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5 Gross Websites You’ll Wish You Never Visited


Welcome to our list of 5 gross websites. These are some of the nastiest places you can find on the Internet. Before proceeding, we must first warn you that if you have a weak stomach, please move on to another post. Even if you think you can handle it, we recommend you keep a barf bag handy. Clearly, these sites were created by people who don’t mind disgusting things.


share my shit

In order to access Share My Shit, you must first confirm that you are not under the age of 18. This website features many images of human and animal feces. They claim to be the first and only true social network for posting and viewing pictures of poop. When you browse through their FAQ page, they mention their website is “Like Instagram… for shit.”


If you can handle looking through the disgusting images on the site, you can also leave a comment, and read through various comments from people around the Web. If you want to share some pictures of your own feces or perhaps one of your pets, hit the “submit your shit” button. This is probably one of the most disgusting websites you will ever visit!


Poop Senders

How about the ultimate gag gift for a friend, or even an enemy? If you are thinking about playing a terrible trick on someone, or are looking for a great way to get sweet revenge, you will surely love With this site, you have the option to send someone stinky poop (a variety of sizes) from a variety of species. You can send them some nasty cow, elephant or gorilla poop.

In addition to the poop, the recipient will also receive a business card contained in the package. If you look at the image above, you see the message on the front of the card. In order to see who sent the package, the recipient must open the bag to find out what is on the back. They will then have to deal with the terrible smell while they attempt to dig out the card. Once they find it, they will see the message located at the right of the image. Talk about making someone very angry.


Rate My Vomit

In a previous article, we mentioned a website that allows you to submit your own poop pictures. The site also allows you to rate poop from others who submitted their pictures. is basically the same concept. You can submit your most favorite vomit and puke images. You also have the option of rating other disgusting vomit pictures on a scale from 1 to 10.


ZapSplat burp sound effects

ZapSplat is a fun music library with thousands of free sound effects. The link takes you to a section with 112 free burp sound effects. The first on their list is called Male, man burp, wet, sickly. A few others include Deep burp 1, Male, 37 years old burp 5 and Burp with slight vomit 1.

After looking through the entire list, we were only able to find 3 female burp sound effects.


pimple popping videos Unfortunately, most people have to suffer with acne at some point in life. You probably have popped many pimples, but the very last thing you want to see is someone popping their own.

Well, there is a site called Pimple Popping Videos. It is a large collection of extremely nauseating videos. When we say “nauseating videos,” we mean it. The footage shows people popping their pimples, cysts and even blackheads.

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Final Words

What do you think about our list of some of the most inane and absolutely disgusting places to visit on the Internet? Pretty nasty right? Out of all five, which one do you find to be the most disgusting? Feel free to share other gross websites that are not on this list.