Weird Creatures

Weird Creatures


Enter a world full of ugly and weird creatures. Our related post Creepy Creatures In Mythology talked about beasts seen in tradition. In this post, many, but not all have originated from folklore. Nevertheless, all of them have exceptional features and functions that are totally out of this world.

We have a list of 10 odd creatures with unappealing facial features. Each will have a detailed description about their origin, anatomy and amazing capabilities. Towards the end of the post, you will see 10 pictures of creatures with some very unusual structures. From bizarre human-animal hybrids to monsters with many heads, you will surely see the artistic creativity of the human mind.

A List Of 10 Ugly And Weird Creatures

#1 Dropbear


Dropbear” by Yamavu is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

A dropbear is a vicious imaginary Australian marsupial that inhabits treetops. They are said to be extremely large carnivorous creatures related to koalas. If you happen to see a dropbear, protect your head. They like to attack their prey by sneakily dropping onto their heads from the treetops.

There have been methods suggesting ways one can discourage a dropbear from their vicious attacks. This includes placing forks in your hair, spreading toothpaste in your armpits and even urinating on yourself. It’s been said dropbears will not attack people that have an Australian accent. Therefore, it is also recommended that one speaks their English only with an Australian accent.

#2 Manananggal: The Bloodsucking Monster


The Evil Manananggal

The manananggal is a flying evil monster (or witch) that loves to feed on blood and eat human flesh. It is a strange and ugly mythical beast of the Philippines and can either be a male or female.

The manananggal is often describes as being extremely hideous and scary. It has an exceptionally weird body equipped to cause nothing but death and torture. It has the ability to sever its upper torso into two and sprout huge wings that look like they belong on a huge bat. They will use their wings to fly off into the night so they can find their vulnerable victims. According to the mythology, they are said to usually prey on women that are pregnant and sleeping. They use their elongated tongue to either suck the blood of a person sleeping, or the heart of a fetus. While the upper torso is doing its evil work, the lower torso is left standing and is said to be the more vulnerable half.

In order to kill the mananangga, one can sprinkle salt, smear crushed garlic or smear ash on top of the standing torso. This will prevent the upper torso from being able to rejoin the standing torso. The manananggal eventually dies by the time sunrise comes. The vulnerability to sunlight and danger of garlic and salt is a feature that is shared with the vampire found in Balkan mythology.

#3 Harpy

A harpy (meaning snatchers) is a female monster (sometimes ugly) with the face of a human and the body of a bird. They were spirits of sudden, sharp gusts of wind. They are found in Roman and Greek mythology and their name has the meaning “snatchers” for a good reason. This is because while their victims are eating and minding their own business, the harpy steals their food. The god Zeus had ordered them to not only snatch away food, but also people and other things from Earth.

#4 Cerberus


The Cerberus Creature

A Cerberus is a supernatural dog that has multiple heads. It is found in both Greek and Roman mythology. He has a serpent’s tail and a lion’s claws. Although most sources will describe Cerberus with three heads, others have depicted one, two, fifty and even 100. To prevent the deceased from escaping and the living from entering, Cerberus is said to guard the entrance of the underworld.

According to folklore, Cerberus is said to be the offspring of Echidna (a half-woman/half-snake monster known as the “Mother of All Monsters”), a hybrid half-woman and half-serpent, and Typhon (a giant monster that is known as the deadliest monster in all of Greek mythology).

With the more common depiction of Cerberus having a total of three heads, each of the three represent something. Most of the sources say the three heads will respectively see and represent the past, present and future. However, there are other sources that have suggested the heads represent birth, youth and old age. All of the heads have an appetite only for live meat. Therefore, they will only allow the spirits of the dead to enter the underworld, but will not allow any to leave.

#5 Fafnir


Fafnir The Dragon

Fafnir is a dragon found in Nordic mythology. According to the Saga of the Volsungs, Fafnir had killed his father named Hreidmar. Fafnir had murdered his father to obtain a large amount of his gold. Hreidmar had obtained his gold from Odin (one of the principal gods in Norse mythology) as a ideal compensation for the loss of one of his three sons. However, little did he know that Odin had put a curse on the gold. To guard his precious treasure, Fafnir had changed into a dragon. Under the advice of Odin, Fafnir was later killed by Sigurd (a legendary hero of Norse mythology).

After Sigurd killed Fafnir, Fafnir’s brother Regin had asked him to cook the dead dragon’s heart for him. As the dragon was being cooked, Sigurd wanted to see if it was done. This caused him to burn is thumb and get a taste of Fafnir’s blood. He was then able to comprehend the actual language of birds. According to the tale, the one who eats the heart of a dragon will acquire knowledge. Birds later told Sigurd something he was completely unaware of. They told him that Regin had plans to kill him and take all of the treasure for himself. Due to Sigurd’s new acquired knowledge from the helpful birds, he then decided to cut off Regin’s head. He then took off with all of Fafnir’s treasure.

#6 Grootslang

According to the myth, Grootslangs were prehistoric creatures that lived in warm rivers, lakes and swamps in South Africa. They possess extremely odd features such as a humongous elephant-like head with the tail of a serpent. The legend states that the gods had made a big mistake when they created the Grootslang. They created it with stupendous strength and intellect. After coming to the realization of their mistake, they decided to split it into separate creatures, which is said to be the creation of the very first elephants and snakes. However, they were not aware that there was one original Grootslang that was lucky to escape. Due to its escape, more Gootslangs were given life.

The Grootslang creature is said to devour elephants by sneakily luring them into their cave known as the “Bottomless Pit” (or Wonder Hole). Although Gootslangs like to devour their poor victims, if alive, victims can still have a chance at freedom if they can simply offer them some precious gems. Gootsangs are said to have a desire for diamonds. They have their cave filled with plenty of them.

#7 Ramidreju


Ramidreju” by verreaux is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

In Spanish mythology, a ramidreju is a mythological creature that has the resemblance of a weasel. According to the legend, it inhabits the mountains and forests of Cantabria (a region of northern Spain ). It is said to be born just one time every hundred years either from a marten or a weasel.

Similar to a snake, the ramidreju has an extremely long body. It has greenish fur, yellow eyes and a nose that looks similar to a pig. The nose has the capability to dig immensely deep holes. In Cantabrian mythology, they are often hunted because they also have a strong desire for gold. Of course, if they are able to dig deep holes and have a desire for gold, they are a great tool that can possibly bring plenty of riches. This is just one reason they are an animal that is often sought-after. The other reason is because they are said to have magical fur that can actually heal every sickness.

#8 Gigantic Bird-Headed Monster

Bird Monster

Gigantic Bird-Headed Monster

The portrait above is a panel from The Garden of Earthly Delights triptych painting (dating between 1490 and 1510). The centerpiece is a gigantic bird-headed monster (sometimes referred to as the “Prince of Hell”) that is either sitting on a throne or toilet. He is eating human corpses and excretes them through a cavity that is located below him. The humans then go into a chamber pot that is transparent. In the painting, there are animals that are punishing humans and forcing them towards severe suffering. The horrific torments are said to perhaps symbolize the seven deadly sins.

#9 The Bizarre Tree-Man

Weird Creatures

The “Tree-Man”

Like the eerie bird-headed monster, this portrait is also part of the right panel from The Garden Of Earthly Delights. The bizarre “Tree-Man” is the focal point of the scene. He has a large torso that was formed from a broken eggshell. It is supported by either twisted arms or strange-looking tree trunks. The supporting trunk of the tree-man is very dangerous to get close to. It has sharp branches that have the potential to pierce the human body. Near the head of the tree-man is a disk that is filled with little demons and their victims. They are marching around a set of big bagpipes. Bagpipes are often used as a dual sexual symbol. They are suggested to resemble a human scrotum and penis. In the upper left of the painting is a pair of human ears holding a sharp blade.


#10 A Monster Born of a Ewe

 A Monster Born of a Ewe

A Monster Born of a Ewe

The odd being above was created by an artist by the name of Louis Feuillee (1660-1732). In Buenos Aires, he was authorized to get a close glimpse of a monster born of a ewe. After viewing it, he decided to draw it. He described it as having the resemblance of a child, horse and a calf.

10 Pictures Of Strange-Looking Beasts

Arminianism As A Five-Headed Monster

Five-Headed Monster

Arminianism As A Five-Headed Monster

Monster of Crackow

Monster With Many Heads

Monster of Crackow

A Human-Dog Hybrid

A Variety Of Fictional Characters

Animal Monsters

Fictional characters from the book De monstris Patavii, apud haeredes P. Frambotti.

Compendium Rarissimum Totius Artis Magicae

Human Hybrids

Human Hybrids

Hans Thoma – Acht tanzende Frauen in Vogelkörpern



A hybrid woman. She is half woman and half feline.

A Sick Creature Being Treated By Nurses

Scene Of People With Odd Features

 Boss Croker Octopus

Human-Octopus Monster

Human-Octopus Monster

If you are a big fan of fictional characters, you are probably familiar with some or all of the strange creatures mentioned in this post. Are there any you have never heard of? Is there any particular character you would want to become if you had a choice? Maybe you would want the tremendous strength of the Grootslang, or the power to heal every sickness with the fur of the Ramidreju?

After becoming the beast of your choice, you may be absolutely thrilled to possess all of their supernatural powers, but you probably wouldn’t want to look like them. Nevertheless, you would still get the opportunity to roam the Earth as a powerful and weird creature from another world.