Oddities For Sale: A Collector’s Guide To The Oddest Products Online


So you are looking to find some oddities for sale, but don’t know where to start? Well, no need to look any further. We put together a useful list of the most bizarre products the Internet has to offer. Each link will take you to a reputable and secure online oddities store.

From replica human skulls, to extremely rare authentic shrunken heads, this web page has it all! Enjoy adding the coolest, and of course, the weirdest products to your curiosity cabinet.

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Where To Find The Weirdest Stuff On The Web

Unique Gifts: OddityMall.com

unique gifts

If you are seeking unique gifts for family or friends, OddityMall.com is an excellent source. They are a web magazine featuring odd gifts for men, gifts for geeks, weird gadgets, kid stuff and more. The website sells a calculator shaped like a game controller, Star Wars Darth Maul Lightsaber night light, Back To The Future DeLorean iPhone case, a Lego man ice cube tray and a lot more.

Taxidermy Stores

taxidermy stores

Taxidermy is an art involving the preparing, stuffing and mounting of the skins of animals. They are created to look realistic and are often surrounded by accessories to create a specific theme.

Taxidermy.net is a great site for useful information and links to reputable suppliers. A great online supplier with a vast selection is eBay. They offer a wide range of taxidermy mounts. You can also visit The Taxidermy Store. They offer thousands of quality mounts acquired from various sources.


butt art using animal fur

This is a screenshot of what the store Taxidermy Trophies For Sale calls “Behind Art.” The name of this item is “Motorhead Goat Man.” The link above this odd decor will take you to their very interesting Oddities category, which has many products that were made from real animals!

Visit our large list of websites that sell taxidermy for many more options.

Bizarre Taxidermy Dioramas

Taxidermy Diorama

The Rodent Funeral

Dioramas are three-dimensional figures that represent a scene. The scenes can be of real life situations or pure make believe. The image above is an odd taxidermy diorama from a site called One Shot Variety (no longer active). It is a make believe story about mice attending their father’s funeral due to an unexpected death. It features three taxidermy mice and one mummified mouse.

This is a perfect example of a truly one of a kind taxidermy diorama creation. There are not a lot of these bizarre dioramas for sale online. There are many people that prefer to just create their one of a kind piece and display it in their curiosity cabinet.  However, there are a few sites like Loved To Death that create their taxidermy dioramas and offer them for sale.


If you want a large selection of the strangest taxidermy diorama themes, visit Etsy.


1stdibs.com is an antique and modern furniture, jewelry, fashion and art store. Visit their website for more taxidermy dioramas.

Dried Insects

dried wasp


Although most of us think of insects as just ugly pests, some like to collect them. There are a variety of websites that sell insects from various species. Sites like eBay provide a wide range (including non-insects) such as butterflies, Phyllium bioculatum, beetles and much more. You can even get them in a nice frame to hang up on your wall. Insect Sale is a website that sells real dried insects from around the world. If you like to create insect dioramas, this is a great source.

Find more insects on Butterfliesandthings.com. 

Insect Dioramas


If you are interested in a insect diorama, visit Bug Under Glass. They provide one of a kind dioramas. Each have their own story to tell. Some of the work from this website has been featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not! museum (located in Hollywood, California).


You can find more insect dioramas on Etsy.com.

For a large list of sites that sell insects (including non-insects), visit our post called Insects For Sale.

Real & Replica Shrunken Heads

Shrunken heads are human heads that were severed and specially prepared. They were used for the purpose of trophy, ritual and trade. They are certainly a popular item that collectors hunt for.

You can find plenty of fake shrunken heads online. However, if you want a real one, there are not as many options. For a list of links to several providers of fake heads, visit our previous post on shrunken heads. The post also provides information on legally obtaining a genuine shrunken head.

Realistic Shrunken Heads: Salangome.com/shrunken-heads-for-sale

Visit Salangome.com for replica shrunken heads made in Ecuador by indigenous artisans. To make the head look realistic, they are crafted from animal skin.

Real Skulls & Skeletons 

real skeletons


The Bone Room has about a dozen genuine human skeletons for sale. The site sells both plain and muscle insertion skeletons. Prices range from around 4 to 6 thousand dollars. They also have disarticulated human skeletons.


Their real human skulls section includes normal skulls, demonstration skulls, fetal and child skulls, pathological human skulls and Kapalas.


The Bone Room also sells real animal skulls.


You can find disarticulated and articulated real human skeletons at Skulls Unlimited. The prices average around $4,800 each.


For real human skulls, check out Skulls Unlimited’s selection. They also sell replica human skulls and skeletons.

Exploded Skulls

Exploded skulls (also called Beauchene skulls) are becoming yet another popular oddity or sale.  They are disarticulated skulls that are cleaned and mounted for display.  They can be used for educational purposes to provide a better understanding of the skull and its bones.

The method for creating an exploded skull was first developed by a 19th Century French anatomist named Claude Beauchene in the mid 1800’s.  It was originally created to help him get a better look and understanding of the human skull’s cranial and facial bones.

You may think cutting is involved to completely disarticulate the skull, but this is not the case.  A method called internal cranial expansion does the job.  The goal is to ensure the skull maintains its natural shape.  Cutting the skull would likely compromise its integrity.

Ryan Matthew (from Oddities TV show) has become a sensational creator of exploded skulls of not only humans, but other species as well.  He uses his techniques to meticulously disarticulate and mount piece by piece.  Although exploded skulls are an extreme rarity today, they are becoming a much desired treasure for collectors around the world.  These unusual type of skulls can cost thousands of dollars.

For a large list of websites that sell skulls, visit our post called Skulls For Sale.

Wet Specimens

Many oddity collectors will often have a few wet specimens displayed in their curiosity cabinets. Luckily, there are so many different wet specimens for sale online and offline. They can be the brain of a cow or even a lung of a human.  Of course, human organs are a bit more challenging to find than animal organs.  Wet specimens are suspended in a liquid for preservation.

What collectors really love to find are specimens of an organ that was abnormal or diseased.  Before they make their purchase, it is recommended they get the exact condition verified by an experienced pathologist.  After all, what good is a specimen without knowing its details?

Where To Find Wet Specimens For Sale


Etsy.com provides wet specimens from many different species. They also offer a wide range of many other oddities for sale online.

Find more wet specimens at CuriousNatureShop.com/wet-specimens.

Horror Dolls

horror dolls

If you are looking for a horrific-looking doll that will creepy out your friends and family, you have many options. Below are links to eBay and Etsy listings. Both have dolls that look like they came straight from a horror film. They range from a bit creepy, to extremely creepy.


For one of a kind Gothic and horror dolls, check out eBay.


Perhaps the scariest-looking dolls can be found on Etsy’s Horror Doll page.

Unusual Jewelry

skull ringBelow are links that send you to dealers who sell the oddest jewelry you can find.



Weird Art

where to find weird art


Fine Art America has some of the most bizarre paintings you will ever see. What makes this place stand out even more is the many options you get. When you click on the image to a painting, you get a selection of 5 categories. Each category has a drop-down list with options to change the painting to things such as shower curtains, throw pillows, beach towels and yoga mats.

For more bizarre art you can purchase, click here.


The Walking Dead life size bust

If you are looking for some amazing hand made art, come to The Dead Body Store. As you can see from The Walking Dead bust (featured image), the work is incredible. The website sells realistic and detailed full size zombie busts (like The Walking Dead and Sugar Skull busts).

You can also find a selection of Halloween latex masks such as Twisty the Clown and Snuggles the Clown. There is also a section on the site called Creepy Cool Stuff, which includes a replica necklace that was originally created for the character Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. It features 4 individually sculpted ears molded in latex and placed on a bootlace.

Obscura Antiques and Oddities

If you really want to find the best and most unique oddities for sale, check out Obscura Antiques and Oddities shop.  Since November of 2010, the television series “Oddities” has been shown on the Science Channel.  Since it first took off, it has become a big hit.  If you love the weird stuff in life and want the real deal, you will definitely find it here.

Obscura is a popular and reputable oddities store located in Manhattan, New York. They have a variety of odd items including mummified human body parts, wet specimens, odd taxidermy and much more. The video below shows a medical preparation head that was donated to science around 100 years ago. It definitely made a good impression for their first-time visitors.

How To Purchase From Obscura Online

Here is a link to Obscura’s Antiques and Oddities online store. They sell various products such as an original sideshow banner from the 1930-40’s, a raccoon penis bone and a mummy head snow globe.

Thanks for reading our organized and easy-to-use list of links to the strangest online stores around. We hope you were able to find the perfect weird product. The next time you want to add to your bizarre collection, or purchase an odd gift for a friend or loved one, come back here. As products and web stores come and go, we will continue to update this list with only the latest and most unique oddities for sale. Feel free to comment on other great finds of your own!