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Terrifying Death Pictures for Death Addicts


If you are one of those death addicts, you will love the many death pictures you are about to see. These are the goriest and most shocking on the Internet. In addition to death by natural causes, some lost their lives by murder, suicide, or by the most horrific accidents imaginable.

Warning: The following links lead to websites that show extremely gory images of the deceased. 

The Most Gory Stuff You Will Ever See


world of death

World of Death has a large collection of photos in two main categories called Death and Corpses. Titles of their many web pages include Bad Saw, Shotgun Suicide, Shot In Head, Squished Man, Ran Over, Car Accident, Dead Woman, Road Kill, LA Freeway Suicide and a lot more. The website also has a category called Rashes. It contains several images of people with bizarre diseases.


You’ve probably heard of perhaps the most popular shock site online called BestGore.com. We’ve shared a couple of their pages in the past. This one is called Beheadings. It contains many pages of photos and stories on beheadings from accidents, murders, and of course, ISIS.

In addition to their gruesome and extremely disturbing images taken from actual beheadings, the website also has a section with some sick and unbelievable video clips. If you can’t get enough pictures from BestGore, check out their other section called Gory Pictures.

Documentingreality.com/Real-Faces-of-Death-PicturesReal Faces of Death Pictures

Documenting Reality has many links to graphic images of death from around the world. When you scroll through a page or two of links, the options will seem virtually unlimited.


Dead Person Stock Photos

Getty Images has one of the largest collections of photos you can find online (even on this particular topic). The above link takes you to 100 pages of nothing but real photos of the dead.

Out of all of the horrible things you have seen today, this place has the most disturbing pictures of them all. After looking through a few, you will surely find out why we saved this one for last.

If you just can’t get enough of those gruesome images of the deceased, you will find plenty more on GoreGrish Forums. Visit The Guardian for a fake death picture of Osama bin Laden.