old, she had absolutely no clue that she was quite different from other girls her age. When she began to menstruate, she didn’t know why she suffered with extremely painful periods. Miller was eager to find out exactly why her periods were so bloody and painful. At the age of 15, she had decided to see a doctor.

Interestingly, Doctors discovered that Miller had two vaginas and two uteruses. She was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition called “uterus didelphys.” This condition causes a double uterus with a double cervix and a double vagina. Located inside Miller’s vaginal opening is a thin wall of skin that actually separates into two cervixes that lead to two separate uteruses. According to the World Health Organization, this unusual condition occurs in only about one in 3,000 women, and is caused by a failure of the Müllerian ducts (also called paramesonephric ducts) to unite.

Above is an ultrasound image showing the uterine malformation “didelphys.”

A significant difference between Miller and Dumas is that Miller’s condition is all internal. Unless you are Miller’s partner (or a doctor performing an examination), you would never know she had two vaginas. Plus, unlike Dumas, she only has one vagina that is functional. The nonfunctional vagina (the left) is only pencil width. Fortunately for Miller, her right vagina is functional.

Due to Miller’s uteruses being only 60 percent the normal size, doctors believed she would never be able to have her own children. Even if she was to become pregnant, they stressed that she would likely miscarry. The reason the doctors thought she couldn’t produce her own offspring, is because the small size of the uteruses would likely not accommodate the growth of a fetus.

Miller’s Doctors Are Proven Wrong

When it comes to producing offspring, Miller certainly had the odds stacked against her. Fortunately, back in 2002, she had a successful pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Although doctors told her she was extremely lucky to have a child, she had no issues with her second pregnancy either. In 2005, she gave birth to yet another healthy daughter at 37 weeks.

Although Miller’s condition is extremely rare, it doesn’t compare to the case of Blanche Dumas. Miller may have two vaginas, but not like Dumas. Only one is functional. Not just having two vaginas, but having two functional vaginas is what makes Blanche’s case even more unusual.

The Man With The Largest Penis On Earth

African man penis


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Although the content on the above YouTube video is not in the English language, it shows various pictures of Dumas (including an image as a child) and her anomalies. There may not be a lot of material on Blanche Dumas, but all sources agree that this woman did indeed possess two functional vaginas.

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