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7 Sexual Oddities That Look Like They Belong On An Alien


The following post includes 7 humans with sexual oddities that are so bizarre, they look like they belong on a creature from another planet. When it comes to the exact cause and origin regarding some of these diseases, even highly experienced medical doctors have been left scratching their heads. Luckily for some patients, they were fortunate enough to live a much better life with the correction of their condition thanks to the help of surgical intervention.

Warning: This post contains content that may not be suitable for all viewers.

#1 Wesley Warren, Jr. Had A 130-Pound Scrotum  

Wesley Warren, Jr. (June 23, 1963 – March 14, 2014) suffered from a condition called scrotal elephantiasis. According to Warren, his scrotum became enlarged in 2008 due to an injury on his right testicle. This was only the beginning of his long nightmare. Unfortunately, he had no health insurance and could not stop it from growing. The condition caused his scrotum to reach 132.5 pounds. In addition to Warren’s enlarged scrotum, he also suffered from the lack of a sex drive, including a penis that was buried 1 foot inside his testicle sac.

Luckily on April 8, 2013, he was able to get surgery to help reduce the size of his scrotum. When he entered the operating room, he weighed 552 pounds. After surgery, he was 200 pounds lighter.

Despite a successful surgery that dramatically improved the size of his scrotum, on March 14, 2014, he passed away from multiple heart attacks that were caused by diabetes infections.

man with scrotal elephantiasis

A 1893 portrait of a man with scrotal elephantiasis.

#2 Reddit User GardenofGandalf Has Three Testicles

man with 3 balls


In 2014, Reddit user GardenofGandalf (who had just turned 18-years-old) showed the world an image of his three testicles. The young man has a condition called polyorchidism. It is an extremely rare congenital disorder where more than two testicles are present. With three testicles, the Reddit user has the most common type of polyorchidism called triorchidism (or tritestes). You can imagine the types of bizarre questions he was asked from folks on Reddit.

Polyorchidism is so rare that there has only been 200 cases reported in medical literature. According to Wikipedia, there has been only 6 cases reported in veterinary literature. The cases were of two horses, two dogs and two cats.

For the actual image of the young man’s three testicles, view on

#3 Sorence Owiti Opiyo Has A Penis That’s The Size Of A Baby

penis too big


Sorence Owiti Opiyo is a young man from Kenya. Most men might envy his sexual oddity as he possesses a penis 10 times larger than average. However, they probably wouldn’t want to deal with the suffering it has caused him. Living with a penis the size of a baby, as well as a severely deformed tip has not been easy for Opiyo. In addition to dropping out of school due to being bullied, he also cannot have sexual intercourse, which of course has destroyed his chances of ever becoming a father.

Opiyo’s Strange Disorder

Since Opiyo was 10-years-old, he started to develop a mysterious disease with no name. The first symptom was what doctors believed to be a boil that kept growing.

Despite getting a successful operation to help reduce the swelling, the results were only temporary. His penis continued to grow much larger than ever before. Opiyo is optimistic that one day he might have surgery that will dramatically shrink his penis — permanently.

Images Of Opiyo’s Penis

To view two images of Opiyo’s penis click here.

#4 Juan Baptista dos Santos Had Two Functional Penises

man with two functional penises

Source: Pinterest

Juan Baptista dos Santos was born in Portugal in 1843. According to various sources, he was not only a handsome and fit man, but also had two penises that funtioned perfectly. In addition to having a strong sexual appetite, Santos was also said to have used both penises during intercourse. When he finished having sex with one penis, he would continue using the other. Although Santos was offered big bucks to perform in sideshows and circuses, surprisingly, he turned them down.

In addition to Santos’ sexual abnormality, he also had two legs that were fused together. The fused limbs included a small anus.

View Santos’ two penises on Pinterest.

A Man Living Today With Two Penises

He goes by Diphallic Dude or DoubleDickDude (DDD). The American man does not want to reveal his identity. However, he is in his mid-20s, is bisexual, has two penises (each is 10 inches long), and claims to have had sex with more than 1000 people. He also has a book out called Double Header: My Life with Two Penises.

To view an image of his two penises, visit

Also, read the fascinating interview with DoubleDickDude on Rolling Stone.

Information On The Medical Condition For Possessing Two Penises

The extremely rare developmental abnormality is called diphallia, also called penile duplication (PD). It occurs in only 1 in 5.5 million males births. Since the first case was reported by Swiss physician and philosopher Johannes Jacob Wecker in 1609, there has only been around 1000 cases recorded.

The condition is often accompanied by other congenital defects such as double bladder, anorectal anomalies (medical issues that affect the structure of the anus and rectum), and spina bifida. Penile duplication is believed to develop around 23-25 days of gestation due to the genital tubercle failing to fuse properly. Due to the defects and various infections that are associated with diphallia, infants have a higher death rate.

#5 Blanche Dumas Had Two Functional Vaginas And Four Breasts 

sketch of woman with 2 vaginas

Sketch by Courtney Williams

In 1860, Blanche Dumas was born on the rocky Caribbean island of Martinique. According to the Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine (an encyclopedic collection of extremely rare and extraordinary medical cases), Dumas suffered from a modified duplication of her lower body. Her abnormalities included two underdeveloped legs, a third leg attached to her coccygeus, a duplicate bladder, duplicate bowel, and shockingly — two functional vaginas with equally developed sensitivity.

The Claim Dumas Had 4 Breasts

Some sources claim that Dumas also had two extra rudimentary breasts (with nipples) that were located above the pubic region. Despite the claim, other sources say the extra breasts were nothing more than a stump of another leg. It is believed that in order for promoters to make it look like she had two breasts, they embellished the stump with artificial nipples.

Like Juan Baptista dos Santos, Dumas also had an incredibly high sex drive. She eventually moved to Paris to become a courtesan.

Dumas Meets Santos

Rumor has it that Dumas and Juan Baptista dos Santos had sexual intercourse. Sources claim the two had met when Santos came to Paris for a European tour. If the claim is true, a man with two penises and a high sex drive, and a woman with two vaginas and a high sex drive, certainly had to be the most bizarre sexual relationship to ever take place.

Can A Woman Have Two Uteruses?

Although quite rare, females can be born with two completely separate uteruses, with each uterus having its own cervix. The rare condition is called uterus didelphys. It occurs when the embryogenetic fusion of the paramesonephric ducts fails, resulting in two separate uteruses. Rarely, women with the condition will also have a double vagina.

Below is an image comparing a normal uterus to a double uterus.

one uterus vs two uteruses

Is It Possible To Conceive In Both Uteruses?

pregnant in both uteruses

Although the chances are quite low, it is possible for a woman to become pregnant in two wombs. Medical experts say the possibility of conceiving in both uteruses is around 1 in 5 million.

Below is a link to an interesting story about a woman who had two wombs and became pregnant in both. The baby boy and baby girl are not twins. The reason is because they were conceived nearly 1 week apart, and also because they were growing inside separate uteruses.

Read the full story on The Telegraph.

#6 A Woman Who Had Three Breasts

image of a three-breasted woman

This is a 1917 portrait of a woman who had an accessory breast. She had a condition called polymastia (also known as supernumerary breasts or mammae erraticae). The third breast was located near the axilla (or armpit), and is called the axillary polymastia (a variant of ectopic breast tissue).

Just like normally located breasts, ectopic breast tissue can also undergo the same physiological and pathological processes. However, fibroadenoma in the ectopic breast is reported as a rare entity. Fibroadenoma are non-cancerous tumors that are made up of glandular breast tissue and connective (stromal) tissue. In this particular case, the woman not only had a third breast, but also a third breast that developed a fibroadenoma.

Information On Accessory Breasts

Accessory breasts are usually harmless and may appear with or without a nipple. They can be removed with plastic surgery. The condition is considered a form of atavism, which are the reappearance of a characteristic from a remote ancestor. Interestingly, having an additional breast is most prevalent in male humans.

A Condition Related To Accessory Breasts: The Third Nipple

third nipple

“My Third Nipple” by Stefffffers under CC BY-SA 3.0

The rare condition (occurring in around 1 in 8,000 people) in which an extra nipple is present is called a supernumerary nipple (also known as a third nipple or polythelia). They can appear in both mammals and humans. Actor and producer Mark Wahlberg is just one of several well-known celebrities with a third nipple.

#7 Norma Stitz Has The Largest Breasts On Earth (bra size: 102ZZZ-cup)

The largest natural breasts in the world belong to Annie Hawkins-Turner (better known by her nickname Norma Stitz). Her breast size is said to be an unbelievable 102ZZZ-cup. Each of Hawkins-Turner’s breasts weigh approximately 56 pounds. Due to being chased by unwanted admirers, she hired security guards to help keep her safe.

Thanks to the enormous size of her breasts, Ms. Hawkins-Turner has a successful career as a fetish model. While they have helped her gain money and fame, they have also caused several unwanted issues. In addition to being bullied while out in public, she also deals with physical discomfort. Standing for long periods of time cause numbness in her shoulders. She also refuses to put on a seat belt due to it being too tight across her breasts.

Annie Hawkins-Turner’s Medical Condition

Hawkins-Turner has gigantomastia. It is a benign and rare medical condition that causes excessive breast growth. While the exact cause is unknown, it is believed that it may be due to increased histologic sensitivity to hormones such as female sex hormones, prolactin, and growth factors. The condition can occur in juveniles, and has also been seen in infants.

What Is The Size Of The Largest Unnatural Breasts In The World?

The largest augmented breasts in the world currently belong to German adult model Mayra Hills (better known by her nickname Beshine). At size 32Z, each breast weighs around 20 pounds and contains 10,000 cc of saline.

While some of these seven people with sexual oddities are long gone, there will likely be more who will have a case similar to theirs, or perhaps even more extreme. For both Annie Hawkins-Turner and the Reddit user with three testicles, they do not seem to mind living with their abnormalities. They seem proud of it, and clearly enjoy the attention it has brought them. Hopefully, Opiyo will someday get more treatment to live a better life. With body parts that are out of this world, all seven cases will be remembered for many years to come.

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