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What Do Aliens Look Like?


What do aliens look like? If you believe they exist, you’ve probably wondered what they might actually look like. Hollywood has commonly portrayed their appearance as little grey or green men with big eyes and a big head, or large monster-looking beings equipped to destroy the human race. However, what do you think they really look like? Of course, this is a question scientists are diligently working on and nobody can answer at this time. Regardless, for now we can only speculate what simple as well as advanced life might be like. One thing is certain, we must keep an open mind. There are still many facts about the cosmos we know, but many more we still don’t know. However, we are definitely aware of its incredible size.

According to the best scientific estimates, there are approximately 100 billion stars per galaxy with approximately 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe alone. There are likely a whole lot more we are not yet aware of. We are going to investigate the cosmos and speculate what life elsewhere might look like. We will be focusing mostly on intelligent life forms. So let your imagination run wild as we explore the cosmos in search for alien life.

Speculating The Anatomy And Functionality Of An Advanced Alien

We are about to share some fun and exciting guesses of what life outside our planet may look like. Although it may be even more of a challenge to guess the functions of alien life, we will give it our best educated guesses based off of extensive research, common sense, the evolution process and theories from reputable scientists. Let’s explore other forms of life.

What Dinosaurs May Have Looked Like Today



Dinosauroid Reptoid

Dinosauroid Reptoid” by Cryptohunter is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

We all know that the dinosaur species was wiped off the planet around 65 million years ago. Have you ever wondered what they may have looked like if they were still roaming the Earth today? Some scientists think that if Earth’s dinosaurs had not become extinct, they may have evolved into upright creatures with bigger intelligent brains. Imagine these extremely massive beings that are also super intelligent. Talk about the ultimate evolved creature.

Perhaps The Closest Simple Life: The Paper Species On Titan

We will first start off with the closest form of life that has a very high chance of being found. If we find life in our own back yard, then life is likely abundant throughout the cosmos.

In the past, we used to only be able to study our own moon up close. We now have built spacecrafts capable of going to other moons. Interestingly, we are now able to see how diverse our solar system really is. Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, may be the first place we will discover life outside Earth. With its complex molecules, sources of energy and liquids, it has a high potential of supporting life. With extremely cold conditions on Titan, life may not necessarily be advanced, but there is a good chance of simple organisms living in methane.

Like Earth, Titan has deserts, rivers and lakes. However Earth’s rivers and lakes flow with water, Titan’s flow with methane. Even the rain of Titan is methane and not water. Scientists have had a strategy of looking for life only where there is water. While it is true that water can be a reliable indicator pointing to possible life, many have agreed to keep their options open for not just planets and moons with water, but also other liquids. We cannot limit our options. Scientists now believe life can thrive without water and may be living in methane.

Why Life In Water Doesn’t Need To Be Big

On Earth, bacteria doesn’t need to grow big to survive and thrive. Since water dissolves almost everything, it provides a nutrient-rich environment where small and simple life brings success.

Why Life In Methane Is Likely Large

Unlike life in water, it is likely beneficial for species living in Titan to be large if they live in methane. Their huge surface area would maximize the uptake of food from the nutrient-poor methane.

The Spectacular Findings Of  The Cassini-Huygens Probe

In 2005, the landing of the Cassini-Huygens probe may have lead us towards the biggest scientific discovery of all time. After parachuting through Titan’s atmosphere, its job was to sample gases as it goes. After sampling the upper and middle atmosphere layers, it then reached the ground level. What it found is in the ground level, there was a drop off of the concentration of hydrogen. Scientists assume that if the calculations are correct, the only explanation for hydrogen depletion is that biological life is consuming it. The Huygens find is just one measurement used with computer calculations. In order to confirm the hydrogen depletion, more tests with direct measurements must take place. However, if it is confirmed to be correct, the next step will likely be aimed at finding out what these creatures look like.

What Would Life On Titan Look Like?

Scientists think life on Titan would look like large sheets of paper. Living in liquid methane and not liquid water, the creature would likely be an enormous single-celled organism. We can now only wait and see what is going to be discovered. What an exciting time to be alive.

What Discovering Life On Titan Could Mean

If we find life on Titan, it would be a strong indicator that life must be spread all over the cosmos. If we found life on Mars, it may be explained by the collision of rocks from Earth in the violent beginning of the Solar System. However, the chance of this happening on Titan, is extremely low. Titan is too far away from the Earth. Finding even the simplest life in our own Solar System may happen soon. It would be more exciting than man’s first visit to the moon.

Titan And Earth Comparison

Titan and Earth Comparison

Do Aliens Resemble Humans?

Armor Alien

Amor Alien” by Laura Molina is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

If you have pondered what life outside Earth may look like, you probably have wondered if they look just like humans. According to professor Simon ­Conway Morris of evolutionary paleobiology at Cambridge University, he thinks aliens would look just like humans.

Simon believes they will not only look like humans in their appearance, but will also have human qualities like greed, violence and weaknesses. He states that Darwinian evolution is predictable and that with a biosphere, evolution takes over. However, in the next section, we will discuss the important role that gravity plays in shaping the appearance of life.

The Important Role Of Gravity And How It Shapes Life

All life on Earth has evolved under 1g (gravity). Let’s take a look at what life would look like based on the gravity of a planet or moon. Whether the gravity is weaker or stronger than Earth, there would likely be a big change in the appearance of a macroorganism (organism that can be seen with the naked eye). They would likely look a lot different than a human.

Life On Planets With Weaker Gravity Than Earth


Jumper” by P. Fraundorf is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

With life on a planet or moon with just 1/2 the gravity of Earth’s, they would likely be tall and extremely thin-looking creatures. Just like humans, intelligent aliens would also likely have two arms and two legs. This is because it is a very simple, but efficient body design.

Life On Planets With Stronger Gravity Than Earth

Life On Strong Gravity Planet

Life On Strong Gravity Planet

Life with strong gravity (2g or higher) would be quite different. The alien would likely be slow moving with thick elephant-like legs and a strong tail to support its weight. Perhaps with the gravity of 5g, they would be permanently in a squatting position and no longer upright.

Are Aliens A Human-Animal Hybrid?

Barnum Fidschi Meerjungfrau

Barnum Fidschi Meerjungfrau

There are probably a lot of weird-looking aliens living throughout the cosmos. There may be species that will look part human and part animal. We really just don’t know. In terms of biochemistry, it is likely that life elsewhere would be somewhat similar to life seen on Earth.

If you take a look at all of the life we have on Earth, it is built on a form of carbon chemistry called organic chemistry. Located within the interstellar medium, you will find the same compounds. However, it is possible that some aliens may be organisms that are built from elements we would not ever expect to successfully make life. They may be in the form of non-carbon-based life. They may even be made up of elements we do not yet know about.

The Civilization Of Advanced Aliens

Alch Bot

Alch Bot” by Author’s Own Work is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Science fiction has certainly created its own versions of what advanced alien life may look like. It is highly likely that advanced alien life outside of Earth is far more advanced than human life. Chances are very low that they have our level of development. This is because they are likely thousands, millions or perhaps even more years ahead of us. The Earth is only about 4.54 billion years old with a older Universe of around 13.8 billion years old.

So when we get our first legit signal from intelligent life, it will likely not be from a little grey man with big eye balls. They may be signals from aliens of artificial intelligence. On a very distant planet far away from the planet Earth, evolution may have developed super intelligent alien machines. Life may not contain any biological forms and if mechanical life has enough power, there is probably no limit to how large or complex it can become.

Instead of just having a brain in their head, it is possible that the aliens have developed the technology to reorganized themselves so they can actually share their thinking loads amongst others members of the species. This is similar to distributed processing with computers. With that said, the advanced evolution of aliens may have produced a living machine planet that thrives with the combined intelligence of billions of advanced alien minds.

For Now, We Can Only Imagine The Possibilities

ALIENatedOf course, alien life may be unlike any life we know, or it is possible that it doesn’t even exist. However, with the massive size of the cosmos, chances are very high that there is life all over. Intelligent life is likely very rare, but is probably out there. Believe it or not, there are stories of some people actually believing aliens are currently living among us right now.

The video below discusses what aliens may look like according to several factors such as environmental conditions and chemical composition. Life evolves to suit its environment. Interestingly, there are planets with environments and makeup that are totally bizarre.

For instance, scientists have recently found a large planet (twice the size of Earth) that is likely covered with graphite and diamond rather than water and granite. This is just an example of all the wild possibilities that are out there. Of course, with a temperature of around 3,900F, life is likely not possible there. However, we have been wrong before.

We used to think life can not exist deep in the ocean without sunlight because it would be too cold and dark, until we later were proven wrong. Another reason to keep an open mind. At this time, we can only imagine what creatures outside our planet look like.

So what do aliens look like? After reading this post, your imagination has probably gone totally wild. You may have envisioned how their faces, body structures and colors of their skin (if they have it) may be like.  Surely, some of them may seem absolutely comical.

If we happen to encounter an intelligent alien, we may think they are crazy-looking, but they may think the same about us. Just as they are a mystery to us, we are likely a mystery to them. Share your thoughts on the many possible life forms that may be roaming the cosmos.