5 Gross Websites

Welcome to our post on 5 gross websites. If you have a weak stomach, you may want to move on to another post. These sites were created by people who don’t mind disgusting things. Luckily for them, there are still people who are able to handle seeing things that are unpleasant to the senses. Otherwise, there would virtually be no one visiting their site. We will begin with PoopSenders.com.

#1 PoopSenders.com

PoopSenders.comHow about the ultimate gag gift for a friend, or even an enemy? If you are thinking about playing a terrible trick on someone, or are looking for a great way to get sweet revenge, you will surely love PoopSenders.com. With this site, you have the option to send someone stinky poop (a variety of sizes) from a variety of species. You can send them some nasty cow, elephant or gorilla poop.

poop business cardIn addition to the poop, the recipient will also receive a business card contained in the package. If you look at the image above, you see the message on the front of the card. In order to see who sent the package, the recipient must open the bag to find out what is on the back. They will then have to deal with the terrible smell while they attempt to dig out the card. Once they find it, they will see the message located at the right of the image. Talk about making someone very angry.

Though most of these sites may seem completely pointless, this particular site may be useful for many.

#2 RateMyVomit.com

Rate My VomitIn our post called 15 Weird Websites, we mentioned a website that allows you to submit your own poop pictures. The site also allows you to rate poop from others who submitted their pictures.

RateMyVomit.com is basically the same concept. You can submit your most favorite vomit and puke images. You also have the option of rating other disgusting vomit pictures on a scale from 1 to 10 .

#3 CreateBurps.com

CreateBurps.comWith CreateBurps.com, you get to not only create a burp, but you can also email your burp to your friends and family. When it comes to how you want it to sound, you can be extremely specific.

For example, you can choose between 3 odor impacts. The choices are “Get the air freshener,” “Kill the plants,” or “Evacuate the building.” For the impact on others,  you can choose between “Open the door,” “Plug your nose,” or “Drop dead.”  When you are ready to hear your burp, just click on the grey box that says “click here.” You can listen to the burp and also email it by clicking on a link.

#4 PickBoogers.com

PickBoogers.comOn PickBoogers.com, you have privilege to pick yourself a virtual booger. Once you enter the site, just click on the green “Pick A Winner” button that is located underneath the cartoon character.

It will take just a few seconds for your gross booger to be ready. Once it is ready, just click on the button that says “click here,” and you will get a picture of a virtual booger (example in the picture above). The type of booger (such as the color) changes each time the character picks his nose.

#5 PimplePoppingVideos.com

 Unfortunately, most people have to suffer with acne at some point in life. You probably have popped many pimples, but the very last thing you want to see is someone popping their own.

Well, there is a site called Pimple Popping Videos. It is a collection of nauseating videos. You will see people popping their pimples, cysts and even blackheads. Out of all five sites on our list, we think this website was definitely the most difficult to see. When we say “nauseating videos,” we mean it.

Final Words

What do you think about our list of some of the most inane and absolutely disgusting places to visit on the Internet? Pretty nasty right? Out of all five, which one do you find to be the most disgusting? Unfortunately for those who have a very weak stomach, as long as the Internet exists, there will be even more gross websites added to the World Wide Web. Luckily, if you happen to run into a site that you find to be unpleasant to the senses, you can at least hit the back button.