The Pope Lick Monster


This is a post on the legendary Pope Lick Monster (also called Lick Monster). This creature is part-man, part-goat, and part-sheep. However, other legends claim it is only a human-goat hybrid. The monster was named after the Pope Lick Creek, which is located below the Pope Lick Train Trestle.

The following information is based entirely on claims.There is not a shred of evidence pointing to the existence of this creature. Just like claims of other unconfirmed creatures,until there is evidence for their existence, they remain a myth.

Where Does This Monster Live?

Country: United States of America

City: In the Fisherville area of Louisville, Kentucky.

Location: Lives beneath a Norfolk Southern Railway trestle over Floyd’s Fork Creek.


An alabaster-skinned face

A large humanoid

A deformed body

Muscular goat legs covered with dark hair

Long greasy hair

Wide set eyes

Sharp horns located on the top of the head

Numerous Explanations Of How This Creature Came To Be

Claim #1: According to one legend, the creature is a human-goat hybrid. It was once a circus freak who was mistreated. Due to being treated unfairly, it is out for revenge.

Claim#2: According to one version, a circus train was crossing the trestle, and unfortunately, it derailed. In one of the cars, there was a circus freak (which is supposedly the monster) who escaped.

Claim #3: Another version claims that the monster is the twisted and evil reincarnation of a local farmer who tortured a herd of goats for Satan. He made a deal with the devil and forfeited his soul. In exchange, he received Satanic powers and was sent to live under the trestle to seek its revenge on people.

Various Methods Used To Attack Victims

battle-axeThey say this monster is sly, and has powers to draw you to your death. Whether the claims are real or fake, the reality is that the trestle is an extremely dangerous location. Once you climb on the tracks, unfortunately, there is no way to escape death from an oncoming train. Many believe that the trestle is not in use. However, there are still trains crossing everyday.

Method#1: Victims are attacked with a blood-stained axe.

Method#2 To trick you and get you to climb the trestle, the creature has been known to mimic the voice of children who are crying for help.

Method #3: Some accounts say the creature uses hypnosis to lure trespassers onto the trestle to meet their death before an oncoming train.

Method #4: According to other claims, the monster will jump down from the trestle onto the roofs of cars passing beneath it.

Method#5: Another trick the monster uses is its frightening appearance. If one is walking across the high trestle and sees this beast, they get so scared, they are forced to leap off.

Deaths And Accidents At The Trestle

Pope Lick 2” by User:Ihcoyc is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The legend of the Pope Lick Monster have lead many young paranormal investigators to the site. Due to the high risk of being struck by a train, authorities have advised thrill seekers to keep out. Those who are caught on the trestle, may even be prosecuted for trespassing.

To help keep people out, a 8-foot fence was created. However, the fence hasn’t stopped everyone. Unfortunately, over the years, there have been deaths and accidents at the trestle.

Two Deaths At The Trestle

Although there is no source to corroborate its existence, many believe the monster is real. Of course, the claims may lead the curious to explore the trestle to find the monster. The Pope Lick Train Trestle has also been an attraction for daredevil kids who want to climb the trestle.

Death#1: It was the summer of 1987. In an attempt to evade a train, a little boy fell from the trestle and died.

Death#2: In 2000, another young boy fell to his death after climbing the trestle.

The Goatman In The Media

In 1988, Louisville filmmaker Ron Schildknecht created a short­­­ low-budget film called The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster. There have also been a number of documentaries dedicated to the creature. The monster was featured on an American reality television series called Monsters and Mysteries in America on the Destination America satellite television channel.

Final Words

If this wicked creature really existed, it is certainly something you would never want to encounter. Although some people believe it actually exists, there is absolutely no evidence for it. Do you believe the Pope Lick Monster is real, or just another myth? We want to hear your thoughts.