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Have you ever imagined what species outside of Earth might look like? Weird aliens with very distinctive features are likely in vast numbers throughout the cosmos. There is certainly a lot of space for life. With around 100 billion stars per galaxy and around 100 billion galaxies just in the observable Universe alone, we have barely scratched the surface. There are likely many more planets, stars and galaxies yet to be discovered.


Scientists think there is probably a massive amount of bacteria life out there, but they think advanced life is likely very rare. Even with the modern technology we have today, we have yet to find even simple forms of life. However, if we do, it will be perhaps the biggest discovery in all of mankind. There is hope that in the near future we will find simple forms of life on Saturn’s largest moon Titan. It is the only moon in our solar system that has clouds with a dense and planet-like atmosphere. It would be even more incredible to find weird-looking aliens with advanced capabilities beyond our comprehension. Let’s explore this exciting topic.

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What Do Aliens Look Like?

What do aliens look like? If you believe they exist, you’ve probably wondered what they might actually look like. Hollywood has commonly portrayed their appearance as little grey or green men with big eyes and a big head, or large monster-looking beings equipped to destroy the human race. However, what do you think they really look like? Of course, this is a question scientists are diligently working on and nobody can answer at this time. Regardless, for now we can only speculate what simple as well as advanced life might be like. One thing is certain, we must keep an open mind. There are still many facts about the cosmos we know, but many more we still don’t know. However, we are definitely aware of its incredible size. read more