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Scary Shit On The Web

This is the place to find the top scary shit on the World Wide Web. Warning: Some of the following material may not be suitable for all viewers. Our first section will contain links to some extremely terrifying web pages. Our second section will contain some of the most spine-chilling YouTube videos ever. Some of this stuff is so disturbing, you would think it only belongs on the deep Web.

Horrifying Webs Pages

Best Gore ISIS Beheading Video

This is a disturbing video found on the popular gore website called It was reportedly filmed in Syria, and released by the ISIS terrorist group. The footage begins with the beheading of a young man. The last part of the clip shows the brutal execution of ten men.

Best Gore is similar to sites like Goregrish and theYNC. The more time you spend browsing this place, the more frightening and disgusting it will get. Some of their many categories include Animal Encounters, Animal Gore, Autopsy, Burn Victim, Extreme Body Mods, Lynching, Medical, Natural Disasters, Road Accidents, Stoning, Street Fight, War In Iraq and Workplace Accident.

cute dead girlsThe name says it all. This is a place where you will probably only want to spend one minute or less browsing. It is so awful, you will likely want to leave and never come back. Cute Dead Girls has a collection of gross images and video of attractive women who are dead. Their categories include cute dead girls, dead porn stars, images, videos, news, and vintage.

MurderpediaIf there was ever one place to find virtually every murderer who has ever lived, it is here. is a free online encyclopedia dictionary of murderers and serial killers.
If you are interested in learning very detailed information about various male and female serial killers around the world (such as Ed Gein and Leonarda Cianciulli), simply use their index of names and click on the first letter of their last name (you can also search by country). We guarantee that these true stories are so terrifying, they will send chills down your spine.

hire a killerBy looking at the URL, one might think this place is totally fake, or only found in the deep web. However, according to the owner of the website, this company has been in the business of contract killing for over 50 years. If you click on their section called “Services,” you will see a list of all the possible ways you can have your hitman kill your target.

Examples include death by poisoning, an accident (such as drowning), bullet, and killer’s choice. The hitmen supposedly kill dogs, senior citizens, in-laws, ex’s, those annoying customer service representatives, and even people who are famous (including politicians, which these days, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some on a hit list). What is even creepier about this place is that if you go to their “testimonial” section, you will get testimonies of individuals who have hired a hitman, and are apparently satisfied with their services.

So do you think this site is fake? If it is legit, it is extremely scary to know that it isn’t difficult for evil people to find a hitman. Do you think the website is instead used by the Feds to catch suspects who are planning on having someone murdered (such as their husbands or wives)?

faces of suicideOf course, suicide in itself is extremely sad, but actually seeing a bunch of faces of real suicide victims all on one page, can be incredibly disturbing. As soon as you enter Faces of Suicide , you will see pictures of men and women who have taken their own lives. If you click on any of their faces, you will be provided with their information. You will see their name, city and state, date of birth, and date of death. If you have had a friend or loved one who has committed suicide, you can submit their picture by clicking on their “submit a face” button.

If you want to find out if someone died in your current home, or in a home you are interested in purchasing, visit Died In House. The website makes it easy to search any valid U.S. address for deaths that occurred by murder, suicide, meth activity, arson, or other unnatural causes.

So, how does it work? In order to determine if someone has died in a particular home, the company uses data from various sources such as news reports, old death certificates and over 130 million police records. What makes this website useful, is that the results may impact your decision to buy or rent a home you are interested in. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, you probably don’t want to move into a home where a horrific murder or suicide took place.

aliens and childrenOf course, we have all heard claims of alien abduction stories told by adults. However, what is not discussed as often is stories of aliens abducting children. Aliens and Children is a website that features many drawings depicting different aspects of alien abductions. These drawings were created by children who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

scared yetScared Yet is a provider of the Internet’s scariest pictures, stories, and videos from around the world. This place will definitely creep you out. Their categories include disturbing reality, scary pictures, scary stories & Creepypasta, true stories (including some fascinating articles on real serial killers), terrifying videos & GIFs, animations, and creepy monsters.

If you have a scary story, picture, or video of your own you want to share with the world, you can submit it by clicking on their “got a scary story?” section. It may be placed on their website.

Bloody DisgustingIf you love those spooky horror films, you will want to visit Bloody Disgusting. This is the source for all things horror. Besides providing information on various horror films, the website also provides articles about video games, comics, and music. Some of their articles have videos and gory images.

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There you have it. Some incredibly spooky things we found on the Internet. Obviously, our world is not only a strange place, but also a very creepy place. We hope the information contained in this article doesn’t keep you up at night, nor cause nightmares. If you enjoy this particular topic, you may know of more scary shit online. If so, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.