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Welcome to our list of sources for shrunken heads for sale. We will provide you with links to various websites that sell synthetic and real shrunken heads. All sites have been thoroughly checked for quality and safe web browsing. Just in case you are not looking to spend a lot of money, we have information on a site that offers replicas for an extremely low price. You will also see the sites that provide the realistic-looking heads.


We are going to provide you with fascinating information and video on the history of shrunken heads. You will learn the process of how various tribes created them, as well as why. If you happen to buy a real human head (confirmed by a professional), you will definitely have one of the rarest finds to add to your curiosity cabinet. You may even want to show it off to the world and take it to Obscura Oddities in New York. Especially if you find a female. Females are even more rare than the males. Good luck in finding your next oddity addition.

Robley with Mokomokai collection_2

Shrunken Heads (History & How You Can Buy One Of Your Own)

Shrunken heads are becoming a popular topic in today’s oddities business. More and more people are seeking them for purchase. Without a doubt, a head would make a great addition to a collection of curiosities. However, if you’re looking for a real shrunken head, finding it is not so easy. This doesn’t mean they are not out there. You just have to look hard to find one.

real shrunken heads Ripley's

Several real human shrunken heads from Ripley’s Believe It or Not! The image was taken at a Oddities & Curiosities Expo in Denver, Colorado (October 2019). In the middle is a real child shrunken head.

In this post, we will talk about their up and coming industry and history. We will go into the details of how they were made in the past. Our featured image shows a man by the name of Horatio Gordon Robley. He is sitting proud with his large collection of severed and preserved heads back in 1895. Robley was an artist and collector of Mokomokai (preserved heads of Māori people). Although the heads are severed and not shrunk, we thought we would share this amazing image with you. Of course, to many, the picture can be extremely creepy and very difficult to look at. read more