Weird Art Examples


With thousands of years of creating art, humans never stop surprising you. They will create weird art that is out of this world. Whether you think it looks ridiculous or absolutely amazing, it sparks the deep interest of millions of art fans. People will often pay big bucks to own a rare piece of art.

How Long Has Art Been Around?

The practice of art has been around for thousands of years. Cave paintings have been traced as far back as 15000 BC. However, scientists now believe that Neanderthals may have been the very first human species to create cave paintings. The oldest cave paintings found in Europe are said to be over 37,300 years old. Of course, today, art has evolved into many different types of styles. We are going to share a variety of odd art examples, which will include pictures, video and descriptions.

Examples Of Art You Don’t See Everyday

Pareidolia Art

Pareidolia Art Pareidolia is defined as a type of illusion that involves a indistinct and random stimulus (typically an image or sound) being perceived as significant. A great example would be seeing faces in things. We mentioned this cool phenomenon in a previous post called Hidden Faces In Things & Places.

Below are some more examples of pareidolia art. Do you see a hidden face in all of the portraits?

Giuseppe_Arcimboldo_-_Winter,_1573Art created by Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526 or 1527 – July 11, 1593).

Arcimboldo,_Giuseppe_-_Vegetables_in_a_Bowl_or_The_Gardener_-_1590sAnother example of Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s unusual work. The portrait clearly looks like a face.
trick with the eyeAbove is an example of how your brain can easily create a face (even out of the night sky).

Food Art

food art

Tracy Fruit Loops” by KHAOTIC Image is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This woman is relaxing in a bathtub filled with 9 liters of cold milk and 4 boxes of Fruit Loops.

Above is a perfect example of how food can easily be used to create art. Dead fish were displayed to look like living fish swimming around in a tank. Even the onions were used to simulate bubbles.

Jesus ChocolateThis is not just an ordinary piece of chocolate. It is a Jesus chocolate. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Mythology Creature

mythology creatureAbove is a drawing of a legendary bird in China.  The creature is odd indeed. The source is an unknown Japanese author. In a past post, we shared a variety of images of mythological creatures.

Symbolism Style: Cactus-Man

Catus-ManThis is the unique artwork of Odilon Redon (April 20, 1840 – July 6, 1916). The 1881 art is called Cactus-Man. Redon was a French symbolist painter, printmaker, draughtsman and pastellist.

Art Using Letters & Words

Even letters and words can be used to help create some odd types of art. In the picture above, a woman, as well as many different letters were used to create this very unusual and awesome art!

Funny Art

funny artOf course, you can even make art from an ordinary image. Like the goat above, you can add your own characteristics to it. The goat that was once normal, is now a funny-looking breed of its own.

Caricatures Using Computer Graphic Techniques

Einstein caricature

Einstein234” by Yoytatela is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

A caricature is an image that shows the features of its particular subject in either a simplified or exaggerated way. You can clearly see that Albert Einstein’s hair is exaggerated to the point that he looks somewhat like a mad scientist. Creating caricatures with computers is not as common as drawing them on paper. You have probably visited amusement parks that provide a service to draw caricatures of yourself. Computer graphic techniques can be used to produce caricatures.

Unfortunately, there are not many software programs that were designed specifically for creating caricatures automatically. Also, in order to be able to successfully design using a computer graphic system, you would need to have different skill sets (as opposed to just creating them on a paper).

Art Using Lint, Fingernails, Mucous, Poop  & Body Fluids

In a previous post, we had mentioned a woman named Millie Brown, who is better known as the “vomit artist”. She has used her vomit to make art that is worth thousands of dollars. Below, we will share examples of other artists who have used body fluids to create rare and controversial art.

Making Teddy Bears From Lint

teddy bearBelly button lint is defined as the visible accumulations of clothing fibers. The fibers are bundled from materials like linen and cotton. Rachael Betty Case is an artist who likes to create teddy bears. However, they are not like your usual kind of teddy bears. They are made from belly button lint.

Lint is usually found on and around clothing. In order for Rachael to create her teddy bears, she uses her boyfriend’s lint. The teddy bears come in many different shapes and colors. Her work is so unique, it has even been displayed at The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. Rachael has also made appearances in a variety of reality television shows such as Oddities and Odd Folks Home.

To see many different images of Rachael’s artwork, you can visit her Facebook Fan Page.

Fingernail Clippings Art

fingernail art Rachael Betty Case also creates art using other human remains. She has created sculptures from fingernail clippings.  In order to continue her creations, she is supplied by her family, friends and fans. They send her human remains in the mail. At least some of her materials don’t cost a penny.

The Bogey Ball

James R Ford is a contemporary British mixed media and installation artist in Frimley, England. For a period of two years, he collected his own boogers every single day. He molded his boogers into a 3/4-in-diamter (21-mm) ball. To create his pattern of mucus, Ford would collect his boogers in an eggcup and then glue them together. His booger art has been exhibited in London and Lithuania.

Poop Art

Andres Serrano is an artist who has used unique materials to create art that has sold for thousands of dollars. He is notorious for using feces and bodily fluids. Andres once created Piss Christ. This was a highly controversial piece of art. It was a red-tinged photo of a crucifix that was submerged in a glass that was said to be filled with his own urine. Another artist by the name of Piero Manzoni (July 13, 1933 – February 6, 1963) had once canned and even sold 90 cans of his own excrement.

The two videos (above and below) feature artists that actually use real human feces to make art designs. See them in action. Warning: Footage is not recommended for people with a weak stomach.

art using semenVery few artists have been known to use semen to create their work. However, a British artist by the name of Ian Dennis (online alias Fox Bronte) has used semen to make art. He makes YouTube videos using semen, vomit, blood and even feces. Back in 2012, Ian’s audience had sent him their pubic hairs. He then chose to use the pubic hairs to make a one of a kind portrait of Justin Bieber.

Sculpture Of An Artist’s Head Made From 4.5 Liters Of Blood

Marc Quinn is a British artist known for creating several pieces of eccentric art. One is a sculpture of his head that was made using his own frozen blood. Like the artists we previously mentioned, Quinn uses blood and feces to make art. He also creates amazing sculptures worth big bucks.

Above is Quinn’s amazing piece of art called “Self (2011)“. It is a frozen sculpture of his head. Incredibly, it was made from 4.5 liters of his own blood. The blood was taken from Quinn’s body over a five-month period. Quinn started making his head sculpture back in 1991. Every five years, he creates a new version of Self. Just look at the remarkable work done by this highly creative artist.

More Examples Of Unusual Types Of Art

Bizarre Animal Art: The Pioneer

taxidermy dioramaThis is one of our own very twisted taxidermy dioramas. The squirrel’s name is Twisty. Instead of humans performing taxidermy on animals, this squirrel performs taxidermy on humans.  Also, instead of using a fleshing machine, he uses a real jaw bone of a Rocky Mountain elk.

crazy art

Spider & Insect Art

insect artHow about using spiders for your next bizarre art project? Above is a diorama that features a real and cool spider (from W. Malaysia) with sunglasses. He was placed in a make believe beach scene.

If you are looking to design an insect diorama, you can purchase beetles and other insects for your scenes. Fortunately, they are not expensive. A variety of online stores sell dried insect specimens.

House Decorated With Bizarre Writings

The Schizophrenic House

The Schizophrenic House” by Pete S is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The above picture shows a house that was decorated with bizarre writings. You can see the facade decorated virtually everywhere. The owner of the home is believed to suffer from schizophrenia.

Tape Art

tape art

Tape Is Not Dead” by ZeM is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Tape can be used to add features (such as hair using your old cassette tape), create patterns and even make up an entire piece. Meet tape artist Sarah DiNardo. Sarah makes intricate sculptures within found boxes. The sculptures are made by rolling masking tape into rolls of various sizes.

If you are looking to create sculptures, why not create them with a bar of soap? Soap carving is easy, fun and safe. Even children can use soap to create a sculpture. It is much safer than wood carving. When you are finished with your work, you can use the soap, or display it as a decoration.


After seeing quite a few examples of unusual types of art, are there any you are unfamiliar with? Even if you are a big art fan, you probably haven’t heard of at least one. As you are probably already aware, creative people are often seen as eccentric. When it comes to art, having a creative imagination can come in handy. You can certainly see the wild imagination shown by many artists.

Of course, we did not cover every type of weird art imaginable. However, is there a specific type you would like to share in comments? You may have an idea of your own. The human imagination is amazing. People will continue creating the most unique pieces of art for many years to come.