Sexbots are coming soon

Sexbots Become Reality In 2017/18


For the first time ever, sexbots will be equipped with their own personality. Thanks to an advanced artificial intelligence system designed by RealDoll (a sex doll manufacturer), the robot’s personality is customized by the user. RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen says the AI app was engineered so his users can develop an emotional attachment to their sex robots.

The image in our poll is not of a real woman. It is a realistic-looking doll manufactured by RealDoll.

Would You Have Sex With A Sexbot?

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The Early Days

Back in June of 2015, we covered this fascinating topic and also covered the details on two companies who were competing to create a robot that can pleasure both women and men.

TrueCompanion claims to be the first sex robot company ever. Their female model is called Roxxxy. The company claimed she could carry on a conversation, express her love to you and even have an orgasm. She used to be priced at $7,000 to $9,000. These days, you can get her for about $10,000. For the same price, you can get a male version named Rocky.

MacMil Cybernetics has a female model called Susie Software. She ranges from $6,000 to $11,299, which is the same price as in 2015. Their male version is called Harry Harddrive. The company doesn’t make any claims about their robots expressing their love, or having an orgasm. According to their site, they are currently working on a better model (no release date).

If you think these two companies make sophisticated sexbots, wait until you see what will be arriving in the coming months. There is one company that may make TrueCompanion and MacMil Cybernetics look like amateurs. This next sexbot is like Roxxxy and Susie Software on steroids!

tall and advanced female robot

Meet Harmony: The World’s First Sex Robot

April 15, 2017: The Release Of The Harmony AI App

On April 15, 2017, RealDoll will release the Harmony AI app.

Late 2017

In late 2017, RealDoll will release their “robotic head systems.”

What This New Technology Can Do

Brilliant engineers have finally found a way to develop a robot that is capable of having a programmed personality. Over time, Harmony will learn about the user’s personality through interactions. Matt McMullen (RealDoll CEO) thinks users will grow an emotional relationship with their sexbots.

Personalities Harmony Can Have

According to Matt McMullen, many of his clients rely on their imaginations to create a so-called personality for their robot. Luckily, those days are over. With the Harmony app, they can choose from 12 different personality traits. Some of the traits include shy, kind, friendly, naive, intelligent and sexual. They can also choose the strength of a characteristic.

McMullen thinks he could attract people who have a difficult time forming intimate connections with other people. He also believes it will attract people who just want to explore a new technology with their partners.

Cost For Harmony

If you are interested in purchasing Harmony, she doesn’t come at a cheap price. Her head alone is $10,000. So since you’re also going to want the body, you must also purchase a Realdoll. The dolls range from $6,500 (for standard dolls) to $12,000 (more specific dolls).

McMullen says buyers are likely going to pay a $20 yearly subscription for the app.

In the 1980s, the first sex dolls were made in Japan. Unlike the high-grade silicone ReaDoll uses to create their dolls, the dolls back then were made out of plastic. Technology has certainly come a long way.

Coming In 2018

virtual reality

In 2018, Realdoll will release their virtual reality component. The user would be able to take their avatar to a variety of environments. You can even take a trip to the moon.

Robot Ethicists Want To Stop The Development Of Sex Robots

Campaign Against Sex Robots

Logo for the Campaign Against Sex Robots (

Of course, not everyone is going to agree with the production of advanced sexbots. The Campaign Against Sex Robots wants a ban on their development. Some robot ethicists argue that they will actually reinforce a view of women as sexual objects, and also degrade human relationships. And they are not just talking about adults. The ethicists say they will also contribute to detrimental relationships between adults and children.

The Future Of Sex

future of sex

So what is the next step in the sexbot industry? Perhaps a step further would be future robots that are so advanced, you wouldn’t be able to tell they are not human. The European Parliament is already thinking about giving robots legal status as “electronic persons.”

With the advancement of robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, one could only imagine what is coming next. It is quite likely that in the next few decades (or even sooner), it may be considered normal for humans to fall in love with their sex robots.

In December of 2016, a “Love and Sex with Robots” conference took place at Goldsmith University in London. David Levy (author of the book Love and Sex with Robots) made an interesting prediction. He thinks human-robot marriages will be legal by 2050. Although the prediction may seem a bit far-fetched in 2017, we could be living in an entirely different world in 2050.