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Stanley Hotel: A List Of The Most Haunted Rooms


One of America’s most haunted hotels is located in Estes Park, Colorado. For decades, reported ghost sightings at the Stanley Hotel has attracted many visitors from all over the world. If you are not afraid of ghosts, then this is one place you will want to visit before you die. Before you book a room, you may want to learn about which of this 142-room hotel are the most haunted.

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Where The Spirits Hang Out At The Stanley: 10 Haunted Rooms

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Here are 10 rooms (from floors 2-4) with a history of reported ghost activity.

The Second Floor

the room in the Shining

If you plan on visiting the 2nd floor of the Stanley, you will definitely want to visit room #217 (proceed to find out why). The above image was taken outside of the room sometime during the night.

Room 217

Perhaps the most popular room in the entire property of the Stanley Hotel is room #217. It is the room where Stephen King got his inspiration for the film The Shining in the 1970’s. It is also the room where actor Jim Carrey stayed when he filmed the 1994 comedy Dumb and Dumber. Well, not actually stayed the night. Unlike King, Carrey only lasted a few hours until he demanded an entirely different hotel for unknown reasons.

In addition to the famous staying in room 217, this room is also believed to be the place that former maid employee Elizabeth Wilson spends a lot of time in. Ms. Wilson once had a serious accident that occurred in this room in the early 1900’s. An explosion from a gas leak had sent her through the floor and left her with two fractured ankles. While she died back in the 1950’s (and not at the hotel), many believe she still comes and haunts room 217.

Guests report a variety of activity such as strange noises, their luggage unpacked, and unmarried couples who say they feel someone in their bed lying between them. Perhaps Ms. Wilson lays between the unmarried couples because she wants to support the morality standards of her particular time.

The Third Floor

third floor of the Stanley

Here are several haunted rooms you can find on the 3rd floor of the Stanley.

Room 301

A guest who stayed in room 301 reported the sounds of a basketball being bounced in the middle of the night. A bouncing basketball, with no basketball court at the Stanley. The report also included the claim of a cell phone that was moved while the guests were out of the room.

Room 302

Guests who have stayed in room #302 claim to see a shadow that walks near the walls. Also, there have been reports of photographs flying off the walls.

Room 313

Room #313 is believed to be haunted by a former maid employee who was involved with a married man. When the man left her, she supposedly committed suicide in room 313.

Note: The claim of hauntings in this particular room has the least information online of all rooms in this list. For more information visit

Room 324

According to various sources on the Web, room #324 is said to be one of the most active haunted rooms at the Stanley. With sources making the claim, you would think there would be a specific story out there. We were unable to find much information on ghost encounters that occurred here. However, for an interesting story which involves room 324, visit The Daily Beast.

The Fourth Floor

Stanley Hotel room 428

The 4th floor has a large number of rooms reported to have ghost activity.

Room 401

An Irish male ghost named Lord Dunraven haunts room #401. Despite never even visiting the Stanley, the property was built on land that he once owned. Men who stay in 401 have reported someone pressing them into bed.

For women, the room must be even creepier. While in the closet, some lady guests say they feel a hand moving up the back of their leg, or their hair being played with. There are also claims of someone placing their arm around their waist.

Room 407

Several different types of ghost activity have been reported in room #407. This includes the lights turning on and off, unexplained noises, the feeling someone is sitting at the edge of the bed, and a face that can be seen in the window of the room from the outside of the hotel.

Room 413

In room #413, some guests say they have seen a man who is dressed in old-fashioned clothing. He stands in the corner of the room. On the outside door of this room, there have also been claims of a man’s face that’s inside a blue ball.

Room 418

In room #418, guests have reported the presence of ghost children. They claim that located outside the doors of the room are the sounds of mischievous kids playing and laughing in the middle of the night. Below are more claims from past guests who stayed the night in room 418.

  • Hangers will move on their own.
  • The lights in the bathroom will turn on and off on their own.
  • In the middle of the night, the covers are removed.
  • A 4-year-old girl claimed she was tickled by a little boy ghost late at night.

According to, room 418 is said to be the most haunted of them all.

Room 428

The featured image of our section on the fourth floor shows room #428 (taken outside of the room). In this room, guests report seeing a cowboy ghost. While he is said to hang out for a few minutes, no one (including paranormal investigators) has ever been able to capture an image of him. If you are a female and visit this room, based on experiences from past guests, you just might wake up and find this guy trying to give you kisses.

The Basement

original basement of the Stanley Hotel

This list would not be complete without sharing the story of a ghost that haunts the basement of the Stanley Hotel. As the story goes, Lucy was a homeless girl who sought refuge in the hotel’s basement.

The winter was very cold, and Lucy had no place to stay. Knowing the Stanley was not occupied during the winter months, she snuck into the basement. She found a warm spot, and probably survived for several days. However, the caretaker of the Stanley didn’t take kindly to freeloaders. He finally found the stray girl living in the basement. Without a thought, he kicked her back outside into the cold, brutal winter.

Lucy probably only survived a few hours out in the cold. She froze to death that night. But, her spirit survived the cold. It returned to the basement of the Stanley, and she has haunted it ever since. Lucy is often seen in the basement of the concert hall. So, if you feel a cold feeling creep up your spine, this might be Lucy letting you know that she is still there. Others claim to have seen a young girl in a pink dress, playing in the concert hall. Poor Lucy has staked her claim over the property, commonly slamming doors and making a ruckus. She won’t be removed now!

concert hall Stanley

The Concert Hall (Source:

the scariest hotel in America

For more information on the Stanley Hotel’s rooms and reservations, visit their official website. If you are not interested in staying a night, you may want to check out one of their ghost tours.