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6 People With Extra Body Parts


This is a post on 6 people with extra body parts. The following pictures and video footage may be disturbing for some viewers. While some on this list were born with an additional body part, others acquired them later in life. Whether it’s an extra ear that’s embedded on a man’s forehead, or a baby born with a duplicate face, each have their own fascinating story.

#1 Indian Man Has Two Hearts That Beat As One


Suresh is a 45-year-old man from India. In addition to living with heart failure, he also suffers from high lung pressure. Unfortunately, it made him too weak to have a successful traditional single transplant. If he had the surgery with high lung pressure, the new organ would likely fail.

Doctors had no choice but to come up with another plan that could help save his life.They decided to go with the procedure called heterotopic heart transplantation (also known as piggyback transplantation). This particular operation is the first of its kind in Asia.

On May 31, 2017, doctors at Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital, Coimbatore, India, performed this extremely challenging operation.

Here is what happened with Suresh’s successful heterotopic heart transplantation.

  • To act as an “assistant” if complications occur, Suresh’s original heart is left in place.
  • Surgeons connected the small donor heart to the right side of his chest.
  • After the operation was completed, Suresh was left with two hearts beating in tandem.
  • Now he not only has an XY chromosome heart, but also an XX chromosome heart from the female donor.
  • Despite Suresh’s original heart only having 10 percent function, it continues to beat as it sits next to the donor heart. The two hearts are now working together successfully — as one.

Visit this link to see a video of both hearts in action.

#2 Baby Girl Born With Two Faces

On March 10, 2008, Lali Singh was born in a northern Indian village. Her rare congenital disorder left her with two faces, four eyes, two pairs of lips, two noses and two mouths. Singh’s ears were the only facial feature that was not duplicated.

Singh was loved and worshiped by many. Locals considered Singh to be a goddess and a reincarnation of various Hindu Gods. Her parents believed she was a gift from God. Every day, over 100 visitors would come to her home to offer money and receive blessings.

Sadly, just two months after Lali Singh’s birth, a massive heart attack took her life.

A Single Head With Two Faces: Singh’s Rare Condition

Craniofacial duplication (also known as Diprosopus) is an extremely rare condition that causes partial to complete duplication of facial features. It is caused by abnormal activity by the protein SHH (sonic hedgehog). Most infants with the abnormality are stillborn. Craniofacial duplication can also occur in animals.

#3 Surgery Gone Wrong Leaves A Woman With Four Breasts

four breasts


Kailan is a US woman who only wanted breast enhancement surgery. Instead, at the young age of 19, she got four breasts. Prior to the operation, she visited with the doctor to discuss her desired breast size. The problem was, it didn’t happen. The so-called surgeon told her the operation would take less than 15 minutes. As you can see, he did a horrible job. The implants were placed too high, making her natural breasts too low. The careless procedure left Kailan with two natural breasts, and two breast implants.

Kailan’s Most Usefull Kind Of Tape: Duct Tape

With two breasts that are too high, and two others that are too low, Kailan was forced to tape all four breasts every day. The abnormality lead her to hide from the outside world. Luckily, she found a real surgeon that fixed her problem. Two LA doctors removed the bad implants and replaced them with new ones — this time, in the correct position.

#4 A Man With Two Functional Penises

A young American man known as Double Dick Dude (DDD) is famous for his two 10 inch penises. He is bisexual, and claims to have slept with over 1000 men and women. The man lives with a medical condition that only occurs in 1 in 5.5 million males births. In over 400 years since the first reported case in 1609, only 1000 cases have been recorded. The condition is called diphallia (or penile duplication). Surprisingly, the man seems to be quite healthy, and also very happy to be living a life with two functional sex organs.

#5  Man Has 3 Eyebrows — Doctors Insert Balloons That Look Like Boobs

man with 3 eyebrows


George appeared on the show, “Botched.” While visiting Italy, he was riding a moped. On his way to the pharmacy to get medicine, he passed out and then crashed into a steel fence. With blood gushing out of his head, George went to a hospital to find a plastic surgeon. Instead of getting a plastic surgeon, he received the assistance of an emergency room physician.

While George seemed to be more concerned about getting cosmetic surgery, the physician was more interested in saving his life. The injuries were stitched up, and the scab eventually fell off, leaving a gap in between George’s left eyebrow. The gap made him look like a man with three eyebrows. He was also concerned about the larger part of his left eyebrow being located in the middle of his forehead. With intentions to fix his abnormality, he turned to plastic surgeons.

The Procedure That Left George With Inflatable Balloons In His Head

The severe tissue damage on George’s forehead caused it to be extremely tight. Doctors used balloon expansions to stretch out the skin and get enough soft tissue to safely perform surgery. Once the balloons are filled, they are said to look larger than a tennis ball. Here is what George said about the balloons in his head: “It feels like I have a boob in both sides of my head.”

After surgeons stretched the skin enough to allow them to make a new eyebrow, the balloons were removed. The rest of the procedure involves the removal of the scar, and reconnecting the eyebrow. Today, George is happy because he is now living his life with only two eyebrows.

#6 Doctors Grow An Extra Nose On This Man’s Forehead 

Xiaolian is a young man from China. Due to an infection following a car accident, his nose was irreparably damaged. Instead of reforming the original nose during an operation, doctors decided to form a second nose on his forehead. Surgeons used tissue expanders, which were placed under the skin on the forehead. Then, the skin was cut to resemble a nose.

According to Dr. Patrick Byrne, the director of Facial, Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, forehead skin is used to reform noses. The reason the forehead is the preferred area is simply because it is the closest match to skin on the nose.

Byrne believes that doctors in China likely used the forehead skin for the interior part of the nose because the original tissue was too damaged.

Reimplantation Surgery 

While Xiaolian’s nose is transplanted, Surgeons will take cartilage from his rib and use it to give the nose added structure. The goal is to make the new nose look and function like the old one used to. That includes a breathing passage way, and the ability to smell. Possible complications can occur after Xiaolian’s transplant. For the first 18 months after surgery, a simple infection can cause the cartilage to disintegrate, which might make the nose look and function worse than it did before the operation.

Since this story went viral in 2013, there have been no updates online regarding Xiaolian’s reimplantation surgery. If we get new information, we will immediately add it to this article.

Doctors In China Grow A New Ear On A Man’s Arm

ear on forearm


A horrific accident in 2015 lead to the loss of a Chinese man’s right ear. Feeling incomplete, the man wanted his ear back. Similar to Xiaolian’s case of building an extra nose, Chinese doctors took cartilage from his ribs to build a new ear. Once the ear was fully grown, it was removed from the arm, and successfully transplanted to his head.

Sadly, even with the best surgical practices available, not all abnormalities (congenital or acquired) can be cured. What is unfortunate is that surgery can sometimes be the actual cause.

One can acquire an unwanted abnormality due to poor surgical practices. Interestingly for some people who undergo a surgical implantation procedure, it is the extra body part that either helped save their life, or allowed them to live a better life.

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to learn about a variety of animals who live with additional body parts, visit this link:

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