Taxidermy For Sale

Taxidermy For Sale


If you are looking to find a variety of taxidermy for sale, you have certainly come to the right place. There is no need to spend hours looking for reputable online suppliers because we already did it for you. We searched through the World Wide Web and put together a list of taxidermy suppliers.

In a previous post, we briefly mentioned taxidermy and provided a couple of links to suppliers. Today, we will provide many websites links to the most reliable suppliers online. Of course, our post will not consist of every type of taxidermy animal. However, we have provided a wide range. Whether you are looking for small, medium or large animals, we have the sources all in one post.

Small & Medium Animals For Sale

Bobcat Taxidermy

bobcat taxidermyIf you are looking to purchase a bobcat taxidermy, there are plenty of sites that provide them. You can find a wide selection of beautiful bobcat trophies on eBay. You can also find a wide selection at the Taxidermy Trophies For Sale store. It is a great website with plenty of unique animal mounts.

Squirrel Taxidermy

Like with bobcat taxidermy, there are plenty of sites that have squirrel taxidermy for sale. You can find a diversity of squirrels on Also, the site called The Taxidermy Store also provides squirrels. Interestingly, they even have an albino grey squirrel for sale. A truly impressive trophy!

Bat Taxidermy

You can buy real framed and unframed bat taxidermy on eBay. Go to Etsy and you will find a lot more bats. They have a very nice selection of awesome specimens (also framed and unframed).

Bird Taxidermy

bird taxidermyBefore you purchase a real bird taxidermy, it is crucial that you verify it is legal to buy. With any species, if they are endangered or threatened, they are illegal to sell across the country. It is also important to learn about taxidermists and the federal laws. The more you info know, the better.

Although migratory birds are illegal to buy and sell, nonmigratory species are completely legal. Taxidermy Trophies For Sale has a selection of exotic bird taxidermy mounts. Birdman Studios is another provider of bird taxidermy. Northeast Taxidermy is a store that has a large inventory of birds.

Fish Taxidermy

fish taxidermy
If you are looking to buy a fish taxidermy, you can visit the Fish Mount Store. Just click the link and you will surely find plenty to choose from. The website has billfish, funky fish mounts, sharks and a much more. You can also visit Northeast Taxidermy and Mac’s Taxidermy for even more options.

Not all sites provide real taxidermy. Some sell half mount realistic replicas (such as fiberglass fish and marine mammal reproductions). The replicas are absolutely amazing and were created using real fish.

Primate Taxidermy

Are you looking for primate taxidermy? The site Taxidermy Trophies For Sale carries a full line of cool baboon and monkey mounts. You can also find more primates on eBay.

Dog Taxidermy

dog taxidermy

Unfortunately, we were unable to find many sites that provide dog taxidermy. However, we did find one provider. The site Taxidermy Emporium also sells cat taxidermy, rabbit and much more.

You may not be able to find many dog taxidermy, but you can find a sufficient amount of their wolf relatives. If you are interested in purchasing a real wolf rug, you can visit

Reptiles And Amphibians

For reptile taxidermy, visit Taxidermy Trophies For Sale store. The Evolution Store is another great supplier (includes snakes and lizards). You can find some weird novelty taxidermy frogs on eBay.

Large Animals

Giraffe Taxidermy

giraffe taxidermyFor many, a giraffe taxidermy would make a wonderful addition to a home (if you have the room). Although we were unable to find many suppliers, we found two. The site Christie’s has a taxidermy giraffe (head and shoulders) from the early 20th century. The other website offers head mount to full body mount giraffes (also a selection of hippo taxidermy). These exotic animals would make a great addition to homes and even museums. Although many are pricey, they are surely worth it.


Taxidermy For SaleSo you want to find a lion taxidermy? You can find a African lion life size mount at The Taxidermy Store. It is a pricey trophy, but after you see it, you will know why. It is an amazing piece. For more options (including lion fur), visit eBay. You can also find some amazing mounts at Northeast Taxidermy.


bear taxidermy

Cannelle MHNT” by Didier Descouens is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

For bear taxidermy, you can find them at Bill’s Bear Rugs & Taxidermy and The Taxidermy Store. If you want to spend big bucks ($30,589.30), you can find a full size polar bear taxidermy on a rock mount at

Head Mounts: Taxidermy Buffalo Head (including deer)

Taxidermy Buffalo HeadAre you seeking animal head mounts? You can find a selection of taxidermy buffalo head on eBay. If you are looking to purchase bison buffalo mounts (also skins and rugs), you can find them at Bill’s Bear Rugs & Taxidermy. For deer, wild boar and much more taxidermy, visit

Weird Taxidermy

weird taxidermy

Conjoined animals in a curiosity cabinet.

Are you looking for a weird taxidermy? Taxidermy animals with abnormalities are very rare (such as animals with two heads, conjoined twins and various diseases). Of course, a taxidermist can just make alterations to make it look like the animal is deformed or diseased. However, it is very hard to find a genuine animal that once had abnormalities.

After browsing through the Internet, we found a web page on eBay called “deformed taxidermy.” The page has a mutant pig, a real two-headed calf and many other animals with abnormalities.

Anthropomorphic Taxidermy: Animals With Human Characteristics

Anthropomorphic TaxidermySome of us like to seek taxidermy that is very unique and twisted. You can find anthropomorphic  taxidermy at Safariworks Taxidermy Sales. Find chipmunks in a canoe, a cowboy squirrel, a racoon dipping into peanut butter and much more. You’ve probably heard of the website Loved To Death from the hit show Oddities San Fransisco. Although they currently sold their anthropomorphic taxidermy dioramas, visit the site and keep checking back. They are likely working on adding more.

If you want to see some very bizarre dioramas that were created with real fish heads, visit Visual News.

Anthropomorphic Taxidermy Diorama: About 200 Years Old


Now that you have a great source for taxidermy suppliers, we hope you are able to find exactly what you are seeking. Unfortunately, due to strict laws, some taxidermy animals are no legal to sell or even own. However, there is still a wide range you can purchase legally. The next time you want to find a high-quality and lifelike taxidermy for sale, you can find it all here on just one page.