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Horrific Death Videos You Won’t Want To Watch Twice


Here is our collection of links to horrific death videos from a variety of sites around the Web. The deceased lost their lives by either murder, suicide, or an accident. The 3 subcategories contain links that take you to some of the most horrific and scariest video clips in the world.

Warning: This post contains material that may be too disturbing for some viewers. The owners of the web pages in the following list require their viewers to be at least 18 years old.


2016 Nice Truck Attack:

2016 Nice truck attack

We begin our videos of death with a terror attack that took place in Nice, France. On July 14, 2016, crowds were celebrating Bastille Day. A peaceful celebration suddenly went bad. See a terrorist use a 19 tonne cargo truck as a deadly weapon that killed 86 people, and injured 434.

Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel

Following an exchange of gunfire with the French police, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was finally shot and killed. Not long after the attack, Islamic State had claimed responsibility.

Man Is Stabbed To Death

stabbed to death

This video was found on LiveLeak. It shows a man sitting on a bench while another man stabs him multiple times. Shortly after the suspects leaves the scene, the victim dies.

Beaten to Death (scenes from around the world)

Beaten to Death

Here you will find a list of video clips from around the world.  The title of the section is called “Beaten to Death.” These are the cruelest and bloodiest attacks you will ever see.


Man Commits Suicide After Killing His Brother-In-Law:

suicide by train

Here is another gruesome video from BestGore. This gory suicide by train occurred in India. A man was found cut in half near railway tracks not long after murdering his wife’s brother.

Man Jumps Off Roof Of Tall Building

man jumps off building

This video shows a man jump off a tall building. After he hits the ground, the footage continues with the gruesome aftermath.

Nothing But Suicide Videos

suicide by hanging

The above link takes you to BestGore’s category titled “Suicide.” The section includes a total of 57 pages with suicide videos and images from around the world.

Car Accidents

The Aftermath Of A Fatal Lamborghini Accident:

Lamborghini crash

This is a LiveLeak video from Moscow. It is several minutes long, and each moment is very difficult to watch. It shows the aftermath of a fatal Lamborghini accident. The vehicle belonged to well-known mixed martial arts fighter Yandiev Adam (with the nickname “Beard”).

The sports car worth nearly $250,000, was riding at fast speeds. The car rammed the pole, killing one man and putting the other in a coma. We don’t know anything else about his medical condition. If he is alive and able to get around without a wheelchair, it would have certainly been an amazing recovery (with such a bad accident), or what many might call a “miracle.”

Man Decapitated Inside Car with Roof Sliced Off

decapitated man in car

Here is another gory video from Best Gore. The clip shows the lifeless body of a man who was beheaded in a terrible car accident. How it all went down remains a mystery. Other than a headless man inside a car, the website has no description on the details of the tragedy.

A Large Collection of Real Car Accident Videos

Real Car Crashes & Car Accident Videos

If you want to find many options all on just one website, the best place to visit is Documenting Reality. Browse through 191 pages of links to real traffic accidents and car crashes captured on video. Just like the description on the website says, the footage is brutal to watch.

A few of their titles include Bus Squashes a Car into a Truck, Man Died After Crashing His SUV into a Post and Two Pedestrians Crushed to Death by Heavy Cargo Falling from Truck.

That was our list of links to real footage of people in their moments before and after death. For those who just can’t get enough of this stuff, you are in luck. In the future, we plan on adding a few more death videos from some of the most recent and most shocking stories in the world.