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Meet people who take huge risks to perform their dangerous hobbies.  Also learn the interesting science behind these outrageous acts.  We must warn you not to try any of these at home.  They are performed by brave professionals with years of experience.  Trying to perform these acts without any professional experience may cause a serious injury or even death.


After reading about some of these hazardous hobbies, you will probably want to read more.  We will keep providing related content that is sure to be amusing, entertaining and stunning.  So sit back and enjoy learning and watching some of the craziest and most courageous performances.

3 Dangerous And Strange Hobbies

We all have our own interests and hobbies we engage in.  Some are completely normal while others are considered to be unconventional or even repulsive.  Regardless if some are looked at as odd, there are people that practice their unusual hobbies on a regular basis.

People choose to engage in their strange choice of hobby for not only the fun and adventure, but also for the risky thrill and adrenaline they get out of it. Every time they attempt their act, they are taking the chance of a serious injury or even a fatality.  Please do not try any of these crazy stunts at home. They should only be done by experienced professionals with many years of good practice under their belt. read more